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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sharky_lions, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    counter attack - is only cheater, I like how not put it - it does not work! unless the lower level it can include it even more idiocy - they attack and then go to the counter attack ...
    cost of counter attacks and bounty - tupizm ... I do not understand why I can not order a high lvl only because he is high?! Why do I say the price of X 000 000 000 000 000 where I'll take that kind of money? besides ... when I was attacking a small level he has enough money to put me in the bounty list ... I did not arise the question why he has so much money - 365 days in the game and 70 th lvl it is an indication that the income in his times than I ... but I do not understand why farmers are protected? if they are farmers they have to feed the soldiers ... not farmlend! this game is about warriors!

    I see only 1 out - to review the system of calculating the cost of attacking action and tie it to the sentry income character and awards available for an assignment ... this will create a level playing field for players, and will not stimulate zadrots (zadrot - user is penis long time) and freaks who play with multiple accounts ...

    with respect to the new developers ...
  2. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    And this is be stupid too

    Bebe Njal is out of your experience range and cannot be placed on the bounties list.

    then a dick, it could put me in the list of bounty????
  3. Hel

    Hel New Member

    Sorry mate but I don't understand what you mean...

    I think I need a step by step list of what is happening.

    Anyone else?
  4. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg New Member

    Truth be told.... I don't understand a word of what he said either.

    I say we settle this by playing a children's card game!
  5. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    In the game is absolutely stupid system for advertising the reward for killing
    3 - 7 kkkkkkk (1k = 1000, 1kk = 1000000; understand?) Is not real!
    a game farmvill - let people sit there and collect money
    if this game is about war, but not about the farmers - the price should be available to the player at his level!
    If people spent a year in the game! and not risen above the 70 th lvl - this is a loser ... who tuned houses and now prevents develop wars ... because stupid developers allowed him to do it!

    I for 2 days took 200 + level and can not afford to declare the hunt for the farmer! but he can ...
    If you want to encourage the builders, then name the game - MEGA construction or construction of the century, change the design, and then you will be coming builders!
    Why mislead the normal players eager to fight and not breeding horses?

    Now you all understand? if not - indicate that it is not available your mind please

    в конце концов наймите себе переводчика!... долбаные буржуи...
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  6. self

    self New Member

    Well, maybe the answer is that if someone who is level 20 bounties you, you won't get to bounty them back 400 times, but you will get one shot.

    I think that this user was using some translation software trying to get a point across. Who knows?
  7. Hallux

    Hallux New Member

    From what I can understand, the guy is annoyed that he has quickly risen over 200 levels in 2 days and as a result probably has an extremely low income. I assume this leaves him unable to pay the bounty or counter-attack costs of lower level players he is battling who have spent a long time developing an income whilst leveling slowly.


    P.s I could be totally wrong mind you, I had to read it a few times :)
  8. Hel

    Hel New Member


    Aaahhh... *tink, tink! penny drops.*

    Based on Hallux' interpretation (which is much better than my what the? reaction), then I can only say that in this game it is important to ballance factors and there are many types of strength in this game. Go bounty hunting to get mo money.

    Michelrpj... do you have, uhhhh...7 of diamonds? Or should I go fish? ;)
  9. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    the problem is that the game balance is absent on the fact))) because formulas are based on nonsense ...

    why the price assigns the game, not a player? - Nonsense! Assign a price for the other player I want, not a game ...

    besides a lot of bugs ... when receiving level, the energy is calculated is very strange ...
    logically, should accrue to the maximum ... ie if I maskimum 531 energy that must be assessed 531 ...
    why make one out of four times? in other cases, give the 503/531?

    that's why I have and give the impression that formulas calculate prices mixed levels of the attacker and the attacked ...

    PS and do not tell me that this feature of the game ... nonsense can not be feature of the game ...
    PPS price is not cool, can not exceed the income of the player in one hour! or half of the money received for completing quests with the best available price ... ie if 50/100 energy enables complete a quest worth 2kkk, then this is the price that must be taken with the player when announcing a reward for the death of another player ... if the player's income per hour does not exceed this amount ...
    PPPS invite developers to include brain and try to think again: a) over the balance and b) on errors in the game
  10. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    almost guessed ...

