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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Dec 16, 2013.

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    He's right. It's awful. In ZS. since y'all dropped in all the changes for fights you've KILLED FW. I mean. 1 slayer can kill a B faction if in a A in seconds. The poor B factions can't stay alive long enough to do a thing. The a's sit on the B's waiting for them to respawn.

    But I kind of like the shorter war. The 67 for 4 un is working ok for me. 67 is useable 50 was always hard for me to work with. But that is neither here nor there for me.

    the 11 minute respawn I am undecided. It allows us to more easily target what we want to target but makes it a little too easy I'm thinking.

    I think I would suggest as to length (not sure which update this thread is but I'm going with all updates lol) stagger.

    By that I mean. If it starts at 12pmcst have it end at the 6pm cst. (sorry I don't recall the GMT times but if it's an early start have it go to the late ending) in this way the folks that miss the "start" have a shot at being there for the "end" It might that way give more folks a chance at participating in a way they haven't before. As it is, the early start for me I'm at work so I miss both the beginning and the end. And that is true for many with the late start. By staggering your time zones maybe would work to include folks better?

    Or make it so each war starts 3 hours or 1 hour hours. That way every time zone would get a chance at being the tone setter and the closer. Might broaden the appeal in other timezones....bonus.

    But whatever happens, please look at adjusting the damage. The poor B's! (not sure past that how bad it is)

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