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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Scoughman, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Deblovscats1

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    I am talking about when you are done hitting the Raid HEAL it back up!
    Anyone who kills a Raid shouldn't be able to join anymore of them!
  2. I just joined a raid in Mob Wars. Being only the 5th player, the raid party health was low. Getting the raid party to half-life did not take much. So what do you say about that? I have to wait for more players to join before I get the benefit of XP? How is that right? Why do you want to make me wait?

    The page jumps when the raid party health is low. So what, that is the signal that you need to heal. You should leave this feature because it can become the signal that you are gaining less XP. Plus take the raid party down to gold and then heal. Your page jumping problem is now solved.

    You should look into your phone app. I hear players complain of a lag. This lag sometimes causes them to over-hit a raid. Thereby, they kill the raid party.

    You should add a heal tab. Then I can know who is healing the raid as I hit: They are stealing my actions.

    Let the raid party die and the raid boss regain health. I bypass raids that have this message, " Our Raid has perished to the Technofascists. We must rebuild!" Or whatever the raid is at that time. That is at the beginning of the raid event. There are more options. But, at the end of the raid event, I hit. Then, it is still 'the best deal in town.' 5,000 XP for 20 stam is a good use of stamina. Plus let them learn not to kill their own raids and expect other players to join.

    This raid change is just a ploy to have us spend more money on favor points. I use more energy healing a raid party at half-life as apposed to when it is in the red. Greedy; Greedy; Greedy you are, making me spend more money for energy. And, in Mob Wars which is the hardest game to level in, You just want me to SPEND EVEN MORE. I did not ask for better energy drops. They really suck, by the way. I did not ask you for stamina drops. I spend my 10 favor points for 7,500 stamina and keep on playing. I did not ask you to increase the stamina amount for my 10 favor points. I did not even ask you to have a stamina sale once a week instead of every two weeks. I did not ask you to change your pricing or the stamina amounts. But, you are asking me to accept less XP for playing the game as you made it. I don't think so. 'You're not the only game in town.' Taking away the bang from my buck. Making me clutch my pearls. Robbers you are!

    I understand 'there is no such thing as a free lunch.' I know 'baby needs a new pair of shoes.' And, I spend money in these 4 games; in your guild wars, your BA, and your raids so you can get 'em a pair. You win. I win. These games are my personal enjoyment. For me, bosses are my favorite feature of these games. And, you want to mess with it! You know, the heavy hitters are spending too. Sometimes I spend more, sometimes less. But, I SPEND. And, THEY SPEND. And, you want to mess with it. Baby is going to be bare footing.

    Vikings: Joined 3076 days, 21 hours ago
    Pirates: Joined 2461 days, 18 hours ago
    Mob Wars LCN: Joined 2465 days, 5 hours ago
    Zombie Slayer: Joined 1576 days, 7 hours ago
    I have played a long time. Maybe, its time for this cat to go. You saved your games when MySpace died. Don't put yourself in the position where you have to save it from yourselves. To use your time for the thousands of clicks during a raid event, takes a certain type of personality. I should be playing with a joystick or some other handheld device. But, I am here. Click Click Click. That last click was the sound of my purse closing.

    Taking away my XP for actions makes raids not worth it. I can camp like many others do. If the raid dies or gets killed does not matter. I am not vested. It is not my raid. If I raise a raid, which I rarely do, I SPEND, do you see that, I SPEND MONEY on favor points. I can't depend on other players to kill my boss. It's been YEARS since that has happened. You must always have the ability to kill your own boss or raid. I have learned that from XP. And, I will SPEND MONEY to kill a boss, if I have to do so. Or wait out the 3:23 days to use boosts and rewards to do so.

    Now, I'm going shopping. My 'baby' needs a new pair of shoes.
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  3. Horrible idea. Not only have you made my stockpile of expendable minions all but useless but now there is absolutely no reason at all to heal a raid after you've gotten the minimum amount of healing in. So now we'll see people Knock it all the way down for the XP and let someone else heal it from the ground up if they want to complete it? I'd love to see the numbers on how many raids expire this time vs how many have traditionally expired. A significant swing in either direction would not surprise me at all.

    How about, instead, you teach them instead of enabling them? Maybe those that kill one raid be given an auto warning of some sort and if they go on to kill a second either be severely limited on their attack/heal ratio for any further raids they join - mandatory one heal to every two attacks type of deal - or even not be allowed to participate in another raid altogether until the next event?

    On the plus side, I can't wait to see what kind of clusterf**k this turns into. It should prove to be quite entertaining. The colorful commentary in the feeds about the non healers should be fun to read.
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  4. Birkebeiner

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    Would it be correct to assume full XP when the raid party's health is between 50-100%? Would decreasing damage from attacks when the party is not at full health still apply?
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  5. FancyPants

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    I don't know about that raid change... So someone perishes a raid and all that happens is the party health has to be restored to 100% before new damage can be done to the boss? All prior earned damage will now remain? It doesn't reset. Hmmm.

