October 13, 2010- Heal Improvements

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  1. Kendall

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    Couple of improvements that were discussed/suggested on this forum previously have now come to life around healing your character.

    1. [heal] link in header is always visible, clicking on that link will give you a response of that heal instead of bring up another box that you would have to confirm that you would like to heal yourself.
    2. Healing through in-game currency will now heal your character to 100% of your max health.
    3. Heal costs have gone up slightly to take into account the full refill, this may need to be further increased.
    4. Successive heals in a short period of time will increase the cost to heal.

    We also disabled the selling of property as it was an unused feature.
  2. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    i like this new update
  3. Healing ripoff!

    I don't mind paying a little more to heal completely, but triple what it was? Get real! Is that what you call "slightly"??
    Then on top of that, the amount increases every time you heal?????

    Also, how about making upkeep costs reasonable? you more than doubled those costs for the "new" mates and weapons. Yet when it comes to rule, the income hasn't changed much at all, if any.

    How about some parity in the game?
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  4. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Triple, what level are you at? How many times were you healing?

    The costs to heal were already really low in PC to begin with, we have not adjusted the cost of health since the release of the game even though we have added new ways to collect coins through boss battles etc.
  5. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I just lowered down the cost a bit, give that a shot.
  6. Costs VS Rewards

    It was costing me @ 293,000 to heal, now it's in excess of 1,000,000, and grows disproportionally larger with every heal.
    The main point I was trying to make is that you increase the costs of everything( mates, upkeep,healing,bounties, counter-attacks and bounty traps), yet do nothing to increase the amounts you win in battles, cagematches and rule income. Most of the coin benefits from Bosses are now pointless because of the cost to heal.

    I appreciate also that you are trying to make the game better, but doing it to an active game isn't the way to do it in my opinion. Can you imagine what it would be like if the NFL changed the rules and penalties in the middle of a football game? Why not take these "improvements" and create a sequel, ie PCII and incorporate them there? I've always believed in the old saying; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
    I'm so disgusted with the armada thing and all the issues it has caused for me, I'm ready to just quit PC all together. That wasn't thought through very carefully it seems, and the result is now you have clanmates making alliances with different armadas, and sending messages basically saying that if you keep your alliance with such and such armada, I will remove you from my clan. It basically defeats the whole purpose of creating a clan. I've lost clan mates already because some align with one armada, and others with another, and the 2 armadas get along like oil and water...

    Anyway, I've said my piece, I'm done...
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  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    100% refill in health with in-game currency was a major request and we agreed with making that an improvement on our to do list. Will tune a couple numbers with the increase so that it is not too high impact but serves the purpose for those that are over-healing their character at a very high rate, if you want to do that you should be paying for it.

    As far as the armada goes, we wanted to make PC more social and this is something that we have been wanting to put into the game for some time now. If you are having issues joining others armadas try setting up your own, if you have clan members that are upset with who you align yourself with do you really want to even play with that person?

    Then you always have the option to not join any armada and play the game as it was before, armadas are for people that want to play the game with other players and challenge/battle against other armadas.

    Armadas is in beta, now is the time to be specific about concerns/comments on it as we do take player feedback very seriously which is a reason you see the change to healing which was released today.
  8. I have no problem with the 100% refill, I have always thought that if you were paying for it, either with game coin or Davy Jones, it SHOULD be a FULL refill, on health, stamina and energy. I have also felt that all should be refilled fully when you make the next level. Where is the benefit of advancing when all you get in reward for progressing to the next level is 50 on your stamina, especially when your stamina is at a level of 600 or more?
    Again I will say that it's not the paying that is an issue, it's the amount. It is not proportionate in any way to the previous costs.
    What do you consider "over-healing"?? When a player is attacked repeatedly by another, sometimes the only option IS to heal over and over to battle them, or to recover from multiple bounties! A player already loses game coin and EX points when they are killed, you think it's right to charge them more coin to heal themselves to be able to defend themselves? Charging more as you progress level to level is acceptable, but increasing it each heal just adds insult to injury. The game already makes coin from the 5-10% it charges to hoard, as well as from bounties(winners of bounties never get the amount it cost the player to place the bounty), counter-attacks, and bounty traps. The unbalanced increase cost to heal is going to do nothing but make me, and other players I'm sure, play less often. Have you considered that?
    As I stated previously, there is no parity here.

