[VC] [Kong-VC] Open Letter to All Viking Clan Players

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by WorldB, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. WorldB

    WorldB Member

    We all know there is currently a problem with a lack of players for this game.
    Filling your clan is a full time job and the boards are full of people requesting clan and not much else.

    New players (and existing players) can be disheartened very quickly if there is nothing for them to do with their resources and, with the minimal sharing of bosses, new players often join and leave quickly.

    YOU can help the chances of this game surviving by helping the community.
    Make your bosses available to all members.
    See if we can get the new players interested in staying longer than a few weeks so we can build this game back up to a thriving community.

    Thank you
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  2. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    ...ok, I chat to new players to make them welcome - I comment on the World Chat board to let them know someone is paying attention and to "create" a sense of community and interaction, BUT Kano is totally incapable of fixing WC and Job chat - both keep being flushed, this means that we can't communicate with new players and it means everyone is focusing on guild communication. Sure new players feel isolated and disheartened and for sure existing players try to be welcoming - but Kano isn't doing their part.

    This is like any ecosystem, at a point the population is too low and the whole community crashes. As players we should be welcoming, but Kano need to support the mission by recruiting players and providing the tools (functional World Chat and Job boards).
  3. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    Before someone else mentions it, sure a personal message makes people feel welcome (and I send them), but community is promoted via public communication - aka WC
  4. Zicon

    Zicon New Member

    I've welcomed several new players to the game. Spent time chatting with them. Even keep a spot in my inner circle to get them started with some gold. They just never seem to stick around for more than a week or two at best.
  5. Birkebeiner

    Birkebeiner Active Member

    We still need World Chat to be fixed - trying to interact with new players but...o_O
  6. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I've raised the issue of the World Chat expiring too soon on VC Armor with the Dev team. Thank you for the feedback around this. I can't promise you when this will be looked at but its on the radar along with some other World Chat housekeeping we would like to do so hopefully sometime soon.
  7. florence f

    florence f New Member

    we could have an extra spot or 2 in each guild special for newcomers, with a time limit. at the end of the period they could hop to another guild or apply to join the guild they re in.

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