A "send all" option for gift giving

Discussion in 'Implemented Ideas' started by Old Salt, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    I have a suggestion ;) no more weekends off for the Devs - until this happens. - maybe they can have Christmas Day off ! - we don't take weekends off or Christmas in most cases. -- just saying ........
  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

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  3. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    likewise, can we have ignore all mob requests options, since you already have accept all
  4. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    My bet is that they release this the day before the game shuts down.
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  5. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

  6. juarlita

    juarlita Member

    This idea has been around for a long time yet it still hasn't been implemented. Would love this ability. 5 Stars!;)
  7. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    Came here and was shocked this was in the ideas to be implemented. It is way too old to be here still and IMHO, it should be reclassified ASAP. The idea is good but the coding a minefield obviously.
  8. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    And another month passed for the only idea to be implemented :) kind of sad-funny
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  9. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Can we update the set response messages - please
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  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    The ongoing lag is a prime example of why this should be implemented. I'm still waiting for the screen to load so I can send gifts to my top 10 familia members. Do you want us to actually participate in game, or spend hours sending gifts instead?
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

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  12. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    It's only been 2 and a half years with 66 votes and an overall 4.5 star rating. I'm pretty sure this is pretty low on the priority list, if it's even on it.
  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    KANOPLAY, yes or no option?
  14. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Can we have some fun with this ? And a few suggestions :- Ill start
    Ok move on - Im bored now
    You made your point go get a life
    It's confirmed - yes you are a bully ok
    Mince pie anyone
    Award yourself a medal - biggest joke of the year

    Etc suggestions and funnies please
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  15. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Well, since this looks like never going to happen, how about changing location of 2nd pop-up window? Change the X/Y parameter to line up the 2 [close] buttons like this

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  16. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

  17. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Only one idea to be implemented now. What does that tell you? And it's taken almost 3 years to do this, this must be harder to code than the entire game itself!
  18. Starmaster

    Starmaster Member

    One way to get around the spamming issue is if once you elect to send to all, code operates in the background sending out 1 gift every 2-3 seconds or so until it completes. Not ideal but an improvement over what currently exists. I know external scripts have been able to do similar in the past on other games.
  19. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

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  20. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    C'mon KANO do the right thing here. At least streamline it to one click on each gift.

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