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  1. polishpimp

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    Gerome....That is Definitely part of it. I see no reason why a player not involved in the wars should reap benefits from those bounties directly related to the wars.

    I understand what some r saying about gold transfers...but in the end I dont really see that as a huge issue. For starters...gold transfers are not illegal.

    I think that some players have the wrong idea of how things might work if war Bounties were to remain exclusive to participants of the guild wars. As it stands now.....All point scoring actions in the wars are limited to 5 attacks, 1 slap an hour for a total of 4 and 1 bounty in a 24 hr period. Players r also limited by level as to what bounties will score points. Players who get a large number of bounties in a certain amount of time begin to be penalized with a bounty delay So heres a couple of examples..............

    1. Players(A) and (B) are within level range of one another ....so the lister will get 10 points ..who ever catches (guild war participant) will get 9 points. player (A) bounties player (B. ) Player (A)gets his ten points...catcher (B)gets his 9. If player (A) decides to then bounty player (B) again within 24 hrs.....that new bounty is no longer a war bounty available only to the warring guilds...although if a war guild participant happen to get it anyways...they would still score their 9 points.

    2.If player (A) and player (B) are not within level range of one another and player (A....the higher level of the 2 player) lists player (B)...then its not a bounty exclusive to the warring guilds because there is no war points to be had for player (A) who did the listing. But then again....if the player who catches the bounty happens to be a war participant...they would still get their 9 points.

    These 2 examples alone show that not ALL bounties generated by the guild wars would remain exclusive to war participants, and that if some loaded high player such as myself would still be at risk of losing a "gold tranfer" or any other listing of a lower level in the wars to the masses.

    As i stated previously in another post....High leveled players are already at a huge disadvantage in the wars due to the fact that they cant score bounty points on just anyone involved in the wars. Its the low to mid level players who can potentially score the most points. Low to mid level player are by far the majority of participants in the guild wars. But with that said.....even they can only list someone once within 24 hrs for points.... making ever bounty they do after the initial bounty on any one player involved in the wars available to the masses.

    Alts r an issue in every aspect of these games. But for the same reasons stated above....I just dont see how there would be any extra advantage in regards to listing and catching bounties due to the fact they are limited to 1 bounty for points within a 24 hr period as well.

    Weve already seen a couple of high profile Alt guilds drop out of the wars due to the fact they simply cant keep up with the fast paced scoring in which only 25 "real" participants can do. For example....1 person playing 5 diff accounts simply cant keep up with 5 dedicated real individuals.

    I still see some obvious alt guilds participating.....but they are guilds that really have no chance at the wars due to the fact that they dont even have a full guild. I imagine they are simply playing to get the small amount of XP they get for simply participating.

    In the end.....Keeping war bounties exclusive to warring guild would have far less impact on the number of bounties available to the masses than most would think. In the most extreme of examples.....a low to mid level player could in theory bounty every member of every participating guild...but that is simply economically unfeasible especially when most of them players have already been listed multiple times and their bounty prices r already through the roof.

    In addition.... There r those that suggested if war generated bounties were to remain exclusive to participating guilds...then it would be like "shooting fish in a barrel" for the higher levels or the more accomplished bounty hunters. This simply isnt the case either. After any one player gets a certain number of bounties within a certain amount of time....they are penalized by a lag in regards to how soon a bounty will show on their page. This all but insures that the war bounties will get spread around between the warring guilds. As stated previously...the majority of participating players are low to mid level....most of these players have relatively low health and are picked off well before someone who is under the "lag" can get to them

  2. just when i thought it couldnt get explained any better
  3. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    First off, I read most of the comments in this thread.

    Seems some folks cannot differentiate a Kano idea from a suggested idea from players. They have to impugn others and think there are big conspiracies at play. Get real.

