October 7th Developer Update ( The Armada )

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    You have the option to join or create your own Armada, an organization of Captains and weaponary who all share the same goal. Choose between "Privateers" and "Buccaneers". Armadas built around privateers may be more geared towards adventures and battling bosses all for the purpose of exploring and building. Buccaneers are for those who wish to rule at whatever cost and usually may participate more in battle raids against other players and bosses. Check the mandate message on the armada profile as an indication also of what type of activities they may be into.

    Armada Help

    You will be allowed to help fellow armada members in Adventures and Boss Fights. Look for help posts in your member feed area on your armada profile.

    Armada Alliances and Enemies

    Strategize with other armadas and create alliances, not only will people know who you are aligned with it will open up a feed channel for you to communicate with. Creating Enemies will publicly let everyone know who you are against.

    More to Come

    Armadas are currently in Beta. Look out for supporting features and enhancements coming soon.

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  2. improvement request?

    To help for bosses, the limit of 25 armada members seems not to be in phase with bosses battle position number. It should be equal at least

    When messages are posted on the private message board, a notification would be welcome...

    Thanks and regards
  3. IR

    Would be nice to have its own armada flag....
  4. Allen Marino

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    Yes, a flag is the 1st thing I looked to add.
  5. Armadas will be a disaster if they turn into the keelhauling competitions seen on the zynga game.If this is how you are going to progress the game I will stop playing.
    BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Kendall

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    Not too sure what keelhauling is. Our idea with armadas is to give people the opportunity to play and band together with people around a cause without necessarily requiring them to be friends on facebook/hi5/myspace. Right now, being in the same armada you have an in-game place to strategize and work together with up to 25 players.

    Around armadas we plan to release fun competitions and games against and with other armadas.

    If you have concerns about how that may ruin the game please voice them here. Our intent with armadas is to make PC more social and use it as an avenue to add new content to the game.

    Simply stating that Armadas is going to ruin the game or comparing it to another game does not help us understand what your concerns are or allow us to have an opportunity to address them.
  7. the armada size needs to increase to at least 60 or even 100 members.

    alliances need to be increased from 10 to at least double or even 5x that amount.
    right now i sent alliance request to some but because im full in alliances i dont even show up in their alliance yet it shows on the feed(bug perhaps)

    enemies should be unlimited. as some could have many enemies.

    just my 2 cents on this.
  8. tudor wench

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    All my Pirate Clan playing friends are creating their own Armadas, but no-one is joining anyone elses! This means that I don't want to offend anyone by not joining theirs as I have joined someone elses.....So I don't join anyones and then no-one is offended. Until we can actually see the benefits to our game play, I don't think anyone is going to take this seriously. There is nothing in the game at the moment to use Armadas in. We just do our quests, level up on bosses, occasionally battle others, axe-slap those who have hit us withoutany provocation, but nowhere do we get to use the Armada side of playing. So if everyone creates and no-one joins Armadas, what do you do then?
  9. I don't know how I feel about this whole Armada thing yet, I'll reserve judgment till I see how it pans out. People were pretty much creating their own before this change was made, and it led to a lot of drama..I.E. threats to de-clan people who were aligned w/enemies and such...Maybe having some positive things for rival armadas to do, like the competitions you mentioned will help alleviate some of that, but for now, the high school "click" mentality that surrounds them makes me wonder if they are going to work out....just my two cents...
  10. Tim Vande Schraaf

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    The Zynga competitions seemed to bring about a more social part of the game. Although they were ruthless sometimes, you do become more closely aligned with your team and grow friendships, as a social network should be all about. The Armada / Competition idea brings some personality and "team" to the game. I do believe the Boss Fights seem to be taking over when they were likely meant to be an addition. The biggest issue I can see with the Armada's and teams is Armada's could potentially be stacked with all of the higher level pirates. I would like to know if the roll out of software changes are first to Zombie Slayer. It appears that the Factins in Zombie Slyaer was rolled out to Pirate Clan. Are we going to see some of the other functionality in Zombie Slayer such as the Shooters and Rocket Launchers? It would be cool to see cannons hitting pirates, or something like that in the advenmtures. What about the World Boss Fight? Another nice touch!
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