[LCN] Newbie Questions - Favor Points, Loyalty Points, Mob Size, etc.

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by DonBrennan, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Veteran players -
    I am a two day old player looking for some understanding on the following questions:
    1. Do Favor Points ever go on sale? If so, when and typically for what discount? I'm currently seeing 600 FP for $99.99 on the android mobile app.
    2. What are Loyalty Points and where do I see them on the mobile app? There is mention of them in the app General Help section but I can't see to find where I view them?
    3. What is the max mob size per level? I read in game that there are limits to mob size you can bring to battle based on your level, but I don't see the calculation? In other games, it's typically 5X your level. Is that the limit here as well? I believe the total max limit is 1,000 Hired Mobsters + 1,000 Recruited Mobsters but I'm pretty sure that I can't bring 2k at Level 10 to a fight against another Level 10. :)
    Sincerely appreciate all feedback from you all-star players!
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