Please fully explain the battle system

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gavin, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Gavin

    Gavin Member


    Could anyone please fully explain the battle system. Does the Attack/Defense Skill points have any use? How much of a factor does the personal weapons/armor have? and so on.

    So far it seems that it's just the amount of Chieftains as the main factor in battles.

    Thank You
  2. Hi Gavin bro :)
    yea im with You just about ask the same question :)

    Parasurama The BloodAxe Legend
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Yeah that is a good question, funny how we the top people in the game dont know how it works. I always counted that using skill points on attack/defense is useless lol
  4. Kaerbanog

    Kaerbanog New Member

    I have a clan of 60 cheiftans and on level 199.. Can't seem to find anyone to battle.. everyone has a clan that's 100---> this in turn means I can't fight cause I'd loose every single battle.
    In order for me to up my clan I would have to start inviting friends, and frankly that's not an option. The other option is to use all my "god" points to buy 3 new cheiftans, which I have done since the start, hence the 60 extras.
    I would like the battle to be categorized by cheiftans and not by xp level..since I could likely win a battle with someone in 205xp with same amount of cheiftans.
  5. sas1810

    sas1810 New Member

    i think you will find that the levels do apply as you go. i am nearing level 500, with over 250 att and over 450 def. fully equiped squad of 470 and can beat some with over 1000. so they must play a part somewhere.
  6. Franchiz Ho Slayer

    Franchiz Ho Slayer New Member

    Same here. I've been defeating bigger clans since I stared playing, so it (levels) has to have an effect.
  7. Flaskfot

    Flaskfot New Member

    When on def all your

    items def
    caracters def
    soldiers def
    wepons def
    Total strengt

    Is it like this?
  8. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    The battle system is still confusing, there were some members that did massive calculations with all the att/def values used in each battle taking account for every warrior and weapon, and still it seemed that only the diffference was number of chieftains most of the time.. Then other times the smaller clan would win.

    Anyway still can't figure it out.
  9. im just thinking about...

    well i think (if) attack/defence works than some one with crazzy attack and 1000 clan can beat some one with 1500 clan and fully armed up !! so than we dont need bigger clan to get wanted revenge or stand up :) and here is the problem that way developers cant get donations for new projects if Viking clan supporters stop buying favor points to get hired chieftains .... !!

    i think we need now topic of IDEAS what more we can buy from favor points ?
    >>> skill points ? 10 % extra speed - income/energy/stamina/health ? 20 favor points get extra skill point for each level passed within a week ? 1 extra hired chieftain for each level passed within a week ? <<<< so developers get lots more support and that way we get full power in game :D
  10. Hel

    Hel New Member


    There's a system? I thought it was pretty much: get good weapons & warriors and keep plenty of cash about. Everything is weighted for att. Att/Def pts mean stuff all compared with weapons. More health = more impressive axe slaps. Drop weapons hmmm good.

    Don't think, just attack. If anyone comes up with a better system, let me know ;)
  11. Hel

    Hel New Member


    Your plan to fight by xp level is unlikely.

    You need to get your clan from add-me groups. Its the only way, join clan, drop the friend after if you must, but its better to keep them for elite cheiftans and coop battles, berserk boosts etc etc. You can put them in a diff friend group on FB where they can't see your pics and stuff. Alternatively, get them in game - lots slower, but slow growth can be good. You should have WAY more members by now.
  12. wildsplash

    wildsplash New Member

    I was active with the group of folks that developed an initial fight calculator. We actually had a spreadsheet that did the calcs for us and it was very accurate. The developers have changed the system slightly but there are a couple of general rules that apply.

    Especially at the lower levels (<500) you only fight with the number of warriors and weapons as defined by your level. You fight with 10 times your level of warriors and 5 times your level of weapons (level 50 uses the top 500 warriors and top 250 weapons). No more and no less. This explains why someone at level 100 with 100 clan can beat someone at the same level with a clan of 500. Often, the larger clans cannot afford to fully load up their clan. They may only be able to afford 50 of the top warriors and end up using an additional 450 lower warriors, for example. So, when they face someone that has a smaller clan that is optimized, they will lose.

