May 13 Developer Update - Guild Member Privacy

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, May 13, 2011.

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  2. Das liebe Beil

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    Siamese simply is too common.

    Back on topic.

    This update was issued so smaller players can be hidden from large players that regularly bounty entire guilds for being friends with people they don't like.

    This update shall stop the constant harassing of small players. As some players are working on shooting the whole "Level 500 as free for all bounty range" idea to hell with practical examples, KANO introduced another feature to stop the abuse many complained about.

    Now you can join a disliked guild, if they have no enemies (or traitorous friends) no one will be able to bully players because they want to support what they deem is right.
  3. Someone had made the suggestion, way back when guilds first appeared, that there be level requirements to join a guild or that there be guilds for specific level ranges. I think the idea behind those suggestions were to prevent low level players from getting caught in the crossfire of higher level players. Maybe this idea should be reconsidered?

    Some players only understand that they are being harrassing when they and their guildmembers are all bountied in a short time span.

    I assume those who are in favor of protecting lower level guild members would also be in favor of eliminating the 24 hour attack window that opens when a lower level player deliberately, or accidentally, attacks a higher level player.

    Why do some people collect URL's?
  4. I had some additional thoughts on the subject of protecting lower level players...

    It seems to me that the only way to do this and affect all players equally is to eliminate the ability to attack players out of your battle/XP range. This would eliminate the ability of high level players to retalitate or bounty the lower levels. In other words a player in Helheim is only able to attack/axe slap/bounty etc...other players in Helheim. Maybe to open up options for the very high levels all of the Godly Trials worlds would have to be considered one XP range.

    I'm sure KANO could figure out how to group by XP or world to give most players a decent number of targets.

    The one drawback I could think of was that it would become very difficult to obtain all of the "Hitlist other Clan Leaders" acheivements. Maybe bumping up the rewards for those that still have some of these achievements remainig could counterbalance that effect.
  5. Erik Den Grusomme

    Erik Den Grusomme New Member

    Well stop talking about this guild thing - and start fixing the problem with this half screen, which has bothered us for more than 1 day now
  6. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    sorry , i don't agree with the update .

    if your going to allow players to hide you may as well do away with the guilds completely . the idea of attacking all players in a guild is to force members to leave that guild , which then stops the guild from reaching their guild point limits .

    as i said in other threads , maybe the guildmaster and officers should tell prospective members what they're getting into when joining that guild .

    if the lower level players don't like getting beat up by enemy guilds , don't join a guild .
  7. well gene agree with it or not its not going away anytime soon

    if you really have to scan through members though then that means chances are good they cant beat you anyway and your just trying to provoke a low level

    if it really means that much to find someone you shoulda bookmarked them

    if you didnt then give new meaning to "hunting" and start hunting for them if it seriously means that much

    it was said so many times but will be said yet again

    the ONLY ones that will complain over and over again about this is BULLIES


    adapt like you adapted to all the other changes
  8. polishpimp

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    Well....considering this is a game based on the accumulation of statistics such as kills, battles bounties and the like, I would say YES I want access to guild membership so I can go down the list and bounty every last one of them if I so choose. Does that make me a "bully"? Once again I would say..."this is a game based on the accumulation of stats such as kills etc etc...". Now that we have determined what this game is based on where do u suggest I find players on which to accumulate said stats? rivals list u say., well I dont think that pirates, vikings, zombies and mobsters sit around on their arses waiting to be attacked in hopes that they may get to retaliate...I know I certainly dont want to do that. Oh....The battle page u say, Yea....thats the ticket...I wanna sit around all day and wait for my lack of a reward of succeeding at this game.

    I try to achieve excellence in everything I do, and that means doing everything I can within the law or in this case the rules to be the best I can be. If I wanted to wallow in mediocrity....then I would sit around waiting for my enemies to come find me. But thats not me....for me...everyone who is not my clan is an enemy and I will search them out where ever I can regardless of their level in order to improve my stats which we have determined is the basis of the game. I bounty, slap, and hit every enemy I can because these r the tools that Kano has provided me with to accomplish this goal of which we have determined is the accumulation of these stats.

    If players want to whine and bitch about bullies....maybe just maybe they're playing the wrong game. Ive played this game twice now to its highest levels and have gotten the crap kicked outta me hundreds of thousands of times, Ive been listed outta the blue for no apparent reason to many times to count, Ive been axe slapped by both low and high leveled players so many time my head is still spinning, so what did I do about it? I went out searching for enemies to increase my stats and to level off of so i could get more skill points over and over and over until I could return the favor to each and everyone of them! Is this a novel idea? No! ITS WHAT THE GAME IS DESIGNED TO BE....SOME DO IT BETTER THAN OTHERS AND SOME SIT AROUND AND WHINE ABOUT IT UNTIL SOMETHING GETS DONE TO HELP PROTECT THEM BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE!

  9. Allen Sumaran

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    Yeah, I can give you a reason. Maybe I just want to see who is in a particular guild before I join one. I can't stand it when people always think the very worst of everyone else with no reason. It's just plain wrong! And if that makes me look like a cowardly leech, then so be it.
  10. kennycjr

    kennycjr Member

    this would definitely be a huge drawback.

    what's with this hiding guild membership? what's next? hiding their guild with their name?

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