Question on Messaging Non-Mob Players

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by RiskyB, Nov 2, 2014.


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    I guess you have not played LCN on Kong. We DO have a public chat built right into our game and we chat all day long and we do have wars in chat all the time. It runs on live time and is on the right side of our screen where you have your FB LCN ads. We also have a "MUTE" button so we can ignore spamming, idiots, and people who otherwise chat about topics that maybe are not appropriate or within an individuals "acceptable" limits. Some of the best aspects of Kong LCN come from the ability to "fight" in chat and the game at the same time. We also have options as a KONG+ member to have private chat rooms where we can invite friends and/or our syndicate members to correlate game play like "Listing Tommy in 5....." and have our friends get a jump on the hitlist for one example. It really makes the game more interesting and is probably half the fun of playing.
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    How do you add friends on that? I'm on ARMOR as well but don't get how to add friends to chat?

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    I have never tried Armor but several players like HVAC on Kong LCN has and if anyone knew that answer, I would suspect he would. I think Vyk and Matt played Armor as well but not 100% sure about them. HVAC is Dk5122 in Kong chat if you have access to it. He is quite knowledgeable and could probably help you out with any questions regarding Armor and Kong Chat.
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    sometimes if you try to contact them on facebook, it won't work as your message might go to their "other" inbox. which is likely a spam folder in e-mails. so there's a chance they won't get the message. but other than that you might ask a mutual mobster to pass the message if they are willing. if that didn't work, you're out of luck. and I believe there should be some more responses and questions.
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    you still did nothing about it

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