[PC] TGIF! This Week in Dev and Community October 20 - 24

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    TGIF! Here’s your development news round-up for the past week!

    Player Bans October 11 - October 17

    As a reminder, the following numbers are permanently frozen accounts, and don't count temporary freezes.

    FB: 4
    KPs2: 3

    The majority of permanently frozen accounts are frozen for being a shared or alternate account. This is something we actively investigate, and we appreciate players reporting suspicious accounts to us.

    If you have any questions or comments about a frozen account, please direct them through Support as the Forums are not the place to discuss account freezes, because of the sensitive account information involved.

    New Limited Items!

    A new week means new Limited Items! Here’s what’s up for grabs (tomorrow!):


    October Midweek Calendar!

    The October Midweek Calendar is starts next Monday at 10:00 am PDT and wraps up on October 31 at 10:00 pm PDT. Prepare to be spooked!


    Introducing Outfits! (BETA)


    Interested in more options to customize your Pirate’s looks? The Outfits beta starts today!

    Visit your Davey Jones page to learn more, or check out the forum announcement for a full overview of this new feature: http://forums.kanoapps.com/threads/introducing-outfits-beta.13953

    Changes to the Battle Arena Effective October 26

    In case you missed our announcement earlier today, we’re making some adjustments to the Arena. Check out this thread here and read the changes below.

    Player Anonymity

    Players will still choose a nickname if they so desire when they register for the Arena. During the duration of the event, everyone on the list will appear with the same generic name "Pirate" so you don't know who you're attacking. Targets can still be saved like in the past, but the search function will no longer be a part of the Arena. At the end of the event, the nicknames (or actual names) of the winners will be published. The list of targets will be randomized for everyone.

    Stamina Slider "Kill Shot"

    You can set the Stamina Slider anywhere from One to Ten, but if the Pirate you are attacking is above 20% of their maximum Health, then the maximum number of attacks you can do at once is Three (even if the Slider is set to 10).

    Once the targeted Pirate is under 20% of their maximum Health, then the Four to Ten Stamina attacks become available.

    Support Report with your favorite burrowing nocturnal mammal and Answerpreneur, Aardvark!

    Happy weekend, players!

    This week we've had a lot of tickets from players who are feeling frustrated by frequent combative actions.

    You are probably familiar with it, but for anyone who is not, griefing is a general term for when a player is targeted with heavy numbers of battle actions. Griefing is pretty normal in games where players are highly competitive or when someone has a bone to pick.

    Within the limits of our games, griefing alone is not considered abusive and we don't take action on player's accounts simply for heavy attacking.

    However, we do recognize that sustained griefing can get a little old for the person on the receiving end. This is why our games include a variety of mechanics that help limit aggressive actions in certain scenarios. There is also a Protection http://support.kanoapps.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/92/0/pirate-clan---protection feature that allows temporary blocking of someone who has passed certain action thresholds.

    We also know that some players are not fans of Protection or the other game mechanics designed to shield lower levels and less aggressive players. The current system is designed to strike a balance that allows the vast majority of our community to play and have fun.


    who doesn't get why some people like candy corn, but is happy to donate any that comes her way.

    Terrible Joke of the Week

    No lame joke this week, but enjoy this humorous comic strip!


    That's it for TGIF this week, everybody! Thanks for reading, and have an excellent weekend!

    Play Now!

    Facebook Canvas: https://apps.facebook.com/pirateclan/?fb_source=appcenter&fb_appcenter=1
    Facebook Connect: http://www.kanoplay.com/pirateclan?game_server=server_1
    Kano Play Server 2: http://www.kanoplay.com/pirateclan?game_server=server_2
    Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/kanoapps/pirate-clan
    Armor Games: http://armorgames.com/pirate-clan-game/15877
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  2. Jon Ward

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    Hey ya Mi7ch. Not sure if anyone else noticed yet but the Halloween Set 14 is not out yet on the P.C. Game.
  3. BitterSweet

    BitterSweet Active Member

    If you had look good Jon Ward you had saw in ( ) it says tomorrow :p
    New Limited Items!

    A new week means new Limited Items! Here’s what’s up for grabs (tomorrow!):
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  4. Jon Ward

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    Hey Bitter incase your trolling which you seem to be doing at the time i posted that in my area it was already passed midnight so they should have shown and they weren't. But again you believe you know everything. Kudos and let the adults talk again. Maybe it would help if you think before you type.
  5. mi7ch

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    I believe BitterSweet was trying to be helpful there, Jon. ;)

    Items don't update exactly at 12 am Pacific, so that you didn't see them is not unusual. Normally I post the items that went up during the week, but seeing as how the Limiteds were changing over in less than a day, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek.
  6. BitterSweet

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    For sure i am not the one trolling Jon , you seem to not check or look but then creep out when someone point you out. If you had check the game it was enough time left from the others limited times weapons. Also Kano is a canadian company so i bet you all the release will be on their time. You should better take your own advice about write .
  7. Jon Ward

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    Hey Lil Red go play with wolfie before i find you in the game again and make you hide as always.

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