Why is there such a huge disparity in skill points from older to newer players?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by juarlita, May 31, 2011.

  1. juarlita

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    I'm a level 2500+ player and I've been playing VC for almost a year. I'm assuming the disparity I'll describe must have happened when Kano changed achievements from 3 to 5 points. I was talking to a fellow chieftain who is at the exact same level I am currently at and has only one achievement less than I do. We're missing basically the same achievements. As skill points are earned and not bought, imagine my surprise when I learned this fellow chieftain of mine (who has been a player for two years now) had more than 1300 skill points than I do. Can someone explain this to me? This isn't a small disparity.
  2. is it for atk and def

    perhaps there counting armed weapons when showing atk/def

    and your showing base value

    just a small thought
  3. SkylerF

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    Are you saying that you are out 2 points per achievement? I thought that was corrected...
  4. Wonder Woman

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    If you think that you are missing any skill points, send a message into support and we can look into your account to make sure that it is all correct!
  5. Eric Thunderbone

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    That was a beautiful day. I was only a level 700 at the time and woke up to 1400 skill points!
  6. SkylerF

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    Ah, I remember that. SO nice to finally get Stamina!

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