Should reallocation of Skill points be allowed under any circumstances?

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Reallocation of skill points

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  1. No way not under any circumstances

  2. Yes, absolutely..should be an option available to everyone

  3. Partial reallocation on a case by case basis deemed appropriate by Kano

  4. Complete reallocation on a case by case basis deemed appropriate by Kano

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  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The allocation of ones Skill points is arguably the most important aspect of these games. The way one distributes their skill points defines each one of our accounts. The question is....should anybody be allowed to reallocate any or all of them for any reason?

    Over the years Ive seen countless players request that that they be able to reallocate skill points for a multitude of reasons. Normally its just because they are unhappy with they way they have built their accounts and rather than start over they just want an easy way out. Ive also seen requests for for skill point reallocation due to some change in the rules or the way Kano has calculated things that adversely affected accounts through no fault of their own. Does this make a difference when it comes to the idea of reallocating skill points?

    Personally Im torn. I dont think a complete or limited reallocation should ever be allowed because a player doesnt like their account, they can start over or adjust ... just as others have. But then their is those times when Kano makes changes to the game that have a negative impact on how some players allocated their points based on the way things were before Kano changed them. Thats the part I struggle with. I know for a fact that Kano has allowed some players limited Skill point reallocation based on things kano did after the fact. Is that OK?

    Even if limited skill point reallocation was allowed on a case by case basis it still gets a bit sticky. What attributes should be allowed to be reallocated and which ones should be off limits? All attributes play a huge part in the result of things in one way or another but are there some that are more vital/critical than others? Attack and defense are pretty obvious as they have a direct impact on whether one wins or loses and the corresponding XP that results from either. Health plays a role in damage on bosses and slaps, punches and whips as well as how long might be able to ride the bounty page. But what about energy and stamina? Should these even be considered for reallocation? depending on the game stamina and energy is directly related to actual levels achieved. If a player had 5k stamina and leveled with it for along period of time would it be right to allow them to reallocate away from stamina later on? Regardless of whether they want to do it for personal reasons or because Kano changed the rules midstream?

    There is obviously alot more intricacies when it comes to all the attributes and what effect reallocation might have, thats why I would like to hear everyone's opinion on the subject. So what do u think? Should reallocation be allowed under any circumstances whether complete or partial, and why or why not?

    Im still trying to decide for myself so I will wait to vote and see if I can be swayed one way or another by any arguments the community might present. It would be greatly appreciated if we can keep this thread on track and respectful. I also hope that we see most if not all community members offer their reasoning's as to why they feel one way or another in hopes that we will all have a better understanding. TY
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  2. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    This is a tough one because i can understand arguments on all sides. I am sure that i am like everyone else in the fact i have allocated some where i should not have . I feel that when people start out they have a particular way they want their character to be and as time goes on someone convinces them to do something different. I have done such things ...LOL... We all make mistakes and should have to endure the long agonizing time it takes to correct these mistakes. So with that being said I will have to say no to reallocation under any circumstance.
  3. Polish and I have discussed this subject at great length and Polish knows exactly how I feel. I don't like the idea of reallocation at all but will concede that it may has SOME validity in SOME limited cases brought on by changes Kano made that had a direct negative impact on a person's account. As Polish previously mentioned it has been done already, even in a situation it could be argued it shouldn't have since the person had already benefited from the first allocation. So as much as I don't like it I suppose it should be allowed on a case by case basis if valid.
  4. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    NO never.
  5. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    At no time is it ever a good idea. It was tried already in another game and the results were a disaster. You never knew what was coming at you and even the developer started looking for ways to scale it back. People need to take responsibility for the way they build their accounts and not look for KANO to bail them out if they feel they made a mistake. That is not fair to everyone else who took the time and effort to build their accounts in a sensible way. And I really cannot see the major changes that KANO has made that would cause someone to want to scrap their character and start over. That seems to be a red herring and more likely these people were reckless anyway in building their characters to one extreme or the other and now are stuck with it. The only example I can think of where KANO made changes to a segment of the game that would effect how some built their characters is with caging in PC. Cagematchers who loaded up on attack and neglected their defense to take advantage of the fact that when cagers were hit they gave out little XP so didn't need a defense suddenly found themselves in trouble when KANO upped their XP payout. But that is what I term a recklessly built account. These cagers gambled and lost. They don't now get to rebuild their characters with a quick fix. And neither should anyone else.
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  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    All really good valid points. I appreciate the replies. Ive always been a staunch advocate for not allowing reallocation myself. With that said though ....I was leaning towards allowing it on an extreme limited case by case basis if the misappropriation of SP was brought on by a change by Kano.

