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    thanks deb yes i got off track a lil there......dont mess with the bounty structure.......bounties are hard enough to get without limiting all players the chance to get them.....being in the wars is a choice of the guilds that choose to participate.limiting thing to just them isnt fair to the entire community at large .
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    All to Confusing for Me

    Man is there alot of hot air on here. What ever happened to keep it simple. So I will put it bluntly. It appears to me that Guild Wars is a dismal failure at this point. A very small percentage are in it. Messing with the entire bounty system to force people into it may not be a good idea. I suggest you admit defeat and redesign it so its Guild vs Guild not the current free for all. Frankly, most I have talked to are extremely disappointed with the product.

    I have determined that there is one way to get attention. Money. Therefore, from this point forward you will not see a dime from me. Until Guild Wars is addressed. Until we get an answer on boss limits. Until disciplinary action is taken against the players who are intimidating other players and make false reports to Facebook regarding peoples accounts and the appearance that people receive favored treatment is proven not to be true.

    I urge other players who agree with me to join me in this boycott
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  3. another example

    its like saying you have two doctors that charge 2 different prices for 2 completely different exams

    dr.clarise charges $160 for a full exam

    dr.jullian charges $40 for a brief touch up exam

    a non war player wanting a war bounty is like saying you want dr.clarise exam for dr.jullian price

    back to the lotto ticket example

    lets say there is 2 lotterys going on

    1 is worth $20mill and the ticket costs $2

    1 is worth $5mill and costs $1

    its like wanting to play for the $20mill prize while paying the $5mill price

    or going to the dentist for a routine exam and expect to get a root canal
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  4. OK , If it is implemented then I suggest that 25 really strong hunters form a war guild and sit on all the war bounties . As it is now, less than 5 % of the clans are participating in the warring guilds on FB. If you choose the right players that can hunt really well and who can be on at different time zones you could literally take pretty much most of those bounties because you would be only competing against less than 5 % of what you normally do on a bounty. I think the last time I checked under 800 clans were in the warring guilds. Sound fair enough? I really don't think that would be fair to the rest of the VC World but Hey, that's what very well may happen if this is implemented. I'm sorry , but I won't be recycling the coin from this as I am trying to simply make up for being away from the game for a year and get my empire in order with everyone else. Not that it is anyone's business how I play my game but I think I was kinda called greedy earlier even though my empire is probably half of most of these warring clan's . Happy Gaming.
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    What a lot of weak thinking has gone on in the pro exclusive war bounties camp.

    If I were in the, so called, guilds wars I would actually be be campaigning for my bounties to be only available to non warers. Why?

    Because it would be strategically dumb of me to insist that only my war rivals should have the chance of picking up points from the bounties I place.

    Why that would be like getting a winning lottery ticket and giving it to an enemy to cash for me :)
  6. Laughing uncontrollably.... thanks for that

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