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    you can get the power attack fixed fights? In the case of partner-level struggles tired. The game that tired not fun. People leave the game because it takes too long to make a level. I use a translator because I do not speak English. I apologize if they are not understood.
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    So you want to use a leveling partner and you are tired ?? Sorry not quite sure what you need to happen . The games were not meant to rushed thru, IMO, although some like to do it that way.
  3. Power attacks take 5 normal attacks to unlock, and they use more stamina (5) and provide more XP than a single attack, but it still works out better to use single attacks to level, because the XP you get from a power attack is not as much as you would get from 5 normal single attacks.

    The quickest way to level in the game is to use a level partner and maximize stamina, but maximizing stamina will leave you weak in other areas, so you need to think about that before you really level, as for speed of leveling there's no quick way just go with the flow. :)

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