    The person that has 60 in their clan but is level 199 has no chance unless they battle someone that has <60 in their clan or they go up against a severely weak large clan. This person needs to get 200 in their clan or else they are done in this game.

    The att/def attributes mean almost nothing. There are many people who have 1 att and 500 defense and still lose every time they are attacked. There are equally as many people who put everthing into attack and they still lose to a more optimized clan when they instigate the attack. Our fight calculator had the att/def attributes contributing less than 1% and it was spot on.

    So - use 10X your level of the best warriors and 5X your level of the best weapons. As long as you have more clan than your level, you will be competitive.

    These rules change slightly at very high levels. I'm in the 700's now and only have 800 in my clan. If I attack someone at level 650 that has 1,000 in their clan, I am likely to lose.

    Add clan - period. I hope this helps!
  13. Nova

    Nova New Member

    Soooooo, if the only way to successfully do battle in this game, which is all about doing battle, is to have a huge number of strangers on your list of so-called friends, would it not occur to people that this makes this game very very very boring for anyone else?

    I'm thinking it would behoove the devs to add a few features to the game that actually involve, you know, PLAYING the game, rather than just buying weapons and spending most of your time in hiding, whether you want to or not.

    Maybe some very basic items, like making stats actually count for something, would be a fine start.
  14. Hel

    Hel New Member

    OMG! You have hit the nail on the head. The reason these games are developed and are FREE to play is NOT an all-encompassing desire to cater to the whims of people who simply enjoy playing games - but to enhance the NETWORKING aspect of social NETWORKING sites and increase our enjoyment - thus increasing the amount of time we spend on the game (site) and the routes they can reach us by, hence increasing the value of the advertising revenue the sites can generate!

    There is no such thing as a free lunch, its part of the way people people have the time to invest in developing these games. Have a think first about it and don't be so snarly about the tactics they are using to help out their business. If you don't like it, don't play.

    Now, if I was paying to play on the other hand...
  15. be nice

    its viking game forum and if someone dont like something in game he can come here and explain problem or hes feelings and memeber '' Hel" say: If you don't like it, don't play. ??

    not nice talk in forum where we can help each other !! :confused:
  16. Hel

    Hel New Member


    Fair call, I get grouchy some days....
  17. all cool

    :cool: yea me also than i go from viking clan to pirate clan and pistol whip all hidding rivals for 3 hours and when they die i feel better hahaha
  18. Hel

    Hel New Member

    And yet some days for me that doesn't feel like enough, and I end up snapping at someone in a forum somewhere where I have to see it for all time! The shame! ;) LOL
  19. Azazel

    Azazel New Member

    I don't think it is fair that we should have to add strangers as friends, nor convince our own friends to join up, to be able to be successful in this game.

    I am at level 209 or so, with a whopping 62 Chieftans (pretty much 57 of them I was forced to use God points on), and have absolutely nobody to attack...

    The highest number of Chieftans I can attack is around 70, yet even then, every single time I click on "Battle," all that is offered is people with over 100 Chieftans, sometimes even into the 500's...

    I now have nothing to do with any of my Stamina, as I have no viable way to earn XP other than waiting for my energy to refill, and I'll have to wait ages (at least 30 more levels?) to be able to get 30 or so more Chieftans...

    Of course, I could always apply for a Discover Card that would spam my inbox non-stop and send my information to countless other outlets of unwarranted advertisement, but that is incredibly lame to have to do to be able to enjoy this "game"...

    I've hung it up for months in the past, and it appears I will have to do the same again... as attacking someone with hundreds of Chieftans is suicide...
  20. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    A quick way to add to your clan is using 1. the mass add list and 2. doesn't take much time and you can gey a good sized clan quickly.

    Also so as no to have 2 millions friend in your myspace home page you have the option of deleting these new friends. Once you have added them to your Viking Clan, you can then delete them from your Myspace friends. They will remain part of your clan still.

    finally it's not forcing you to add friends, like above stated you can remove them, and my space is a social network place so maybe you might make some friends, IM and chat with a whole slew of different people, is that so bad?

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