Kanoplay/MS VC Battle arena 6/27/13

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    Yesterdays arena was my first shot at trying out the new multiple attack slider, of course I was thrilled with the result..... but am I sold on the new way to play? The jury is still out on that one.

    The obvious benefit was how much shorter the arena was....it was both awesome and crazy. As a player whos enjoyed some previous success in the arena I know exactly how monotonous playing for 10 or more hours straight could be. But does cutting this time by 2/3 come at a pretty hefty cost to many? I think it does. Ive also read that some players like that it seems to cut down on sniping...with only 1 "new"arena under my belt I understand Im not drawing on much experience but I was able to snipe a few and also had a few sniped, so I just dont know if it actually cut down on sniping. it seems to me that if most players are using the max 3 attacks per it would be no diff than under the old system of one per.

    Although Im not a huge fan of sniping I do recognize/appreciate its value to a large number of participating players that simply dont have the power to steam roll their target. I actually employ that strategy myself at times if I happen to stumble across a target that is nearly dead. As Ive said before...I think sniping is both a legitimate and the only strategy for some if they are to have any chance. It can be extremely aggravating to have a kill stolen but the ups n downs are what make an otherwise monotonous arena more exciting. It also comes at an extreme price that those who employ it must decide whether its worth it or not as most snipers end up dead in short order. A full time sniper may never win an arena but they still play a significant role as to the outcome of an arena. A well/ill timed snipe kill can be a deciding factor of another higher leveled players success or lack of. Even myself have been in a few precarious situations due to an ill timed snipe. Did it piss me off at the time? Hell yes... but in the end it was much more exciting and made my particular results much more satisfying. So if this new arena is limiting snipers...I would put that in the negative column because it further limits a lot of players whos chances are already slim.

    Another thing that gets tossed around here in the forums quite often is that many players are not very pleased that they are dead by the time they get a chance to log on and play. In the past Ive never had a lot of sympathy for these players as its up to them to be there when an arena starts, obviously we all have stuff that comes up and no start time is going to please everyone. On the other hand Ive always been a proponent of activeness in the arena and believe the arena was intended for active player that want to get out there and actually mix it up. I cant help but think this new sytem only works to aggravate this dilemma for some even further. The arena (at least on Kanoplay/ms) went so quick that if u werent there at the very beginning u were dead in mere minutes. Sure...they could have and should have started in Def stance.....but that too is a whole other issue.

    At least in Kanoplay/MS the participation numbers are way down due to a dieing MS and the recent change of platforms. Perhaps this will turn around now that Kano has introduced new player registration to the platform Kudos Kano), but currently the numbers are extremely low. What was already a major issue for many is that it seemed that inactive players were enjoying more moderate success than the active players, I think that the current combination of low participation numbers and the new significantly shorter arena magnifies this issue tremendously. In a nut shell....players entering the arena in Def. stance are making it all the way to the highest of ranks while still in Def stance and not lifting a finger. I guess it could be argued that if you built a strong enough Def. than u deserve that it got u to the end. But I would argue that this was not what the battle arena was intended to be and that the new attack slider/shorter arena is unintentionally magnifying what a high def actually deserves. Im all about high defense and recognize/appreciate its importance but I dont think that it should be the single deciding factor of ones success.

    Currently players that dont reach the already ridiculously low limit of 100 attacks only get rewards for placing #50 (which is the same as #26 btw), Not only am I not in agreement with that(i dont think they should get rewards period), but why are they still getting credited towards their achievements? If a player gets penalized for lack of inactivity they defiantly dont deserve to get credit for being in the top 20, 10 or 5%, this seems to me will not only promote inactivity but further diminish what the active players are actually doing and expending. The shorter arena times due to the new attack slider only magnifies this problem and certainly will increase the number of players that get falsely recognized for these achievements. If this continues this way than Kano definitely needs to implement achievements for actual ranks such as 1-5 so those players that are out there actually supporting these games get recognized appropriately more than those that just sign up n do nothing at the expense of others.

