VC December 17 - New Homepage functionality / improvements and Daily Rewards

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  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    The What:
    New homepage functionality and improvements:
    -social feed and game history are now split up into 2 different sections
    -feeds are no longer in scrollable windows to give largest possible viewable area
    -counters for updates/reminders
    -new layout will support new features/improvements that we have planned and is far scalable than what we had before to add new content
    -performance improvements, less modules are being loaded which should improve loading performance
    -more info for Inner Circle earnings

    The Why:
    This change will allow us to continue to add new features to the home page in a scalable manor where the previous home page did not allow for that. The first new feature will be released today.

    The Feedback:
    As always we appreciate and listen to players feedback, if you do have negative/positive feedback please be as specific as possible so we can address them.

    We plan to enhance the current social feed to make it more usable and have already received a lot of helpful feedback on that topic, we have a project lined up in the future to address some of the input already provided.

    Daily Rewards:
    As an extra Friday bonus we just released Daily Rewards to give you another reason to keep playing every day.
  2. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Thank you Kendall, I like the new features :D
  3. Im still testing out but so far works great :) Thanks Kano
  4. Looks good but I've noticed one issue thus far. Several events seem to be simply vanishing from the feed, such as: The guy I just bountied five minutes ago no longer shows up or theres 2 bosses, I go into one and when I come out theres no request for the other showing anymore. Or I will see events from 2 minutes ago and the next event will be from 52 minutes ago. Really, nothing happened at all in the game for 50 minutes? (talking during prime time evening hours here too) This happened sometimes for older events with the previous system but seems to be more prevalent with the new system.
  5. I like Daily Reward from New Homepage :)

    Just visit everyday and get unlocked bigger % drop of energy or stamina
    so day one will be 5% energy or stamina .. day 2=10% day ...7=100% energy or stamina
    Just Go Home Page and click on DAILY REWARD
    Look Attachment where to look

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  6. Jme

    Jme Member

    I like the new window for level up. It's convenient and out of the way. And the Social Feed is great, and a lot easier to search for specific things, such as berserk boosts, elite chieftain posts, etc.
  7. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Is it just me, or is the daily reward only a stam refill now? I have not seen an energy Daily reward in the last weeks. Did I miss something?

    I mean, I really like it, if it is so. A 50% stam refill gives me way more xp than a 100% energy refill ever could. 50% stam refill will always bring more xp than any Energy refill could.

    50% stam refills. Good for extreme battling on Viking Clan or killing Bosses on Pirate Clan.

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