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  1. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    LOL I"m level 7072, so 3-4k levels lower than me is level 3k-4k and no not trying to save face you know as well as I do you were not able to win till after 1k+ levels on me=~8k
  2. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Sorry, I disagree! LOL I may be wrong about how many levels lower, but I am not wrong about beating you when I was lower than you! LOL
  3. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    I hate to digress but getting back to the issue of gift options.....

    Please, Please o mighty developers up the gift rates.

    The ability to maximise your crafting potential has been severely curtailed. The introduction of new boss types has created a bottle neck around the mid level section that some of my esteemed colleagues either fail or are unwilling to accept: That it can be dispensed with in 'whimsical fashion' with a few paragraphs of flowery text, since it was never an issue for them at this same stage.

    Like with any evolving format, If you introduce new aspects to it there will be ramifications. I agree that a balanced perspective is required here and appreciate the need for thorough consultation and assessment. I too think that 250/day is to high. However, if you make changes, widen the 'goal posts' alter those pre-set limitations already in play, it must surely follow we be allowed a shot at maximising our own potential..

    Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot do this... In practice, 100 sends p/day is so restricting. I am (and I'm sure someone will jump on this statement) having to constantly 'pick and choose' what I can practicably accomplish through a lack of raw material!

    Someone earlier wrote that gift sending was too 'time consuming'. In actual fact, it's the constant tinkering around with your gift requirements thru profile that is most time consuming.. Starved of a sufficient return, means you have to spend a veritable age amassing and re-evaluating your requirements for just the next few hours.... I see it all the time on the 'requests (gifts)' slot.. The same users over and over trying to adapt to unsatisfactory conditions.. Please feel free look yourselves... You will more than like see the same as I do..

    The main issue here as it appears to me, is a division of opinion, based on those who wish to make the most of their opportunities and those who for whatever reason wish to restrict a users potential growth curve. No matter what analogies/simile's you may choose to opt for this seems to be the main sticking point...

    As a balanced solution, I would advocate something along the lines of a moderate increase to the gift rate... It wouldn't assuage everyone, but may placate to a certain extent those whose have expressed a polar opinion one way or the other!!
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  4. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    All I have ever asked for is a reasonable increase.
  5. Alex Mu

    Alex Mu New Member

    I think 1 gift per clan member per day would be fair!


    I find it is hard to gift every one with only 100 gifts it is hard to get all the clan and guild players gifts sent back with only 100 per day I have had to skip many people because of this. We need more gifts!!!!

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