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    The time has come to release the Protection feature to Viking Clan. Below are some notes as to the specifics of this feature. Please have a read through and feel free to leave constructive comments in this thread. Non constructive comments will be physically pruned so please add some substance to the dialog that we can all benefit from.

    Why allow Protection in the first place?
    Some players can find themselves in a situation in which they are being "griefed" by another player due relentless and un-retaliated attacks/bounties against them. The victim can feel trapped by the griefer who is attempting to halt their level progression within the game. By allowing the victim to "protect" themselves from the griefer they can get some breathing room for 3 days.

    What defines a “Griefer”?
    A Griefer can fall into one of two categories: In-Range Griefer and Out of Range Griefer
    • An “In-Range Griefer” is someone who Attacks/Axe Slaps a player within their XP range 1000 or more times than their opponent, basically preventing them from playing
    • An “Out of Range Griefer” is someone who places a player out of their XP range on the Bounty List 15 or more times than their opponent
    • If you are a Griefer yourself (ie: someone has set Protection on you within the last 7 days) then you will require more attacks than the above 2 scenarios in order to qualify.
    Who/What can't I protect myself from?
    • Bounty List Attacks - If you are placed on the Bounty List then you are fair game for anyone to attack you until you die.
    • High Level Players can't Protect themselves - If your level is greater than the average level of the top 30 players (for your network) then you are ineligible to Protect yourself from anyone.
    Where can I set protection against another player?
    This feature will only be visible to players who qualify so no news is good news :D If you do qualify you will see this in 2 places:

    Rival Clans
    The Protection tab will show you a qualifying Protection Candidates as well as any Active Protection campaigns you have running.

    Opponent Profile
    If you are on the griefer's profile you will be able to directly set Protection from here

    Here are the hard #'s:
    In-Range Protection Qualifying Conditions
    • 1000+ more attacks/axe slaps against you than your opponent in your active rival window
    • Note: If you have recent Protections set against you within the last 7 days, each of those Protections will count as 500 attacks against your opponent when determining if they qualify.
    Out-Of-Range Protection Qualifying Conditions
    • 15+ more bounties placed against you than your opponent in your active rival window
    • Note: If you have recent Protections set against you within the last 7 days, each of those Protections will count as 2 bounties against your opponent when determining if they qualify.
    General Terms of Use
    • Max 1 Protection Campaign in effect at a time
    • Protection lasts 3 days
    • Protection cannot be undone
    • Protection costs 0 in game cash
    • Note: This feature is in BETA and may change or be disabled as we monitor usage and feedback. This post will be updated as changes occur.
  2. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    It's worth mentioning that this feature was released to LCN in November, and other than some initial confusion, was largely well-received by LCN players. You can check out the LCN feedback thread here: http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?9504

    It was also released to Pirate Clan several weeks ago, with little impact. You can read that announcement here: http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?9598

    It's also important to remember that most players won't even notice this feature, as it's designed to give griefed players a brief respite while having a minimal impact on players being available for battle. If you have any questions or constructive feedback about the feature, please post it below.
  3. Demonik1

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    it's also worth mentioning that lower levels arent the only ones that get harrassed. personally it doesnt bother me cause im the counter king of vc and cant wait for someone to try me but that doesnt mean it cant and doesnt happen with other higher levels, especially on fb where its a bounty fest all day and night sometimes. if youre going to implement a new feature, implement it for EVERYONE! with everything thats been done and has been debated heavily by some of your most loyally dedicated players, i simply cant believe you would yet AGAIN favor only the lower levels in this way, its sickening, negligent and quite simply just another smack in the face to everyone and anyone thats put YEARS into this game. nice job kano, at least youre being consistent in one area of the game.
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  4. Suzie