    Perhaps my biggest concern is that the new ultra short arenas really seem to eliminate a lot of strategy...especially for some low to mid level players. Of course the highest of levels have the best opportunity for success (and deservedly so), but what bout the lesser levels? The arena moves so fast now that these guys n gals cant even blink let alone form some type of strategy on the fly other than to just sit in Def. stance and hope for the best. With the the way it use to be at least the lesser levels had some opportunity to get in there and have a lil fun and rack up some levels. I just dont see that happening to the same degree when the arena is over in the blink of an eye or they have to sit in Def. stance the entire time.

    So like I said....there are pros n cons to this "new" arena and Im yet undecided as to whether or not Im for it. Maybe some of these things will change if n when arena participation numbers increase but for the moment Im leaning towards it being detrimental or at least a watering down of what was once a more impressive feat of succeeding in the arena regardless of what one determines as success. Perhaps we should consider lowering the attack slider to 2 in an effort to slow things down a bit?Perhaps even back to the way it was until participation numbers grow(at least in Kanoplay/MS)? I guess my biggest fear is that this will turn into what much of the games have already turned into in that they seem to be moving away from rewarding actual hard work, patience and determination in favor of easy peasy pudding pie.

    I look forward to hearing other thoughts.
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Why not?

    That compromise was reached long ago remember?

    And being inactive doesnt give levels like being active does.

    I dug back to find this.

    Your Rank is 158!
    During the Battle Arena you gained 4,477,242 XP!

    Attacks 32,526
    Kills 30
    Wins 28,776
    Losses 3,833
    Biggest Attack 2,026,923 damage
    Status: Dead
    Rank: 158

    I'd like to see a inactive gain over 40 levels in there.

    Yes I would like to see inactives gain over 40 levels in a arena.

    I missed reward tier that arena but sure put up one hell of a fight.

    The levels gained by being active was reward in itself.

    Its up to the actives to take out the inactives rather than other actives.

    If inactives get up the ranks you can only blame the active players.

    Long d stance is no excuse.
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  3. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ TP. Why not? You just answered why not in your own post. Yes...there was a compromise in regards to rewards(although i believed it was a step in the right direction....I did not fully agree with it). Now...when one considers said compromise and its reason for being that inactive players did not deserve any higher the rank 50....it only makes sense they should be rewarded with achievements for doing nothing either. Achievements were not around when this "compromise" was reached and I cant help but think this was an oversight by Kano as it defies the logic of the spirit of said compromise.

    I guess you missed the part where I spoke about the gaining of levels? I actually had u in mind when I spoke of this. I think its great that the arena once offered the opportunity for lower leveled players such as yourself to actually gain something from the arena if played well. To understand what I wrote in my previous post is to understand that under this new battle arena system and current participation numbers that your gaining of 40 levels or so is a thing of the past. Its highly unlikely if not impossible for a player such as yourself to repeat that performance in the current arena environment. In this particular arena every last player not in def. stance was dead in inside of 2 hours, care to explain how a low to mid level player can get those kind of levels in that amount of time or in Def. stance?

    You said yourself both last night and in your post that you would have liked to gain those levels and reached the reward tier. That will never happen under the current system and under current circumstances. Yes u may reach the reward tier for being inactive or mostly inactive.....but u wont ever see those kinds of levels again....so which is more important to you? Personally, and Im sure some feel differently....but If I were at that level I would much rather get the levels then a paltry 1 or 2 FP and a measly amount of coin. I certainly wouldnt feel like I accomplished anything for ranking fairly high while doing nothing and getting pretty much squat.

