TGIF! Development News December 22nd 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Scoughman, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. bowberson

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    Mob Wars LCN needs a new place! Why does it take so long? I know, you make no cash for giving us a new place. I loved this game but now it is all about money. The only reason I am not quitting, is not to give Antonia the satisfaction. I do not appreciate that my last ticket was ignored and all my other tickets disappeared. NO MONEY FOR YOU KANO FROM ME! The only thing I accomplished being on the players council is getting better rewards for Syndicate Wars. The rest of my time in this game and on the council is a waste.
  2. mi7ch

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    Mob Wars LCN will be getting a new Location very soon, most like in the latter half of March. There are various reasons why it takes as long as it does, but as stated in one of the TGIF between this one and now we will try and increase the frequency of Location release dates this year.
  3. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member


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