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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by polishpimp, Jul 7, 2010.

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    most definitely.. on the rocks!..
  2. polishpimp

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    is there any other way....lol ; )
  3. Eddie

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    With the new system, can you beat me?
  4. Gavin

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    Well in that case can you beat me? without boost?

    Funny huh, she's like no where near your level yet you ask if she can beat you??

    And also agree a bottle of crown, neat or on the rocks, is the way to go.
  5. Eddie

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    Gavin she always attacked me so I was just curious. She can put up a good fight and level doesn't matter to her ;)
    No I cannot beat you and you already know that.
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  6. :p Maybe Not Hun...But I won't give up trying!! - the new game plan puts things into a new perspective...I can now see where I need to get to strength wise - may take a lot longer for me now to gain the xp - but hey ho...just another battle....
  7. Eric Maximus

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    And this is the reason I love you Raforta... you don't complain/or cry, lol... you just adjust and battle! Awesome Valkyrie!! Much respect, Eric
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  8. :p How can I grow stronger by hitting on lower than me???? - yes I could smash lower levels,and have when attacked - to improve and grow I need to hit on those above me - if Eddie chooses or anyone chooses to attack me-don't think I am going to sit back and quiver - I will attack - look at where I am weakest and adjust....Eric your my Hero Luv Ya 2 Bits Mwah!! Lmao!! Eddie.....and especially Fielding...give it what you have I will still be a nit in your hair!!! Battle On!!! xx
  9. true warrior.well said.should make top(or at least beat Eddie)in no time.
  10. Eric Maximus

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    And by me saying this.. I am sure I'll be hit with a titanium rhino bone, lol. Oh well, live by the sword/ die by the sword. Stay strong!
  11. Eric Maximus

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    oppps "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters." lol
  12. now all rivals are hiding and sending me truce messages to bad i read them after battles he he
    exp to level is all good - important where you put your skill points and favor points after hard work !!

    some one said morons level 2-3 levels a day !? well in Latvia they say:
    if you do it to fast you will make a mistake and everyone will laugh about you :rolleyes:

  13. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    You sure they are sending truce messages because of that? or maybe its because you talked to them earlier and agreed to no counters but a truce message would be sent instead cause you are hitting when they are leveling?

    Also using credit card to get chiefs is not "going slow"
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  14. hi Eddie i was not talking about you send me truce... and im not using credit card for hired chiefs !! (only if some nice looking weapon comes out from Gods)

    so important to use favor points right in first place and look up for free offers on your holiday also - every country have different and new free offers (England USA Latvia Poland France Germany thats where i travel all times so new free offers he he)

    if u want talk about my game than...
    are u sure u not using cradit card Eddie?
    My Adventures Taken: 6,848
    Eddie Adventures Taken: 14,186
  15. Eddie

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    Oh I see, thats nice :D
  16. [​IMG]

    how did this thread get way off topic?
  17. Sammy Sam

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    ok, bring it back to topic.
    suddenly I see that I need 37k experience to make a level. Now, used to be it was pretty easy to figure out what you needed to level, you just added a 0 to whatever level you were and there you had experience needed for the next level. Well, now you need double that and from what I have seen here, I see no decent explanation for the rise in experience necessary for the next level.

    Is it easy to make 18500 experience, no, it is not easy. People do it, I have seen it done a lot, and usually those people have the same number of losses as they do wins, well, is that what you have to do now, get a leveling partner?

    The game up until now seemed pretty straightforward, intelligently predictable, there was a formula that was followed by all the players and now I find that at level 1850 that formula has gone the way of the dodo. Is it any wonder why people give up playing the game at certain levels and you are forced to cater to the lower level players in the hopes that they get so fixated on the game that they will not mind the extra burdens brought in at these higher levels.

    Normally I do not mind the new rules that are brought into the game as they are there to make the game balanced for all but this is a great deal for me to have to accept all at once. Perhaps if Kano told players from the start that 'if you make it to 1850, we are going to expect you to make double your experience' then I would have thought about whether I would continue to play Viking Clan. I probably would not have continued to play or buy favor points but that is just me.

    I for one will be letting everyone I know that is not at this level what to expect when and if they reach level 1850 and beyond, just to allow them time to decide whether they wish to continue to play. Is it worth playing still? I do not know at this point whether it will be still worth playing at all? Do I have that stick to it needed at this point to continue, is that good feeling of having accomplished another level, as someone pointed out in this thread enough? I am no Jesuit, making things harder just to give me a feeling of accomplishment isn't going to win you and kudos from me. I am just a simple player who will leave all that Zen of leveling to other players who envision a happy happy joy joy feeling that they get by making that next level.

    I do not know Kano. I have played the game for a very long time and thought that it made sense, now I find that because I played so well and got to this level I am being penalized for my efforts and that is not a good feeling to help encourage players to continue to play and it is a penalty: A disadvantage or unpleasant experience suffered as the result of an action or circumstance.

    Make no mistake, call it what you will, define it any way you choose, but it is a penalty you have brought against your higher level players.
  18. John Gilli

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    Or maybe it is just one additional challenge to slow you down. The secret is knowing that the change is coming. And the way to find out is by having friends in higher places, that have already negotiated the passage of that change. Now that you know, you will probably want to change how you allocate your skill points to allow for more advancement. Stamina becomes more and more important, unless you want to spend $$$ to purchase it. Good luck on your continued advancement !
  19. David Stroud

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    There is a problem when you do that with the way about doubling. Everytime I leveled, I invested the skill points into my energy and stamina instead of attack, defense and health. Now, I am past 1950, it takes forever to get the skill points to try and bring the attack, defense and health up for me to compete. That is why many low level players can not compete against very high level players for Guild Wars. They get killed to easily and all that. Just like me. I get killed too easily during that one week during guild wars. What use it is for us trying to defend from attacks and all that? Now, how can we remedy that? Buy extra skill points with the cash each time we level up? Many games I play like DOA and all that give you a chance to buy skill points for 15 whatever cash. Maybe KANO can implement this into the system to help people like me to try and have a much better chance to be better able to defend and all that.
  20. No way in hell Kano will allow skill points to be bought in a game that relies on your build in order to compete in the game. There are players who have spent thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars on these games. Give them the option to buy skill points and you'll never beat them. Ever.

    You can either: Start over, or be patient and fix your build.

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