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    First I want to apology for the bad spelling/grammar I have.
    So now that's that out of the way lets continue to my question .....

    First I spend some money aka 1200 un. Iam now level 2734 Not that high but still.
    I need some expert to help me what to do with UN. Do I need to spend it on leveling or do I need to upgrade my gear perhaps. Or save the UN.
    My first goal was to donate it to kano just because I'm playing ZS like now 818 days and miss not a single day.

    Please don't be shy to let your expertise see. Any opinion matters don't matter what!
    So what do you do if you have this kind of UN?
  2. Blasphamy

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    It depends on your slayer build, but from my experience UN is best spent on Battle Arena. In the game, a 10 UN refill will normally get you about somewhere in the 30% exp to level area....requiring about 30-35 UN per level. That is a huge waste of your precious real life $$ on 1 level, which is so completely not worth it. So, for your 1200 UN, you could gain 40 levels if all you did was hit bosses and gain exp.

    The Battle Arena can net you in the realm of 20-30-40 or more levels in a matter of 2-4 hours of dedicated game play and only use maybe 80-100 UN at your level, leaving you another 1100 or so UN to use on any other aspect you want, or save it for future Battle Arenas to gain the same thing.

    Again, I do not know how your slayer is set up (stamina being the most important in my example above) but generally the exp and levels come much, much faster from hard core attacking in Battle Arena than any other aspect of this game. The more stamina you have, the farther your $$ will go, or the more UN per level you will need.

    To answer your question a bit more, all aspects that you mentioned are valuable in their own right. Having a strong inventory is critical to all aspects of the game, but i'd not waste UN upgrading them, but I would encourage you to look at your FIGHT STRENGTH page under your PROFILE tab and look at each individual category. A safe number per category would be 8k, but that will go up the farther the game advances.

    If being put on the hitlist is a problem for you, upgrading your properties is the way to go. Maximizing your property income, while keeping a 0 upkeep will increase your price per list and help ward off the chain listing to a point.

    UN is best spent by a small dabble in all aspects, as opposed to dumping it all in 1 area. Figure out what your strengths are based on your slayer build, how you utilize the ambush/booby trap functions.....your attack/def strengths.......do you have time to sit and play BA to maximize it's potential. There is no absolute best way to use your 1200 UN, it is strictly up to you to determine your own needs and build upon your strengths or improve upon weaknesses as you see fit.
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  3. Xextreem

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    Blasphamy it was fun ready it. I notice that i can indeed upgrade my stuff here and there. Also i have played once arena. Normal its way to late to play it around 3:00 clock in the night here. Thats total out of the question but... Now i got night shift so lets try it out if i can stay alive.

    To be fair my leveling is going slowly like 1 or 2 every day thats way to slow i guess. The only time i can leveling fast is when there is a event weekend event. And thats it. If i can say or not i have max energy but thats is way to low to level i can get like 30% maxs if lucky. 100k xp at best. You guys go over the max energy like say 8000 or so? or its waste of sp points?

    Also i hit the cap of max helping outbreaks and challenge`s. 30 times both of them is maxs. So i can not do better i guess in this area.
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    Well, energy helped you out at first, so you probably stuck to it. Now you're higher level and it's not working out for you. Most people I know and talk to barely have 2k energy, tops. I only have 1300. Do what makes you happy, but I'm willing to bet energy won't do it for you.
  5. Xextreem

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    Yah i know people don`t have that many energy atleast not many people. My leveling going fast till i hit lvl 2000. So the energy was indeed when i was below 1000 a big thing. I level the energy at maxs first. The rest is later. I notice later in the game it was more pvp than pve a big mistake i guess. So i get my ass kick here and there. But with 4k energy was np at all. Now i think my account is going to be halted i guess if i continue like this.

    my stam however is only 1,5k

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