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  1. Eric

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    The following is an explanation the Guild Wars feature. We'd like to use this thread for open discussion to gather feedback and suggestions.

    If you are a leader or officer of a Guild you can enable Guild Wars through the edit interface, but before you do make sure everyone in the Guild understands the rules. Compete against other Guilds who have wars enabled for War Points (WP). You can get war points by attacking, axe slaps and bountying other players that are in Guilds at war. Kills will give the highest WP reward. You are limited to how many times you can attack another player. Similarly to Gamer Points, at the end of each season Trophies and ranks are given out for War Guilds.

    War Rivals: If you attack a player that is in a Guild that is at war, you will put yourself on that Guilds War Rival list which will allow every player in the opposing Guild to attack/slap/bounty you to gain War Points regardless of your level for a period of 24-hr since your last attack against any member in the opposing Guild (with-in limits). If you do not directly attack a player that is a higher level than you, they will only be able to attack you until their War Points are exhausted (5 attacks), but if you do attack them you will be added to their Rival List and open yourself up for retaliation as it exists today.

    War Points: You score War Points for attacking other Guilds that are in War. There are limits of War Points that can be gained from a single player daily, below are the limits and War Points rewarded:

    Attacks: If a war opponent is within XP range, on your Guilds War Rival list or in your Rival List, you can attack that player 5 times before you reach your daily limit for that opponent. 3 War Points for an attack win and 2 for a loss and 5 for a kill. Points are only credited to the attacker.

    Bounties: If a war opponent is within XP range, on your Guilds War Rival list or in your Rival List, you can bounty that player 1 time before you reach your daily limit for that opponent. 5 War Points are rewarded for a successful bounty. For War Point bounties, attacker will always pay the base bounty cost.

    Slaps: You can slap an opposing Guild player that is in a War 4 times before that targets War Points become exhausted for the day. 1 War Point are rewarded for every successful slap on a War target.

    What issues were we looking to address with this feature?
    We wanted to address player complaints about PVP fighting being neglected. With additions of challenges and bosses, many players felt that we have been ignoring PVP fights (attacks, slaps, bounties). Increase PVP opponents for those looking for more.
    We wanted to address complaints from players that they were being over attacked / bullied by other players.
    Better align players in a Guild with their interests in the game (boss killing, PVP fighting, etc). There has always been a grey area with respect to Guilds, some use it for wars, others use it to meet new players, others use it to work together to get gamer points, others use it for additional help, and some use for all of the above. The grey area has caused issues which was the reason for us adding in Guild privacy in the past.

    Why 5 attacks:
    To entice more people of varying game play to enter into a war. Withstanding 5 attacks from a really high level opponent should be more bearable but still has risk of death in those 5 attacks. Retaliation window would open if player attacks back.
    Overall goal is to have more players participating so finding the balance between rewards and consequences is what we are currently trying to do.

    How does Guild Wars address the concerns/complaints above?
    Guild Wars is a feature that is targeted at PVP enthusiasts. Some of the restrictions/protection like increasing Bounty costs are removed within the daily limit of Guild War participants. Higher XP rewards for fighting, slaps and bounties against players that are in a Guild at War is increased to offer compensation for the likelihood that you will be taking on more deaths as a consequence of participating in a Guild War.
    PVP enthusiasts that "over attack" and go after other Guilds not interested in PVP will now have an arena that they can compete against other like minded Guilds. The incentives offered in the Guild Wars are enough to get players that are interested in PVP to participate in the War and focus less on those players that are not interested
    Guild Rival list is a new concept. For those that are at War, any player that attacks a member of your Guild that is also in a Guild at War will be added to your Guilds rival list which will open that player up for attacks and ability to get points from.

    We will make necessary adjustments to this feature to find the balance where it is fun for everyone to compete in, but have no mistake about it, Guild Wars should not be the faint of heart and not be for those that think getting slapped/bountied or attacked by any other player at War is unfair or bullying, it is an open arena, and open competition.