    I thought already that you get less experience on attacks once the raid health goes into red? Does this mean it will get even lower?

    Isn't the current penalty for raid perishers that they are limited to heals only? I kinda like suspending them from joining more raids if they perish someone else's. If they perish their own, meh.
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  6. well I wish I knew someone but everybody I know already plays;)
  7. ZSlayer

    ZSlayer Active Member

    i totally disagree with this reduced xp when health below 50%, but knowing how kano doesn't listen to players before they make changes only after crappy changes are done and everyone yells at them, how about a compromise and say xp not reduce until health is down to 25%. When raid is not full getting to 50% health is only a few clicks away.

    There have been many awesome ideas posted here and many in the past but we all know kano doesn't like to listen to the players until sh** hits the fan, so i really hope kano will read all these posts and work with the active long time players to make changes that help the majority and not just their pockets. but i know i am just dreaming :(
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  8. TokiWartooth

    TokiWartooth New Member

    No more need to hit bosses or raids drops..... good luck whit this
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    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I dont know if people are just stupid or maybe I misunderstood the change..... it seems the only change is that a person cannot KILL your raid party and screw everyone over like they used to be able to. That seems like a pretty good change. Public raids are what they are and unless you pick and choose carefully what raids you join, there can always be a jerk who joins who just attacks. At least with the change, someone who doesn't see the health low won't be "set up" to kill the raid party when joining with an attack or if someone jumps in with attacks while your attacking. And the drop in exp when the raid party leaves green has always been the way it was.... that is nothing new. The only perfect solution is to join raids by invite only and with people who you trust. At least with the raid party unable to perish there will no longer be an increase of health to the raid boss health anymore.
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  10. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    You sure about this? I've seen damage reduced per attack when health isn't at or near max, but I've never seen XP reduced. An XP reduction per attack when the raid party health is below 50% would be "new"... the question is, once health has dipped below 50% - does health have to be returned to 100% before full XP is available again, or is full XP earned when health is between 50-100%?

    Then again, could be I'm just in the
  11. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Agreed! I still say they shouldn't be able to join any more Raids if they kill one! That is the only way they will learn after all this time!

    And this is the reason I keep mine private! I only add people I KNOW will heal their own damage!
  12. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Ok, lots of feedback! Great to hear. Keep it coming.

    So first off let me clarify - right now (before the change), XP does not go down as you take damage. You do less damage to the raid the lower your party health is, and if the raid party is wiped, there is a permanent reduction in the XP reward for each action that stacks if the raid is wiped multiple times.

    The new change gets rid of the permanent reduction, and in order to keep XP payout consistent, it will now decline for each attack while party health is below 50%. I.E if the party is at 75% health, you get full XP, if it's at 49%, you get less, if it's at 25% you get even less XP. @Norse Les Bean Above 50% you will earn as much XP as you can.

    Also, to answer your question @Birkebeiner, you don't need to heal back up to 100% - even if you just heal once, the buttons will work again, but you won't earn maximum XP unless you're over 50% health.

    @JADES not sure what you mean here - the energy drops depend on how much work you do, so just seeking these with minimal effort isn't going to reward much. And anyone in a public raid with low health should be trying to heal it; is there something we missed about how you expect these to work?

    @Kirsten If the raid is wiped, there's no downside, you just heal back to up to over 50% and you'll be able to collect max XP until it goes back below 50%. The number of minimum actions is the same, 1k heals, 1k attacks.

    @Patricia Tuohy the bonus boosts were posted on the forums just after 10 AM on Thursday and to the games shortly after that. Emails can sometimes take a bit longer. Not sure what you mean about the buttons - they are just greyed out until someone, anyone, does at least 1 healing action. You can attack and heal all you want as long as the party health is above 0, but you won't earn max XP unless it's above 50%.

    @ZSlayer This is definitely going to affect players who keep raid party health low and grind those raids for XP. I know the original set up of the raids made that possible, and it's something we want to correct so that people are able to kill more raids and get more chances at Superior drops. Removing the risk of "wiping" raid parties should hopefully make people feel safer making public raids, giving everyone more opportunity to participate and increasing the chance of an average raid being successfully beaten.

    @Susanne Rautelius By vampires do you mean players who only attack and don't heal? If so, this should punish them by reducing their XP payout for attacking as long as they refuse to heal. Also, assuming you both complete the minimum, healing is worth more "actions" than attacking is, so if you're competing against someone who refuses to heal, you will be higher than them in the tier if you're healing to keep up with the damage they're doing to the party health.

    @Norse Les Bean you get XP for healing too, don't forget. I think one of the key takeaways here is it's not really making you heal MORE than before, just earlier. Previously you could wait until party health was low before switching to healing, which came with a risk of potentially wiping the party. Now if you want max XP, you have to switch to healing once you get near 50%, and everyone is motivated to do that to get the most XP, so we will hopefully see people act more consistently.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "stealing" actions - someone healing while you attack is good for you if you want maximum XP, and if you want to do the most actions, healing is a good idea since it does more actions per click. You shouldn't have to use any more energy to keep the party at 50% health; you can do the same as you would if it were wiped, just more often/earlier on.

