Really? This is how retaliations work on LCN?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by James Kuka, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. maddog1122

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    actually tom nimble, you did attack him by punching back also even if he might have attacked you first, you opened a window for him to attack you and he did not only that he called in his friends too attack you also, we all be thru that, myself included, when i first started I had a war where 250 members of one of the largest syndicates at that time attacked me becuz the leader and i didn't agree with each other,he kicked me out of his syndicate and started pounding on me, I went thru one by one everyone who attacked me for three years, now that syndicate is no longer a large syndicate and a matter of fact is that most of the ones who attacked me during that time period ar e now in my syndicate and we are close friends becuz they respected the fact that I fought on my own against all of them and in the long run I became stronger and higherl evel then most of them and now I don't have people attacking me everyday and those who do, I kill a lot. if your attacks fromt hem is goingon for several weeks then your either punching them back or attackignhtem cuz they just cannot keep attacking you except for punching you and hitlisting you.
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    maddog1122 'I don't have people attacking me everyday and those who do, I kill a lot.'

    Fight Kills: 1,611
    Hits Placed: 2,552

    Sure looks like you kill lots lmfao!
  3. Jared

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    To the OP, and anyone else that may be in a similar situation: I wouldn't worry about it. I just got chainlisted at least 30 times by someone over 1000 levels higher than me because I made a post in chat. I just have to laugh. He drove up my hitlist cost, and then he finally stopped because he said that I was a "puss." It really drives them crazy when they can't attack you because you're out of their range, and they'll eventually leave you alone because of how the games are set up.
  4. maddog1122

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    first off if your gonna bounty someone even if they are larger levels, that gives them the right to attack you back until they kill you or 24 hours whichever one comes first, that's just the way it is with bounty hunting, if you punch them or attack them also no matter what level you are, they can pound you the same, either for 24 hours or until they kill you, if you want tos tay with fighting just your level, then I suggest looking at the fight lists and stay with your own level until your higher or stronger
  5. maddog1122

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    james, you dont get it, this is a fighting game, where if you attack first, the one you attackt has the right to retaliate against you, it doesn't need to be changed, you need to understand that if you attack someone your gonna get your butt whupped for it. get used to it or go play candy crush
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  6. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    if your in their range, t hey can continue to punch or hitlist you after level 300, if you attacked me and punched me, I would keep coming after you myself instead of involving my crew unless of course you go after them
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    Yup agree fighting game, and you better get use to it ;)
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    Some people are not cut out for PVP games, and that is fine, there are plenty of games that play against a computer, in Kano games you are playing against people . But ya definitely need to have a thick skin in these games, and whining about being beat up is just gonna make things worse.
  9. maddog1122

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    are you sureit was a adminstrater or just a leader of a guild, people do attack you for gamer points, that's part of the game, get used to it, if you punched back they consider yoru trying to kill them, myself, if I attack for gamer points or to do my dailies and someone c omes back with a punch darn right I am gonna keep attacking them, anyone can join if I punch party is called by either side and yes it can go on forever, I've been in several fights with syndicates for upto three years on someof them, suck it up, learn who to attack within yoruown range, don't mouthoff to them, don't punch unless they do and learn to only attack people if your attacked first or outdistance them and level above them then pay them all back
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    maddog1122 Active Member

    yep I do, how ya been doing, ihavent seen youonlibne for awhile :p
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    I think you should quit crying and go play Candy Crush.
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