Please fully explain the battle system

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gavin, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Azazel

    Azazel New Member

    Why do I, or anyone else for that matter, need random friends to chat wit that I know nothing about?

    Also, I play on Facebook, so your Myspace option doesn't exist...
  2. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Well if its just clan numbers needed you can still add in the Viking clan App then delete them as friends in FB. Still works for FB.
  3. Azazel

    Azazel New Member

    You're missing the point...

    It is still whoring yourself out to be able to remain competitive/thus have fun in an imaginary game...

    Forcing the intermingling of real world privacy issues with the ability to play a game should not happen...

    They should somehow rework the system to allow you to battle people based on number of chieftans, and not just level...
  4. what u say is unlimited chieftains in any level ? i read this Thread and u say that u don't want strangers- - so Gavin try help u out with idea -and than later u say some else lol ??
    so what u try say? :confused:
  5. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Its mostly about chieftains anyway. If I see someone with 3-400 chieftains more than me, I can already guess I cant battle with them. Its only rarely that I win those battles. Right now I'm at a spot where I have 750-ish chieftains. Yet everybody above me has over 1000. I basically almost never win unless I start using boosts.

    If you ask me, the chieftain system is what broke this game in the first place. Chieftains shouldnt be about how many weapons/soldiers you can have. They should just be elite super soldiers or something. Adding to your attack power, or defense power (or just allowing you select both, sort of like a variable defense/attack).

    I think it would be a lot better if empire would not only provide gold, but population as well. And your army size would be sized in proportion to that population number. This way, friendwhoring would still give you a benefit, but significantly less, and empire would actually do something more than just provide money. It would become much more important.

    Hell, throw back in the "you killed [x] enemy soldiers, and lost [x]" system too. I kind of liked the idea of losing soldiers and killing some.
  6. Still Waiting ....

    so far attack strength works on boss thats tested ...
    - still no answer from developers ?! :confused:
  7. Hel

    Hel New Member


    At the risk of sounding grouchy - again :p - I am still not sure why we have folk complaining about adding clan. These are multi-player games and in short, its kind of how it works. If you don't want to add people as clan, you can't really do well in the game. The players here can advise how the system works, or how to make it easier, but why should the devs make it easier for a special group who conscientiously object to adding clan, while the rest of us have worked hard to build theirs up? This is a game of survival of the fittest, we are all given the same challenges and opportunities. You are asking for special treatment because you don't wish to add clan. If you limit your clan size, you limit who you can beat, and the best strategy for that is to spend a fortune on counters, and then run around axe-slapping and see who bites.

    Please, I beg of you, stop complaining about tainting your precious friend lists, because you have already been given the solution for that. Be-friend - join - de-friend. No harm done. I've been playing these games for a couple of years, found it strange at first and just had to get used to it, because I wanted to play well. I just don't see why you guys are coming in with all the angst? You do want to play this game, don't you?

    I do like the idea about empire generating more fighters, though. Sounds good...
  8. Azazel

    Azazel New Member

    worked so hard?

    Yeah, adding random people you don't know by pointing and clicking a computer icon is so hard...

    Get off your high horse...
  9. i dont know what Eric admin was talking about but was the same info from facebook and myspace?

    just a battle question, maybe someone can help explain
  10. FAQ / Help

    FAQ / Help
    Battle Balance
    ......... however, larger Clans carry a significant advantage over smaller Clans.

    one day almost everyone have max 2000 members and than what attack and defence will work :confused: lmao ? thanks :rolleyes:
  11. Beythill

    Beythill New Member

    does anyone know how damage si calculated?
  12. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    All I know is, is that the actual numbers given to you after a battle are based on a certain % of damage difference between what you dealt and what you received.

    It also seems that the maximum difference between winning or losing is a 3%. At least, without berserk boosts or chieftains backing you I mean. If your opponent has a battle damage difference of more than 3% over your battle power, I dont think you can win against them, since the random modifyer will not fall into your favor.

    To explain myself more, here is what I mean

    Say you attack someone, and the battle difference is 1,3% in YOUR favor. This means that the next battle can still be either won or lost. It's possible to lose the next one with a -1,7% battle difference.

    However, lets assume the battle damage difference mentions a 5% battle difference for you. You can safely assume that you will win the next battles, since the difference will not shift by more than 3%. The opposite is also true though, if your opponent wont with a 4% difference, you will not be able to win the next battle, and you will require at least one boost.

    With that said, I am not 100% certain about the 3% difference. I'm very sure it's around 3%, and not 4% or 5%.
  13. Beythill

    Beythill New Member

    thanks for your answer!
    yeah, that matches with what i found out myself.
    How do i have to skill to reach a maximum of damage with every single attack?
  14. koo22

    koo22 Member

    That's what cagematches are for. I personally hate them because I built up in the game before they were "added" but they are matches one on one against another captain. Your number of captains in your clan doesn't matter with cagematches.
  15. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    cagematches? What? I never heard about them :/....

    You can increase battle damage in these ways:

    1) equip yourself with the best items you can get
    2) increase Attack when you level up
    3) use berserk boosts during battle
    4) make sure you have elite chieftains so they can boost your attack for 24 hours.
    5) (the most annoying one) get more people to join you as your chieftains so you can use more soldiers and weapons
    6) make sure you have bought the max amount of the best soldiers/weapons available to you at that moment with the amount of chieftains that you have.
  16. lol cage matches are pirate clan not viking.thats probably why you never heard of them
  17. Beythill

    Beythill New Member

    these things are quite obvious, i thought there would be some hidden tricks or something like that. i dont think that attack influences damage strongly. i attacked one guy (several times) three or four days ago, then raised attack by 30 points at once and did so again and there was absolutely no difference.
    i wonder if health influecences the battle damage: a long time i had 100 health, because i saw no reason to waste skill points for it (excepting bounty hunts) and did 300-400 damage in boss fights, then i raised it to 150 and did 600 damage, raised it again to 350 and did 1000 damage. i also recruited some chieftains in the last days, so maybe that is the real reason for the increased damage, but i think it is quite funny that the life point increase has been proportional to the damage increase in boss fights.
    excuse my bad english, please ;)
  18. more health more health lost.HOWEVER,having more health doesnt mean your going to win more.atk/def points are crucial
  19. Michelrpg

    Michelrpg Member

    Raising your health does increase damage versus bosses, but in battles versus players you also TAKE more damage. However, the % of damage dealt/received is always the same, regardless of your numerical damage dealth.
  20. hi Gavin bro :)
    i got more info about attack defence thread .. Forums » Forums » Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra » Feedback and Suggestions » Attack and Defense need to do more
    question was:
    and relpy:
    hope this helps Jack

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