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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by jj wilson, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. jj wilson

    jj wilson New Member

    Once again kano kanos they will screw us any way they can to get our money!!!win 7 k fights( or 15 k for some)..plainly states WIN 7 K FIGHTS...when u click on info it say get fighting to help!!hmmm KANO LIES AGAIN!!! A fight win is a fight win,if i am attacked and win the fight...it is a FIGHT WIN...RIGHT??WRONG..APPARENTLY KANO IS ONLY ACCREDITING US FOR ATTACK WINS NOT FIGHT WINS!!ANOTHER WAY TO CHEAT YOUR CUSTOMER...NICE JOB KANO ON A LONG LINE OF RIP OFFS!! It shud state win 7 k attacks not fights.a win is a win...aka ambush...win on an attack or beeing attacked even on the hl...but kano always finds a way to work the numbers against us!!!ksno to be reputible any syn with over 70% completion on fight quest shud be given the case since obviosly they really wudv completed!!!And furthermore this shud be changed since once sgain yall have figured yet another way to FUBAR YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!
  2. Mouseketeer

    Mouseketeer New Member

    I agree 100%. A fight WIN is a win and I'm not sure they do not count them. What is worse is on S2, we need 7000 fight wins and I have maybe 3-5 people on my fight list. How the heck can I get my share of fight wins when there is no one to fight??
  3. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    For Quests, they have always only counted outgoing attack wins. It is not new.

    Counting defensive wins as well would be helpful ...especially for those not on FB/ Server 1.

    There are ways around not having enough people on fight list. Find some game friends at different levels, agree to remove each other for quest fighting and then readd them once goals reached

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