    I developer game balance ... and when I see obvious mistakes, I consider it necessary to inform about it ...
    theme of the game - a war, then military action should "feed" is not less efficient than farming!
    that the game introduced an element of economic strategy, does not entitle developers to force the players to follow the path of development of farms!
    Try me in real life to get to plow the land in parallel with my work ... or make do what I do not want ...
  11. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    yes)) you're right, I use translators ...
    very difficult to write long texts ... chatting easier - if they do not understand me, he immediately asks ...
    in the preparation of a long text, one must not lose the meaning and at the same time look for words that are not in the vocabulary ... it is very difficult ... especially when already sleep)))
  12. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    Finally, I want to say:
    If I do a few accounts, I am also able to develop one of them for money, and another one a warrior ... even better pieces 5 accounts for the money ...
    Then I too will be able to safely fight the first account and declare the hunt from other accounts ...
    If you think that this is difficult - you are very wrong))) with a network of two thousand computers, it is enough to send through ActivDirectory script on all computers and sit - enjoy the game)))

    year later, two and a half thousand accounts will be able to send approximately ten times each player on the server in the list of target for hunting
  13. he he i dont think translator will help translate modern and old history words mix up
    долбаные >> yes thats everyday swearing but буржуи... thats old old old lol
  14. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg New Member

    Sharky, the whole "build an empire" to gain an income is a very important part of the game. You say it's not realistic, but I need to say that it IS realistic. You try fighting a war and telling your soldiers they ain't getting paid. They'll surrender to the enemy and give you the finger while doing so.

    You want a big army? You gotta have the bucks to pay em.

    As for the rest, about money being TOO important... well thats a bit of realism too I suppose. With money you get things done. I don't see this as a flaw in the game. I only think the bounty system is imperfect the way it is now. Either the bounty should become level based (Something like, level determins the height of the bounty, as well as the level difference between bountier and bountée), OR the bounties should just be cheapened up a LOT. Currently when someone reaches level 800 or so, and does a decent job of getting all the buildings say, 100x, it just costs an obscene amount of gold to bounty them.

    I'm level 520+, and I bought all buildings 200 times. My bounty is a "mere" 45 billion gold. Which is a laugh.

    The bounty system could use some altering yes. But as for the realism, its there. Perhaps too much.
  15. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    thanks)) I know how to build an "empire")))

    the rest, as I understood, quite correctly interprets what I was trying to say))) as I do not know very well English, I am very pleased that you are trying to understand me))) THANK YOU! "
  16. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    in the USSR like translating from European languages as: "followed by untranslatable play on words" ;)
  17. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    I underatend why in CastlAge limited by the level of construction - did the right thing! otherwise it would be like here ... Any aggrieved average,
    immediately uses its low-level account, which he only builds ...
    and arranges for a terrorist act "abuser" ...

    just that the terrorists who recently bombed in Moscow ...
    are not themselves blew up the bombs on themselves ... they use for the faint of heart and weak brain people!

    security services should have to pay attention to these people ... online games reveal the most secret psychological nuances of human, and these terrorists must take note;)

    sure that the detection of cases of terrorism, will increase many times ...

    / Psychology - my hobby /
  18. Funny

    yea its funny combo- i live in Latvia for 25 years that was everyday swearing in Russian language can put any way u want and works out more funny.. some times can say two words in Russian and when they translate in English will be 11 words hahaha
    good one ;)
  19. Hel

    Hel New Member

    Party this bounty thing is just the maturing of the game - a year ago, when the game was just starting, the bounties were TINY and you paid with your life for most because everyone was armed to the teeth.

    Terrifying for newbies! ;)
  20. sharky_lions

    sharky_lions New Member

    so, in fact, nothing has changed ...
    someone who has a huge income and multi accounts on a horse, it's high levels, and their boats, focused only on the construction of villages ...

    In particular, I can give you an example of multi accounts:
    The first is hiding in the hospital, the second immediately strikes a blow with an axe, as soon as I call first to fight in the same slap axe ... while I'm waiting for the first is ready to fight ... This game is guaranteed in 2 or more windows ...
    as well as when attacking accounts low levels clearly have no chance to win the battle ...
    were attacked even characters Level 4!
    doubt that the man on so many stupid not to realize that this is his guaranteed death ...
    and I was more surprised that the administration does not do anything with multiple accounts ... and does nothing to create a balance in the game to a multi accounts become a burden to their owners ... if they have no idea how to do it, I am ready to share but in Russian, so let him seek a capable translator ...

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