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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by cricket_jumper, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. cricket_jumper

    cricket_jumper Well-Known Member

    AdventureQuery.jpg So then, why are these adventures still at the bottom of my adventure assist list? Alot have 20 helpers (and I cant help in the others?!) and the oldest one was posted for assistance 388 days ago. Im a bit a neat freak - I'd like to be able to delete these please, or can you just update the bit of code responsible for auto updating these. Thanks. :)
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  2. cricket_jumper

    cricket_jumper Well-Known Member

    I have the same at the bottom of the Challenge assist list as well, ones that are over a year old and completed.
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  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Valid point. I can't say this is a top priority for development but I think this is something we can certainly look to address to help clean up the Social Feed, especially on "help" posts that have a limited time of availability.
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  4. cricket_jumper

    cricket_jumper Well-Known Member

    Cheers Smack - I know its not exactly earth shatteringly important in the scheme of things - but my OCD would be happier if it wasnt there! lol
  5. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Why not make them automatically delete after a certain time frame, say 30 days? Maybe it can be programmed to automatically expire these. IT isn't my specialty, but I would think that this wouldn't be too difficult to do.
  6. Aapje

    Aapje Well-Known Member

    AFAIK the old challenge assist request is removed when a player posts a new one (or manually removes it). But if a player leaves a game, his old challenges will hang around forever.

    I agree that there should simply be a time limit.
  7. Gogolak

    Gogolak Active Member

    i just ignore them. why can't everyone else do that? does anyone really check all the way down the feed for requests that were posted 357 days ago?
  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I ignore them
  9. Mabest

    Mabest Well-Known Member

    They have always bothered me too. Just a waste of space really. Especially considering that there is only so many posts of All Pirates that will take up the feed at one time, from what I am understanding in past conversations about the feed. I see no reason for this and also old bosses to still show up in the clan feed.

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