[LCN] Proposed PvP Balance Changes - Sept. 20 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 21, 2017.

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  1. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    :confused:o_O:mad::eek: thinks these are the real "slight" changes made :oops: imageeee.jpg
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    sorry I have to laugh at that, (not at you as much as the statement ) you can buy 'inventory' with in game coins , says nothing about limited items lol
  3. You win! ;)
  4. IamClueless

    IamClueless New Member

    With reference to Valeries post #161 I am quite sure that the actual change ( as in win turned to loss or vice versa) is the diff and not the sum of the two graphs. (I.e the areas where outcome has changed). If I counted correctly though it seems to be a limited graph of 128x128 samples and it is to me unkown whether Kano used this limited sample for their full analysis or if a bigger set of data was used. A big problem with the graphs is also that they don´t reveal the magnitude of the change in situations where wins still are wins and losses still are losses. ( i.e they don´t tell if an old win of 10% has changed to 50% or 1000%)
  5. I truly believe that Valerie's graph is her way of having some fun and venting her frustration with the changes. I don't trust graphs without the raw data set that backs them up. Never take a graph at face value. :)
  6. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    I was having fun and mocking that graph :p strength imho should be based upon total combined skills.....so if someone has 20,000 attack and 500,000 in loot their combined attack should be 520,000........simple easy basic math?? no explaining needed......so I assume now if someone has 20,000 attack it's worth more than 20,000??? But how much more?? 1% 5% 10%
    or is it that 500,000 total attack loot is no longer worth 500,000 attack...so what did they lower the value by 1% 5% 10%
    Graphs don't show how they changed the numbers..........Fight strength should be what the numbers add up to, not whatever they can be manipulated to be :confused:
    Am I butthurt? NO Am I feeling deceived, ripped off and cheated YES...I bought this loot knowing and seeing what they did for my account....had the values been what they are now...would i have bought?? IDK :rolleyes: will i be buying loot in the future like i was...highly unlikely.....would i and will i advise new players to buy loot...NEVER, not the way it is now...and i would warn them that the loot they might buy , kano may change the strength/value of in the future
    old players don't spend or spend very little.....now the new players can be in that same closed wallet group.........the only satisfaction i get out of this is by screwing the spender, you kano have screwed yourself :) happy gaming
  7. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I regret using the word "slight" however I am not indifferent to the significance of these changes. I am however trying to keep myself grounded to both sides of this as we monitor feedback and data. We as a team have been discussing this a lot today and are working on what our next steps will be. I don't want to make promises or sweeping statements so I'll leave it at that for right now. I am certainly not ignoring the feedback and comments here.
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  8. Hi Smack - Good to see that you guys are paying attention. We're being nice in here. I would suggest avoiding the lounge. LoL
  9. kevinr

    kevinr New Member

    Still giggling about the feedback! I have to say this has helped me some but not near as much as anyone here makes out, Personally dont care either way as I dont play enough to care but it sure is fun as an old timer watching the anger from some of the newer players, You can always spend more to leap over us all again and that is your right or you can choose not to spend anymore, just like I chose not to spend when other developments seemed unfair as well, after spending what I thought was way more than enough to beat most at my levels. Remember it is a fluid game and they will always do what can make them money or they will no longer be in business.
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  10. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    What a change! Good luck to us little ones being beat by ultra high levels that I hit on HL !!! What bare minimum of a protection so as to minimize damage against us the little one's is GONE! Heck - cannot even win against some of those within my level or just a tad above my level.

    Back to my "real" past time pleasure I guess.
  11. St.James

    St.James New Member

    The defense attack ratio has changed. People more than 2000 level higher than me against whom I was winning my attacks, since yesterday I lose them by more than 4000 dmg. If LCN finds it's an improvement for the game, the game is worse.
  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    the games say alot of things, they are suggestions, it also says each time ya open a boss, ya not strong enough, so add to this or that, it is just a suggestion, if ya do reg bosses and jobs, some times people raiding to fast passing levels don't go back and do the jobs over and over,
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  13. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    We had a LOT of discussion today in the office around the PvP change in LCN and have come to the consensus that an adjustment will be made to reduce the extent that we emphasize Att/Def skills when determining fight outcomes. We are finalizing the numbers right now but this will not be released until the morning when we will have all hands available to respond to forum posts, support tickets, etc.

    I'll leave it at that for now until we are ready to make a formal announcement but I would like to thank everyone who contributed feedback both for and against these changes. It is all of you who make up our impassioned community that make this game what it is and I certainly appreciate that. Even if said community is driving a bus down on me ;)
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  14. Well, at least we didn’t stop the bus and back up over you again and again...and again. :)


    So in other words '' Some sooks with more money than sense have complained that those who work hard on their accounts and allocate skill points correctly are now beating them'' .... So in order to once again please those that spend money we will once again shaft those who spend less .......
  16. k_bachman

    k_bachman New Member

    Well, I guess it will be time for a new game! As a long time player who built the mob by putting skill points towards Attack and Defense, it was nice to see the game change to my favor for a change. But I guess $$$ talks and is the only sound Kano hears. You all couldn't even make it a day or two before saying it needs to change again.

    It's the same as Loyalty points - Loyalty is defined as "the quality of being loyal to someone or something" but in Kano terms - It is how much money have you spent not how long you have been loyal to us! Under Godfather/Loyalty Items - Purchase Favor Points and acquire Gamer Points to increase your Loyalty Level and to earn Loyalty Points. Again, that is based on how much you spend, not being loyal.

    Damn, fix the game the correct way and leave it. Maybe the older players that have retired might want to come back.
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  17. SweetestAngel

    SweetestAngel Active Member

    Kano has to watch out for their bottom line. Plain and simple. They won't get paid with either side right now. Veteran players have been screwed too many times that we'd be stupid to go back to paying. Kano's other option is to keep their revenue coming in by only screwing over the newer players once. It sucks but it is what it is.

    Smack, I wouldn't run over you. We are mobbed. My mention of your name was just bringing up a point from years ago :) Its all it was
  18. kevinr

    kevinr New Member

    Hmmm Thanks for removing my comment did it strike to close to home or something?
  19. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    Not whining...skills and loot should be worth whatever the face value of them are......the numbers should NOT be manipulated to be worth more or less than what they are....if you have 10k skills they should be worth 10 k..not 10,500 not 11,000.....if you have 500,000 in loot..that is what it should be worth..NOT nothing less and NOT nothing more
    whats so hard to understand about that.
  20. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    I have a question about the A & D impact.

    It seems that it favored those that had higher D over those that had higher A. So if a player had 1,000 A and 5,000 D went against a player with 3,000 A and 3,000 D, the player with the higher D would win even if they were the aggressor. Is that right?

    Whichever way you "fix" this, will you be more transparent on what the levers are (not the exact formula but generally)?

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