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    Well said Demonik1, I couldn't have said it better myself! You nailed it !
  5. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    @Demonik As I mentioned above, this feature was designed to provide respite for very specific griefing situations, while keeping the game fun and competitive. It has also been released to our other games, with minimal impact and largely positive feedback. We do, however, want to make sure it works for each game individually, and are keeping an eye on things to ensure that it's working as intended. Most players won't even notice the feature, although if you have concerns after playing with it, please let us know.
  6. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    and in your eyes those specific situations only happen with lower levels, huh? or are you saying you only did this for a handful of people that have complained alot? youre just not getting it. if youre going to add something to a game, ADD IT FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!
  7. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    @Demonik I may be missing something here, but I'm not sure if I fully understand your complaint. The feature is available for everyone except for a very small group of players, which, again, is meant to to ensure that things stay active at the top. Again, the feature is available for everyone except for players above the average level of the top 30 players. For FB VC, that means that the feature is available for anyone under level 11277, according to today's leaderboard and my calculator. Based on those numbers, the feature is currently unavailable for only the top 11 players in the game.

    We are absolutely interested in feedback on the feature, I just wanted to make sure I was understanding what you were saying, as the feature does apply to almost everyone in the game. You're welcome to let us know if you feel that there shouldn't be a level restriction with the feature. Our main concern when introducing this was not limiting battling at the highest levels, as a scarcity of players already does that, which is why there's a level restriction.
  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    my point is, there should be no restriction at all. stop excluding the higher levels from your additions to the game! i dont care if theyre level 11k or 20 k, excluding the people that most likely pay half the people in your company isnt smart business for ANYONE. doesnt matter whether im included in the restriction or not, its just not right and its sad that it has to be pointed out to you in this way AND that you dont even understand my complaint is even worse! how can you not understand the simplicity of this???
  9. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    When we were getting community feedback on this before it was released to any of our games, one of the most common concerns players had (especially high-level players) was that a feature like this would restrict fighting, and more specifically restrict fighting at the top. It's largely because of these concerns that we decided to omit the top of the top from the feature, and again, many of those players wanted that restriction.
    We recognize that our highest-level players are some of our most loyal and awesome players, and we absolutely respect and appreciate them. There are always a whole host of balance and gameplay considerations when introducing new features, and we do our best to ensure that the game stays fun and competitive for all players.
  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    I mainly play MySpace Vc so your references to FB arent relevant to me and even if they were, this should still be available to everyone. I can't believe you just can't grasp that concept
  11. Marcus Crassus

    Marcus Crassus New Member

    how does this Protection work, and how do you get it
  12. Marcus Crassus

    Marcus Crassus New Member

    how does this protection work, and how do I get it???, I play Viking Clan on myspace
  13. Linda

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    Top Poster Of Month

  14. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    If you're in the top 30,you shouldn't be able to protect yourself at all.

    You're on the leaderboard,why should you be able to protect yourself if your on the leaderboard?

    There's 0 reason that you need protection if on the leaderboard.

    Way I had read it was if you're in the top 30 you can't protect yourself.

    Why are we allowing those on the leaderboard protection for?

    The following is a made up example.

    Oh look at me I'm level 4882 I'm #10 on the leaderboard.

    Average of the top 30 is 5000.

    So even though I'm way up there at #10 I can still protect myself.

    That shouldn't be the case Kano.

    It should be if you're in the top 30 no protection.
  15. Linda

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    IMO I could care less about a protection feature, and who is allowed to use it, as it is there are way too many people wanting it for 35 attacks in a 5 day period and thinking they deserve to be protected, the whole thing is not necessary. But it is here and I hope it helps someone who feels they are in over their head. lol
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im in agreement with both Demonik and TP on this one . But I do also remember and agree with WB that many of us advocated to not let the "protection"feature interfere with an already short rival page at or near the top. What WB/Kano is forgetting or dismissing whatever the case may be.... is that we advocated for it to not affect the top 30. Even if my memory isnt serving me correctly and we didnt specify the top 30.....I would like to think Kano could have figured out for themselves why this just isnt right.

