What is the exact formula for calculating the xp gained out of fight ?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Chosen One, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I am having a problem understanding how this is done. I know some elements that are included in this calculation - level , mobsize , attack and defence , health , gear , stockpile , elites - but i have some issues , reported to devs in emails , and i did not get a proper answer ! I WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS IS CALCULATED !
  2. kano wont give out the exact formula

    your more than welcome to try to figure it out though

    but i can tell you whats probably already known

    the closer the fight is the better the exp

    2000 health lost 2000 health damage dealt will give more exp than 1000 health lost 3000 health damage dealt

    also the higher your lvl the exp gain slightly increases

    after a certain amount of attacks in 24hrs on the same target..the exp decreases a little
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  3. Chosen One

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    thanks ATHEISTIC SATANIST. i do know this as u said , but i am having some problems about this formula. Knowing all the factors ( that i could figure out , with the players i know ) i should get more xp then my lp , but still the difference between the xp i get and the one she and others get is huge. And i think this should be revealed , or devs should tell me why this is happening if they do not want to reveal the formula in order not to be stolen by other game devs
  4. whats your level difference??

    and does she show you what shes attacking with and what your defending with??

    if shes higher in level then thats most likely your answer

    if shes not higher(or not that much higher) then please explain further
  5. Chosen One

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    there is a 5 level difference , but i had the same problem when we were the same level or when i was a higher level. she it is showing. we calculated all the known factors , and by all calculations i should get more xp ! so i want to know why this is happening , i asked around and everybody is getting more xp then me , regardles if they are stronger or weaker

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