    @The Blood Eagle If players want drops they need to help kill the raid, and if they want the best XP possible they need to alternate attack and heal actions. Doing attacks when the party is below 50% health will give you less XP, so it should give people MORE of a reason to heal, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.

    Overall this change is designed to help people fight raids in the best possible way for them. To earn maximum XP from the event, you should alternate attacking and healing to keep the raid above 50%. Having your skill points invested in Attack and Defence evenly or building a party of both Att and Def-focused players will help ensure you do plenty of damage while also having a bunch of party health. And this'll make sure you do as much damage, earn the most XP, and do almost as many actions as possible while also having a solid chance of getting a drop, potentially a Superior.

    I hope that helps clear things up but I know this is a complex feature; if you have more questions, fire away.
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  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Ok ,one thing vampires don't heal except for the min heals, they wait for someone else to heal and attack on that person/s energy, so they still can do what they are doing, I do not see this part as a deterrent, it just means someone who wants to work on the raid has to heal where a vampire left it low and the vampire will be waiting and just jump in, like always.
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  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Also this gave the vampires a way to knock it down to absolute zero raid party health, without killing the party. Even with a reduction of exp, they will not care.
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  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    It will be like the first two raids in VC where people just kept killing them and there was no loss of XP, before they made the 2 k attacks and the if ya kill a raid twice and do it to a couple more ya cannot join any more and only heal the ones your killed twice
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  16. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    So the issue with these "vampires" is that they don't attack unless someone else is healing? If you are trying to spend your Stamina by attacking then yes, that'd be a problem and you'd want to make sure you kept your raids private or only joined private raids so you could be sure you'd get a chance to attack. If you don't mind whether you have to attack or heal, and/or you mostly want to get a drop, you can heal for these players which'll give you more actions total and let them kill the raid faster. Also, healing XP isn't reduced as the raid health gets low, so if you are trying to get as much XP as possible, healing is a good way to do it!

    @JADES are the vampires you're talking about simply trying to ruin the raid for others? If so, the main change here will prevent them from forcing a permanent XP reduction on everyone. It's not perfect but it should definitely prevent them from "ruining" public raids as much as they were sometimes able to. And of they are trying to get XP for themselves though, draining the health down to zero is really bad for them, as they'll get way less XP for each attack they do with the party health below 50%.
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  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Most aren't trying to ruin the raid, just being a-holes saving using their energy drops for adventures instead of heals after their 1k

    I do see how this will limit a vampires exp, but let's say for the people that actually help on raids without doing this
    • Now "we" have to heal the boss from zero health above 50% to get maximum exp. if vampired, then they hit it down again.
    • Then they hit it back down "gaining energy drops" this is not about the exp it's to keep up with adventures during raids... We level to fast and fall behind on adventures, and in worst case scenerios enter a 'New World' and have to do all the adventures prior to even get DPG's...
    • Robbing our heals, takes away doing adventures why trying to progress.
    • Your also enabling these types of players to hit it to zero raid health, instead of leaving a little bit at least so they wouldn't perish raid twice and get locked out from attacking.
    Digest that, was quick type-up on my thoughts.
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  18. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    My definition a of "Vampire" is they steal the heals of others " a "raid killer" is just a a-hole doing it on purpose.

    I've seen unintentional raid killers, but that is because of where the vampire left the raid party health and they simply clicked attack before checked raids health. If that makes sense. (Yes I know that won't happen anymore)

    So why if under 50% raid party health, the exp. only diminishes?
    • What if under 50% the energy drops become obsolete?
    • If above 50% re-enables energy drops?
    • That might help out more than less exp. for vampires. (but keep the under 50% exp. diminishes)

    I actually do like the sound of that ^^^^ LOL, anyone else???? :)
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  19. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    the problem is energy is precious it seems more precious than stamina due to the xp per stamina used, if heals xp was same as attacking there would not be a issue here
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  20. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I was at times a grinder "@ZSlayer This is definitely going to affect players who keep raid party health low and grind those raids for XP. I know the original set up of the raids made that possible, and it's something we want to correct so that people are able to kill more raids and get more chances at Superior drops." making my boss last as long as possible to max the XP out of it.

    You are in this move making it very simple and the person who suggested this no longer plays. Great. I can see in the future lots of bosses with 1/2 health in them, to come back to. Not sure of the change being of any benefit to anyone. The vampires will stop at 50% instead of 20% but be more active in more bosses to counter the effect.

    You still have not fixed the key public raid boss problem: some folks with magic get into all of them as a team, instantly. What are you doing about this "automation" and i say that with experience of watching this behavior sometimes 24x7.

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