    WB stated that this will only affect a very small segment of the player population....yet apparently thats was enough to implement this update. What they're failing to realize or choosing to ignore is that in implementing update is/could adversely affect another small portion of the player population which in this case and typically in most others seem to be Kanos most dedicated players at the other end of the spectrum. The only diff I see is that the small segment affected adversely by this update is much less likely to quit because of all the time and/or monies they have invested than the other small segment(who will probably not last anyways) that they are trying to protect. Yes....its a business but taking your most dedicated/loyal customer base for granted most if not every time one of these situations comes up is just bad business. It doesnt bode well for a company when its most dedicated players dont have a lot of good things to say about a company to all the newbs they interact with on nearly a daily basis. Ever wonder why there is so much negativity here in the forums? Perhaps its because its the same dedicated players u alienate with updates such as these that actually take the time to come here to the forums to make a difference. Its a given that sometimes some unpopular things need to be done for the health of the games as a whole, but im of the opinion that it is way to often at the expense of your most dedicated players. If Im planting a garden in which I hope all my crops will gro healthy and robust in that I might reap the benefit and do the same....I find that spreading the crap/fertilizer evenly over the whole garden works best. If by chance I accidently neglected or had to make a tough decision that adversely affected a part of my garden then Im sure to pay special attention to those crops to insure their well being so as to insure mine

    If Kano is Genuinely concerned about keeping things alive for their top players than why chop them off at the knees by using an "average" as part of the cut-off equation? All the games are mature enough(at least in MS and FB) in that if your in the top 30 your pretty clued in to how to play these games. Historically speaking the players who top the rankings never had this protection/advantage and its implementation theoretically gives the second tier of experienced higher ranked players in the top 30 a def edge on their higher leveled counterparts. All be it technically unfair for any level player to have this option when all those that came before them didnt....the levelness of the playing field becomes akin to on-ramp for a double decked freeway at the higher levels. The experienced/savy players know that there is no need for these protections as there are countless ways to build our accounts and implement what we have to work with so that all obstacles can be overcome through actual game play despite the disparity in levels.

    Whether these "griefing" situations are common or rare shouldnt make a difference. The fact is that this update is not fair and gives a distinct advantage to all but a very select few.....basically thats discrimination or as Demonik put it...."a slap in the face". If indeed these occurrences are rare than Kano should be dealing with them on a case by case basis rather than "robbing peter to pay paul". In case such as this where an update is implemented that going to adversely affect a segment of the player population....most if not all the time it comes at expense of "paul" aka the highest of levels.

    I would rather not have this protection feature at all but if it absolutely has to be than the only fair thing to do is to implement it across the board. If Kano really wants to keep thing moving and shaking at the top than it should be determined by actual rank and not by average level of the top 30.

    Further more.....the limit of 15 bounties seems way to low and once again gives a leg up to savy low/mid levels or alt accounts and/or seriously diminishes ones ability to come to the aide of their fellow clan.

    Im not insinuating that this single update is going to ruin the game or be the end of the world....its just another thing in an extremely long list of things that just keep adding up. You can pull a lot of cards out of a house of cards before it topples but I wouldnt recommend pulling them out of the base/foundation.
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  17. Marcus Crassus

    Marcus Crassus New Member

    I don't believe I'm in over my head, it's just I really don't like the Bully crap from some, some people can't beat anyone there own lvl, so they constinly beatin on people 500 to 1000 lvls below them and when these who are doing the bullieing then they run and hide
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    ummmm.....if someone 500-1000 levels is beating on you or anyone else....then you/they obviously asked for the beatings as someone that much higher in levels than you cant attack unless you/they started it. These games were built on and revolve around on beating the crap outta as many as you can and actually rewards it if ya can believe it. No disrespect...but if u dont get or cant handle that...than I would say your in over your head
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  19. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    You gotta be kidding me... send the whiners to Farmville and stop ruining the game!
  20. i am fine with the protection beta but how can some1 be protected and still get my bounty ?? i say bs if they are going to hide from me they should not be allowed to collect off me ...

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