    Your feedback is appreciated.
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  2. I could be misunderstanding the 5 attack limit but I think that could actually cause some people to leave guilds. It sounds like we would lose the option to have one-on-one battles consisting of hundreds of attacks. Would there be a way to scale the attack limit based on the difference between the two players' levels? Or maybe only have the 5 attack limit if the player is below your XP range.

    Are bounty traps and counter attacks scored in the guild war?

    If someone in my clan is in another guild that is at war can we attack each other?
  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ok.....Ive only read it once...im sure Ill find something wrong on my 2nd or 3rd time through so Im going to say this now....I LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol TY!
  4. gonna be a welcome addition for those guilds that have a nice big rivalry
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The 5-attack limit only counts when a player is out of your normal range and has not attacked you directly but has attacked someone in your guild. It will open up your rivals.

    No bounty traps and counters do not add points, but they will still work in a Guild War attack.

    No, clan rules apply you cannot attack someone that is in your clan.
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We try. I think there may be a few tweaks that we can make to make it more enjoyable, but we wanted to add something for those players that didn't appreciate the Privacy setting that we enabled a while back, which we did because some players were using Guilds for wars but there was no supported feature, so this is that supported feature.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    sooooo.....if i attack someone lowered leveled from a another guild who has opted in to the "wars" and they have counters on me....that will count as a loss for me and count as 1 of my 5 attacks?.....hmmmmmmmmm...verrrry interesting.

    Ok...lets get down to it....whats the ETA on the "wars"
  8. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We released Wars on Mob Wars: LCN and it had a rocky launch, mostly we think because we did not give the LCN community that much time for input. We want to make sure we get everyone that wants to know about it a chance to learn and comment on it, if any new issues are raised we want to make the correction before release and not after. After we get a couple days of input, we can comment on ETA.
  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I think Ive already thought of a potential issue/abuse that might arise....i will send a message to Kano ...so as not to give anybody ideas...lol
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Sounds good.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    if i attack someone and they have me countered...does that count as one of their 5 attacks?
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Yes it does.
  13. There have been many players in the past that have made an issue of bullying lower players - but since gaining higher ranking have suddenly changed their tune as they have no one else at their level to attack...will this new 'game play' reduce that?
  14. And the added "bonus" for polishpimp would be the player that set the counter attack is then added to his personal rival list for 24 hours.
  15. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Taking a counter attack would not add that player to their rival list.
  16. I was reading some of the feedback related to the syndicate war feature and it seems there is quite a bit of controversy over higher level players being able to attack lower level players because they attacked a member of the higher player's syndicated but did not attack the higher level player directly. I don't play that game but, if I understand the current guild wars rules, I can see the same issue arising in VC.

    The KANO response seemed to be "do a better job of picking your battles" - which makes sense - but is the information to do this available? Information about the level of at least some of the guild's members would have to be visible in order for guild leaders/members to make "better" decision about which players/guilds to attack. I don't think you would have to make every player's level visible, maybe just the highest 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 guild members? If you just post level the privacy feature some guilds have elected to use would be unaffected.

    Hope I made some sense.
  17. OK, thanks for clarifying.
  18. I did find a way to determine this information for a fair number of guilds, however there may be gaps in that source of information that cannot be filled so I still think posting the highest level(s) in a particular guild is the only way to ensure the game remains fair, fun and balanced.

    Thanks for the new feature and the opportunity to provide feedback.
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Considering a guild must opt in for the guild wars...I would think it would be up to the guild and its leaders to inform its members of the consequences of attacking an enemy guild. The whole idea of this feature is to allow more PVP action for those that want it....so if a player doesnt want to be involved with it or opened up to attacks by a higher level...then they should join a guild that is more in line with their style of play.

    As Kendal mentioned previously....there is a lot of strategy involved here to where any guild regardless of how many high level players they have can be competitive . Ive already thought of a few ways that lower level players can outscore a higher level player . But I m not about to reveal them here....I'll let that play out on the battlefield....lol
  20. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    We agree that there should be some strategy with who you have in your Guild with respect to this wars feature. We are considering some enhancements to this feature that would allow for low level players to better participate and have an impact with the Guilds' success.


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