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  1. Problems getting the loyalty gift and refill

    I play Pirates Clan as well as Vikings Clan for the last 2 years. I've subscribed long time ago. Didn't get a news mail.
    Leader of my armada set up a link on the wall {}, which gave me access to newsletter gift and a stamina refill.

    [Removed Information and Links to material, not currently released]

    What seems to be the problem ? :confused:
    Lots of my friends have the same issue.
    Devs and players, whats wrong here, all help appreciated :)
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  2. The viking clan Newsletter isn't due for release yet, so you will not be able to claim any reward for Viking Clan.

    The only Newsletters that have been released are the ones for Pirate Clan, and Zombie Slayer.

    In the future please don't edit links to try and get a reward, please wait until the official newsletter is released before doing so.
  3. Thanks for the fast answer..
    As I told, I didn't receive the newsletter.
    I was sure all games was released at the same time.
    Sorry for trying.
    Thanks for a gr8 game and support.
  4. They aren't released at the same time I'm afraid, look out in the 'News' part of your game and on the Kano/Apps forums to see when they will be released, as it will be announced before doing so.

    When it is released you will be able to claim your reward as normal.

  5. Stevie Mac

    Stevie Mac Member

    Any general info on planned release date this for this?
  6. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Even if you alter the link,all you get is "coming soon"It's not like you can get rewards early.
  7. I couldn't specifically tell you a release date, but I know it will be pretty soon, it's already created just waiting to be pushed out, it's the last newsletter to go out, so I can imagine there will be some slight changes made based on feedback from other newsletters, hence the longer wait :)
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yep, should hopefully be starting to go out this week. We have a ton of emails to get through and had some issues last week with our email system.

    We hope to get it started this week and will provide an update mid-week.

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