TGIF! Development News for December 21, 2018

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    Happy Friday, everyone!

    Welcome to the last TGIF of 2018! There is one more Friday before 2019, but yours truly has taken some extra days away to cap off the year. We’ll be back to it on January 1, but let’s quickly go over a few things that happened in development news this week.

    Armada Quests Beta Test

    Over in Pirate Clan the Armada Quests Beta wrapped up earlier today. Your Armada can now collect any Chests you have earned through the modal that pops up on the Home page (we’re working on putting that some other places for the full release).

    Overall it’s been very interesting and we’ve collected a lot of feedback and data. Thanks to our players for giving it a shot and look for more new about this next year.

    Holiday Raid Boss

    The Mob Wars: LCN Holiday Raid is in full swing! Best of luck to our Mobsters across all servers who are working towards finishing off the Clausfather’s checkpoints over the next week.

    Viking Clan, the winter All-Father himself will be arriving next Thursday!


    Housekeeping Notes

    As I mentioned above were are heading into the Holidays here at Kano HQ. Fear not, there will be people around over the next week and a bit. December 25 and 26 are official holidays, but the rest of next week are not. There might be a short delay in responding to Support tickets, but rest assured Support will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading this week’s TGIF and for an excellent 2018! There has been a lot that has happened here over the past year and we have even more planned for the next. We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you for playing!

    Have a safe and fun Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years!

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    Lame Joke of the Week

    What is a snowman’s favorite breakfast?

    Ice Crispies!
  2. neill1990

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    When will the next round of quests be coming, guessing there will be some slight tweaking?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to Kano and everybody else :)
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  3. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all the Staff at Kano hope you all have a good one, :)
  4. Ares

    Ares New Member

    if you can please make it so any of the tasks for the quest can be completed without having to switch to that task, that would help. I think my armada would have gotten more done had this been the case.
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    Merry Christmas and happy new year. Hoping all the best for ya'll at kano!! Thanks for all the fun with pirates :):)
  6. momma2.0

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    Merry Christmas and a great new year Mitch to you and yours. Also to all of Kano and all you scraggly pirates out there.
  7. UNL Sassy Me

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    Loved the Quests, we didn't quite get the two hardest done but was happy overall with the whole concept, good job Kano! Hope it goes to your other games as well. Merry Christmas to all :)
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    iit would make it easier if you didnt have to switch over to each one ,i do think that is the part of the task , we did get to complete it all ,i do thank you for the goodies and there were plenty. merry chirstmas all and a happy new year !
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  9. Monica Hlif

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    I think that if you're going to add a new event, you should kill an old event. These big events take a lot out of your most avid players and we're not getting a chance to recuperate with the events overlapping :(

    AND the addition of another event that requires full participation from guild members leaves yet another challenge to serious guild leaders who already have the challenge of finding members who will both get dailies done AND get killer WP. My vote, lose one of the existing demands on guild members. I'm sure many would disagree with my choice of losing Guild Wars, since it's the most stressful and demanding of members.
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