    I get the purpose of, or the theory behind, the armada, but as I said I don't believe it was well thought out.

    Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about;
    Player 1 is in my clan, as is Player 2, however Player 1 is not in Player 2's clan.That's where the problems begin! Player 1 creates an armada, and so does Player 2. As you said, I could do one of several things; Join Player 1's armada, join Player 2's armada, create my own armada, or join none at all. Problem there is evident. By joining either of the player's armadas, I run the risk of alienating the other,( ESPECIALLY when Player 1 and Player 2 are mortal PC enemies) and open myself up to attacks by members of the upset player's alliances and losing clan mates. Creating my own leaves me open to attacks from other armadas, and not joining one at all makes me vulnerable to attacks from ALL the armadas and their members. If one player in an armada has issue with me, all that player has to do is direct the rest of the armada to attack me, so armada membership is not just "for people that want to play the game with other players and challenge/battle against other armadas." it opens individual players up to "gang" attacks, much more so than just clan membership. I joined an armada in hopes of getting help and protection from game "bullies". You said you introduced the armadas to promote a more social environment, but it has had the opposite effect for me. Before the armada option, I never had issues with my clan mates, despite them not being clan mates themselves, and have lost much needed high level captains.
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  9. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We found that people were already forming alliances on Facebook by using Facebook groups, we wanted to bring this feature in game as it was something a lot of players were already doing outside the game.

    With Armadas, yes there is a new level of strategy / diplomacy that has been introduced to the game now that you can form public in-game alliances. We have kept the number of players in an armada small to help make it more manageable for people to align with people who have similar goals, game style and attitude. Hopefully that will help make the diplomacy with other armadas a little easier.
  10. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    I like the increase because it evens the playing a bit between people who only stat on attack/defense compared to people who have energy to do Adventures and get all that money from doing them. I would like to see it be even higher personally.
  11. Julie, doing adventures do not add to or take away from health, just energy. You only gain EXP and coin. The only benefit you get from game coin, aside from the cost to heal is to place bounties, counter attacks and bounty traps, and each of those are already limited. Energy is not required to play the game, aside from adventures, health and stamina are. The only thing I see happening from making healing increase each time you heal is that players play less, ESPECIALLY lower level players and small clan players.
  12. but i wanna sell my property..............

    i can agree with the healing cost being increased since its now a complete refill.
    little annoying it keeps increasing every time but still improvement nonetheless
  13. Leaving the game

    It's obvious I am not happy with these changes. I don't like what it does to the game, and therefore has made playing the game no longer and enjoyable past time. Since you have removed the "reset" option from the profile section, please tell me how I can disband my clan and remove myself from the game.
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  14. well you can remove all your captains if you really wanna take the time to remove each one.

    im pretty sure your account is going to stay though.

    if you play myspace theres a "block and remove app option"

    facebook i havent seen that option so just dont play it.
  15. Julie Detroit

    Julie Detroit Member

    Sorry I am talking on the phone so my meaning was not clear! What I meant is higher health costs mean lower levels will add more of there stats to energy(instead of putting all of them on attack/defense) because they will need the money from the adventures. It will force people to make balanced pirates and therefore make the game more competitive.
  16. meandyou

    meandyou Banned

    when your are on the hit list what are you supposed to do not heal up, and leave your bounty go , having high heath to last the hit list makes the game a challenge for people to get you but , you do not want people to last on the hit list long , so why not get rid of the bounty. a lot of the changes you make have affected the player that started the game off , they have set up their game to what it was like, only for you to make major changes making their set up useless . if you do these things you should give the option for people to rest their skill points, like they have done in other games, i think you have all the right intentions but you do not play the game and wat you think is good idea , does not go with the people that play the game you are making to many changes , instead of making people give you the thumbs up they are complaining as mike said get a trial game to try out the new things and if you get good feed back introduce then into the game

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