    So how do people feel about the reallocations that have already been allowed? Is this fair or not fair regardless of the reasons? Can anyone think of even an extreme case/scenerio that SP reallocation should even be considered and why?
  7. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    my opinion on this is that i am okay with it and understand why you shouldnt allow it but i also understand why it could be a good thing but only under certain circumstances. not sure how to explain what i am thinking right now but i can be swayed either way just depends on the reason behind it, i meen i would be completely against it if somebody accidently put to many points in a certain skill(atack/def ect.) but if an achievment wouldnt pop and they have all of the necisary requirements to get it regarding sp achievments i believe they should be refunded the aditional points that they have to put in because of a glitch in the system or somthing of course the person would have to have contacted kano fist about this type of incident and have them take apropriate actions to fix the problem for that person.

    i have had this happen before where an SP achievment wouldnt pop even though i had enough sp in that area and contact kano about it and they said to put an aditional sp point into stamina and see if you get it. i did and then got the achievment but they still said that they couldnt give me that point back and i am one of those guys that likes to have a rounded out number on all of my stats(have stas end in 0 or 5) so now it is 3001and it is anoying but i got over it and i think of it this way one day in ill have to put more points into stam because they will most likly put out more achievmnet for stats so it doesnt bother me anymore.

    a main one that i am against no matter what though is if a low level or even a high level goes and complaines to kano about how they didnt alocate their SP correctly and want a realocation though and i think all can agree that you would be against that to for some verry obvious reasons that i shouldnt need to say
  8. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    I don't know.
    True the game changing does cause people to want to change their build...but I don't think there is such thing as an unfixable account, just takes time.

    A stat reallocation would take the fun out of sculpting your character. *shrugs* I'll vote later :p
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  9. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    I voted no way on this. Why does this discussion have to happen every few months? This has been argued to death. It is an awful idea, it's so open to abuse it's not even funny, it will upset the balance of the game. If you don't like where you put your points then start fixing it! It actually is possible to change your build. I've spent 3.5 years building my character.
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  10. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    No way, totally against any reallocation. I have plenty of players gunning for my defense and I can beat them. Guess what they drop some defense points/energy/stam/health, and add attack. Yup fair to who? Not me. Fix own character in time not this way or quit.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Great feedback...thanks guys and gals.
  12. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    haha yeah.

    Fix or quit!

    If people aren't willing to put the time in, should they be given special treatment?

    If they can't take the time to fix their character who's to say they'll be sticking around long enough to make use of the character anyway.
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  13. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    There's only been one time I approved a reallocation of skill points. Back when ZS had an energy max refill of 10k upon leveling up a friend of mine had his energy over 9k. Kano realized that energy players could easily abuse the leveling system and dropped it down to 4500. I think that in an instance like that, the reallocation was well needed.
  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Well a few were unaware of 7500 stamina(cap) as well, guess this hits same situation.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Thats a good point....I think most if not all accounts are fixable in time, i guess it just boils down to how much time and depending on how much a particular change affected an accounts build and at what stage of their build. No doubt it would be a lot more difficult for a high level player to "right the ship" so to speak than it would for a much lower level account.
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  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah....I totally forgot about that. Its pretty tough to argue against allowing a partial reallocation in cases like that. Obviously players back then were were playing with and building their accounts within the parameters of the game at the time. It wasnt their fault that Kano changed the game on them.

    That example alone makes it diifficult for me not to vote for a limited partial reallocation on a case by case basis. Damn
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    holy crap...I had forgotten about that as well. I know for a fact that Kano allowed some to reallocate SP for that one. But I think this example is where it starts to get a lil sketchy. I know of at least one player that had far exceeded the stamina cap and was far in excess of it for months. Yet they still allowed them to reallocate away from stamina. How does a player not realize for months that they are not getting full refills? How much XP and levels did those players get from all that additional stamina before they allocated away from it? I think stamina should be off limits pretty much no matter what...its way to valuable. Perhaps if a player exceeded the limit but realized it right away....I would entertain the idea of reallocation.

    Either way though its another good example of reallocation that has already been allowed. Whether I agree with it or not at least there seems to be a common theme in that the past reallocation have been brought on by changes made by Kano rather than someone just changing their minds. I suppose thats a lil
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  18. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    I am going to have to say no on this also. If you messed up you can always change course on which way you want to go may take more time the higher up in levels you are. Or worse case scenario you disable that account and restart over with a new one. And if you don't want to do that enjoy the slow wave in changing course to get back on track to where you want to be at in the game.
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  19. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    No that's a different situation. This guy knew the limit was 10k, and it was. This guy went up that far and they changed it afterwards.
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I definitely agree with u on that John. But just to clarify...are saying in your opinion that kano shouldnt have allowed reallocation on the examples given in this thread? Like when they reduced the amount energy refilled upon leveling from 10k to 4500 (zs), or when they instituted a cap on the amount of stamina (vc)one could get refilled upon leveling?

    whether u reply or not, ty for taking the time to post your thoughts

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