    The war bounty to warring guilds has some merit. Pull more players into the "new VC" with an incentive, and inevitably also increase bounties as well. The free riders to the new game? I suggest you give it a whirl instead of just trying to take advantage of it: does it always have to be "Me Me Me" here? One player here with much to say lasted about 15 minutes in War mode if that. Personally, I will list others. Guaranteed. Just not as many as I have always believed in recycling my winnings back to others versus sucking it in. Works for me. DO IT!

    Counter attacks being removed? For the out of range players, I can see this as a comp to those who can't list for 10WPs. For it.

    Track and show indiv stats and stats between guilds: great stuff. For it.
  4. This is another horrible idea in a long list of horrible ideas. The bounty system should be left alone. You introduce "guild" wars (which I still think is ridiculous as you've implemented it) in order to promote more PvP battles and bounties and then, in turn, want to limit non-warring guilds from being able to collect them in order to what? Make the bounty list as stagnant as it was before? Seriously? It's not as if bounty hunting doesn't already have it's inherent risks from retaliatory strikes. The warring guilds should have to assume the risk that if they're going to try to get their 10 wps for bountying someone that some non-warring guild member might collect it.

    As for the argument that it's like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. Non-warring guilds don't get the xp boost that the warring guilds get. That's enough of a bonus. How many perks do warring guilds need before they're satisfied?

    Who's running things at Kano? Polish? Kel? Mr. Magoo?
  5. non war players also dont face retaliation the same way as a non war player

    again this can go on all day

    itll be 50% negativity regardless of what happens

    this one is a no win whichever way it goes

    but i will quote the part of polish's post that once again explains why it wont limit the bounties

  6. and another thing

    once again

    being in war has perks and also more risk involved than a non war player

    but again this one can go on all day

    youll have the guilds at war wanting bounties to stay for war players

    and the non war players wanting it open(even though i truly believe it should stay for war players only)

    whichever way this goes its 50% negativity
  7. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member


    OK changing the bounty system is not one of the better suggestions. Gee let me guess who suggested that. I strongly suggest you not do that. Period.

    You have some of the top players in the game telling you no. Could you please listen to us!!!

    In my opinion Guild Wars is a total failure. A very small percentage of Guilds are in it and only a few top guilds are in it. I was under the assumption that it would be Guild vs Guild not one strong guild beating on lower guilds. I found it annoying as players at very low levels attacking me as I tried to play. In CCC we referred to it as the buzzing of gnats.

    On another subject what ever happened to the Boss limits? We have seen certain higher level players actually threaten lower level players and retribution if they do not share bosses.

    Here is my suggestion. Preset limits on bosses and give the player the option to remove that limit. Simply you would reverse the current system. I have spoken to many people that are dismayed to find their bosses destroyed by a certain higher level player and can do nothing about it. This way they can claim they forgot to remove limit and maybe avoid retribution.

    Feedback please
  8. youve got other top players saying YES

    on another note the boss system is fine the way it is

    want a limit then set it

    otherwise it gets destroyed
  9. Can you give me one valid reason why warring guilds need the added benefit of being able to channel coin to one another? If a non-warring guild member is willing to assume the risk of retaliatory strikes for *ATTEMPTING* to collect a bounty then why shouldn't the warring guild member be able to assume the risk of not being able to funnel coins to their guild? Isn't getting the xp bonus at the end of the week enough? what more do they need?

    If they limit warring bounties to only warring guilds then only non-warring bounties should be available to non-warring guilds. Either that or give non-warring guilds an xp boost every week. That's fair, right?

    How about blocking the bounty list from everyone that's in a warring guild. I mean, after all, who has time to bounty hunt in the middle of a war? Or do those ideas sound as stupid to you as it does to me?

