Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Venomn, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Venomn

    Venomn New Member

    For the past 2 weeks i have been adding skill points to my attack as well as health and stamina..but my question is this...
    How come my attacks keep getting weaker and weaker instead of stronger?
    anyone have a clue..this game is really starting to suck and piss me off.
  2. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    Have you improved your top squad?
  3. Venomn

    Venomn New Member

    yes of course ,and i have some high lvl people in my top squad as well..over lvl 300 + people.that is high isnt it? i myself just passed lvl 100 and i am still weak against bosses and everything i have is upgrade to its fullest ...
  4. if your boss damage is weak it usually means your health is low.

    your squad doesnt count in boss fights just you and armed weapons.

    having higher health will deal more boss damage.strange but true.try it

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