TGIF! Development News for January 12 2018

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    Welcome to the end of another week, everyone! Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm during the Winter storms, so get comfy and let’s tuck into this week’s round-up and preview of development news.

    New Crates and Loot Cases

    Every two months we refresh the selection of items available in the Crates inlcuding the Legendary items. Earlier today we released a new set of Crates so pick one up for a shot at one of the three new Legendaries!

    Included with this Crate refresh is a new selection of Loot Case exclusive items. Right now these Cases have both the new Loot items along with the last set, but going forward we’re going to be removing old Case items from the pool of possible drops.

    If you’re an avid collector make sure to get your Daily Quests done for as many shots at the Loot items as possible!

    New Zombie Slayer Location

    Next Wednesday we’ll be releasing a new Location to Zombie Slayer. Hope you are all ready to leave the verdant plains of Tanzania for somewhere a bit more metropolitan!

    Pirate Clan is next on the docket after that sometime in late February or March with LCN and VC following shortly after. We’re looking at increasing the frequency of Location releases this year so there won’t be as much of a wait in between. Keep an eye out for a more concrete release date for those Locations in the coming weeks.

    War Event Changes

    As mentioned in last week’s TGIF we introduced a 200 minimum action threshold in order to qualify for the rewards. This is in effect for the current War Events so let us know if you have any trouble collecting when the event ends!

    Speaking of War Events, today we released a fix for the mobile apps which will prevent the Level Up and Skill Point allocator from appearing when doing the following actions:

    Faction War - Attack and Heal
    Battle Arena - Attack

    This should make those events a lot smoother so let us know what you think and if you run into any issues.

    Facebook Contest Winners

    Congrats to this week’s winners who got a pile of Favor Points/UN Credits each! These contests are weekly, so make sure to check our Facebook fan pages to enter.

    Silvia Fries
    Greg Buzzerd
    Umi Salwani
    Mandy Little
    David Ingram
    Catherine Reardon
    Brad Jessome
    Cailin Silviu
    Steve Fishpool
    Judy Rumpel Burkhard
    Marge Shafer
    Kimo DaMan
    Jim Gundersdorf
    Joel Stiver
    Jeff Brown
    Anthony Horton

    Frozen User Count


    Lame Joke of the Week

    How do you organize your fingernails?

    You file them!
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  2. love these posts most interesting to read, i don't yet play any of the other games aka pirate or zombie or vikings but might be tempted later on right now just getting to grips with lcn mobwars game and loving it lol as for lame joke that sucks :p:D:D
  3. and very congrats to all the winners on the comp well done you all x
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    due to pirate clan only having a single location last year, is the boss still going only drop 1 item or will it be dropping 2/3 possibly? In a way i think that would make up for the lack of locations for players to explore and would encourage a flux of people grinding the boss drops to slowly increase stats to beat their foes.
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    Hello Kano ! Thank you for the new crates and loot case . Their is a bug on crates from pirate clan ?! Because legendary item is saying loot items ( looter cannon 559/301 , looter houseboat 575/575 , looter mercenary 301/559 )

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    That is a bug, thanks for letting us know! We'll get it fixed.
  7. What is the life span of the loot chest from the dailies?


    So have you guys thought about how you are going to make it fair for smaller faction to enjoy playing Faction Wars without being hammered over and over by the larger factions. Example: A factions attacking C &D factions over and over so they don't have to attack other A factions. How does this decide who is better between the two

    S JORDAN Member

    My faction is sometimes an A and sometimes a B. When we are an A the same faction attacks us over and over ... 90 or 100 kills per war


    Cool put a and b factions fighting one another and let the lower level factions fight one another

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