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  1. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    I have a suggestion to the admins. There should be a way to find other users on the game using their name. I have hit this issue many times when someone requests my help to attack/bounty someone but I have now way of getting them on my screen because they aren't on the battle page(not many people are) and they don't show up in clan feed. So if a search feature would be added, that would be great!
  2. Franchiz Ho Slayer

    Franchiz Ho Slayer New Member

  3. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Change the bounty trap system

    Think I posted this in the old forum, but how about a change in the bounty traps.

    I suggest having the bounty trap work so instead of you placing the bounty the trap works and places you on the bounty list. This would make it more interesting than "bam"" you're killed.

    As for some that use it to be placed on the bounty list, oh well...that’s okay... maybe make it so there’s a fee...
    like you have been bounty trapped you can
    a) just die
    b) go on bounty list but pay half the normal cost of your bounty.

    I know I sounds insane that you actually have to pay out of your own pocket for the bounty trap, but it would stop the possible abuse of reverse bounties...

    So the one person still pays for the bounty trap.. then the other person has the above mentioned option.

    Plus something needs to be done about counterattacks. how does a level 5 clan with 50 warriors win thru counterattack against say a level 1500 with 15000 warriors.... and yeah I’ve seen 300, but really, even someone with just 10 warriors using a counterattack wins against that same 15000 warriors.
  4. cant wait to get some like challenge battle so we can attack with only 3 personal weapons and full attack strength :D

    in pirate clan its cagematch !
  5. AlexzSpencer

    AlexzSpencer New Member

    @Gavin It's all about overall strength. You can have 15000 people with sticks or 3000 with the best armor and weapons. I noticed this early on trying to calculate why I was much bigger, but losing. It doesn't care actually care if everyone is armed, it only looks at the sum total of all your weapons combined.

    In my experience that's how Defending works. Now I just try to have everyone be armed with the possible best weapons.
  6. Dloob

    Dloob New Member

    If you have that you may as well have a bribe option so when someone puts you on the bounty list you can buy your way off (automatically) for significantly more than it cost to put you on.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    @AlexzSpencer... Gavin already does have the best weapons and warriors. He is one of the highest levels in the game. He is arguing that on counters it doesn't make sense.
  8. kleanwater

    kleanwater New Member

    Death not a strong enough deterent

    I think that if you are killed via bounty, you should lose a significant amount of experience points. As it is you only lose around 200-300. I can get that back in 2 battles, so I really don't care if I get bountied. I usually don't even use the bounty trap here. Waste of money. By the way, I am level 1140+. I also play Mob Wars. If you get killed there, you lose around 1000 points, making it much more of a deterent to being boiuntied.
  9. sas1810

    sas1810 New Member

    i think this could be a godd idea. especially for those who want to use scripts or "bots" for bounty hunting.

    when you go for a bounty, the attack button could be placed in a random area. so you cant program anything to automatically go to the same spot everytime. i have seen this in Worlds End and it stopped 95% of the cheating. we all know it goes on, otherwise how can you see a bounty at "0" seconds, click once, and it is gone.

    any thoughts on this?
  10. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    That seems like a good way to stop the bots, but having to look for the "attack" button every time would get annoying, right?
  11. out of exp porblem

    Out of exp - cant attack below levels problem

    my suggestion is that after level 850 when we get all the same drops and weapons and chieftain limit unlocked -and we are the same strong armed like 850 levels and + so there is no difference from level 850+ and levels 1000+ and levels 2000+ and should be no attack limit set after level 850+ other way some level 1800 cant attack level 1600 and level 2300 cant attack level 2100 ?? why not if there is no difference from weapon/warrior/drops !!! ok i cant attack them thats ok but if they attack me then i get them 2-3 attacks and they in hospital and i dont want wait till they attack again so i can attack - so please let us attack them more lets say 100 attacks and than give me that message OUT OF EXP :eek:

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