    It's a slippery slope that Kano's attempting to traverse with this idea. Who gets to catch a bounty if a warring player bounties a non-warring player or vice-versa?
  10. the non war player isnt open to the ENTIRE guild as a war player is

    and its easier to find a player by a list than having to search

    so when a war player attacks another war player they land right on the guild rival list

    a non war player wont land on that list

    it seems all the points are being overlooked

    its become who can post the same thing over and over again and hope one side backs off
  11. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    OK list which top players. I guess you support protection rackets in the real world too
  12. You may not open yourself up to the entire guild but you've opened yourself up to an individual for 24 hours. I'd say it's a wash, at best, that the risk is that much greater for a non-warring member to collect a war bounty since one person can hammer away a lot more over 24 hours than an entire guild that has a five hit limit restriction per player (that's 875 hits at most over the course of a full season).

    Saying that only warring guilds should be allowed to get war bounties because those bounties are a direct result of guild wars is like saying that Guild C shouldn't be allowed to catch bounties because they're not involved in whatever caused Guild A to bounty Guild B (which would be the next logical step). Of course then you could make the argument that PLAYER C shouldn't be able to catch bounties between Players A & B for the same reasons and using the same logic.

    It's a slippery slope that Kano is better off leaving alone, IMO.
  13. and a war player WILL open up to the entire guild and land on the rival list of the guild

    opening yourself up to 1 player vs a potential 25 players...

    i can see a big difference here

    if a non war player wants a war bounty then open them up for the entire guild to attack and get points off them

    its only fair

    i usually dont try to advocate for a idea this much

    but when its CLEARLY in the right

    then yes i will keep advocating for it
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    What a loser.
  15. Ok. Well since fair is fair... I don't think anyone that's not involved in my personal battles should be able to collect any bounty I post. Henceforth, I should be the only person with the ability to collect bounties I place.
  16. Furthermore, any bounty placed by a fellow guild member shall only be claimed by myself or a fellow guild member! If we're going to support an idea that would allow for an easier time for coin to change hands between two parties with a significantly smaller risk of it being stolen by a third party, then we may as well abuse the system even further!

    Make it happen.
  17. i dont think even kano expected this to turn into this much controversy

    it makes sense for a WAR bounty to be only claimable by a WAR player

    fyi my guild isnt even at war anymore
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Nobody is suggesting they tinker with the bounty system...ONLY THE POINTABLE BOUNTIES IN THE GUILD WARS!

    You just said it your self....."You introduce "guild" wars (which I still think is ridiculous as you've implemented it) in order to promote more PvP battles and bounties and then, in turn, want to limit non-warring guilds from being able to collect them in order to what?" GUILD WARS WAS INTRODUCED TO PROMOTE PVP ACTION ....THATS EXACTLY WHY U MUST OPT IN AND EXACTLY WHY ONLY THOSE INVOVED SHOULD GET THEM.

    The lottery ticket example is completely valid as is the example of a player getting a reward from a boss they did not help on. The Xp awarded to warring guild is lousy (even if u take first). As stated previously...its more about the war points than it is the money
  19. Then why not simply remove the bounty option from guild wars just like bounty traps and counter attacks? If counters and traps are deemed useless or cowardly even though they're a legitimate strategy, then why should anyone be allowed to pay someone else to kill someone for you?

    If you want to limit the bounties to warring guilds only, then that's fine. Just implement the other suggestions made in this thread as well, lol.

  20. I agree with you that Kano probably never expected this much controversy. As for "making sense", why should Kano start making sense now when it comes to guild wars? They haven't so far. Instead of "guild wars" it should have been named "Free For All Mode". Enemy guilds don't factor into the gameplay at all. If I were in charge, it would've been a "Guild A vs Guild B" with bounties,traps,attacks,slaps,deaths, wins, losses, and time spent hiding dead all as factors on who won. All winning guilds would've received the same rewards and all losing guilds, likewise. But that's just me.

    If you use and accept the postulate that it only makes sense that war bounties are only claimable by war players because it's fair then it also stands to reason that, using that same argument, bounties from Guild A against Guild B only be claimable by members of one of those two guilds.

    FYI, we tried the wars for a week and quickly found out that none of us really had the desire to fight "manufactured" enemies when we already had enemies in place.

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