    In the end ....I love the speed of the new system, Im just concerned that many will lose interest because what was once a reasonable chance of actually gaining something decent is all but lost. I could also live with the fact that some inactives get achievement for doing nothing....but only if the true accomplishments were rewarded with achievements as well like winning the darn thing for example. Im sure u agree with that.
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  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    32nd same as 50th in FB VC, I got 37th not 1 attack,(If got 31st would be different no attacks) should I be awarded for my defense? Absolutely I made my character that way the 3 stamina did change it, but guess I'm guaranteed pretty much top spots for my work on defense LOL
  5. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    ok boys you are both right but the only thing i see wrong with all that has been said is 90% of the time in vc or pc it is you taking out the active players ,so my ? is why say anything about them making it that far if they got there thanks to you , i have had 25 to 30 kills an went out in the 200 lol an then again i have had less then 10 an had to use deff mode because you started attacking me ,so i say leave it the way it is an stop whining just because someone you don't like sides in there on you lol
  6. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The big diff between MS n FB is participation numbers. Although Def. is a big part of the game and should be and is rewarded....it shouldnt be an automatic placement in the top 20. When and if Kanoplay/ms gains numbers then it may very well be a diff story, Im speaking about current circumstances....its pretty much a joke in regards to any lower level getting much if anything at this point.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Really John? At what point was I whining? Cant u ever just put the rivalry aside and make an unbiased comment? The whole point of this thread was not about me....its all about the lower levels. I also pointed out a couple of times that I was yet undecided as to how I really feel about it. As Im sure u noticed as I was whoopn that ass that I went on to finish where I normally do ...the only diff it was in record time. What on Gods green earth makes u think Im whining when i kicked ass, got around the same amount of levels in 1/3 the normal time? This new system is like taylor made for someone like me....r u kidding? My results are the same...your the selfish one....because prior to this new system u never fared that well unless I didnt play. This new system actually helps u because your a high enough level to fend off most and have enough stance to last awhile once i find ya. Not so much for the vast majority of players.

    As far as taking the inactives to the top...this new system is an entirely diff ball game. To stop and waste time and stam on those in Def stance is a death sentence. You saw how quick the arena went. the only chance is to gain massive health quick or stay in def stance the entire time. I didnt even stop to look whether someone was active or not....I just killed every player not in D mode as quickly as i could and waited out the rest
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  8. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Lol cant have it all.

    If actives dont wanna kill inactives before other actives then more power to the inactives.

    Defense 9910(base)
    Total Defense 10772

    level 3768

    Health 14502 / 15850
    Energy 75 / 835
    Stamina 28 / 2201
    Total Attack 4727
    Attack 4025(base)

    You know I had this build before arena was even thought of.

    Its like it was destined lol.

    Always said defense pays off.
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  9. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    u yourself said u would rather have the levels....how is it paying off if u will no longer get them?

    My main point was not inactives either...under the current circumstances its doesnt make a diff whether active or inactive...the only thing that makes any diff is def stance. would be completely diff if arena lasted longer
  10. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Got all my achieves besides few kills and 1 more top 20% so I don't care. Arena is a cash cow, go ahead get your levels I could care less. Beat it to death Def RULZ LOL
  11. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    sorry bro your right an yea i do like to mess around but deff or no active in any arena that you guys are in any active player has no chance of getting top 100 if you guys find them ,you could save them but you guys make it were we have to go in deff mode an then set an check to see if we are out of it an when you have two lvl 10,000 working as one why not if you can just set it out in deff mode bro ,all i hit are the guys who are just setting there an not active players but yet if you take a pole of the active player on who it was at the end that got them before top 100 it would be you so my point is why say anything player in the top spots when you guys are not in it, an it don't matter who is active or not to you all you care about is the health you get off them if the have a bill health an only a 190 mill perk you will go for the active player the has a higher health perk ,so buy take out all the active players you let the inactive players in ,an if they are not going to get any rewards why get in it ,so if kano going to change it again they should just get raid of the arena all together ,tell you what kano lets try it polishs way an not give inactives any rewards but give them a chance get remove them selfs if they have already joined the arena ,than when we have less then 50 player we can all just set in deff mode an get 100 attacks in an see who win it hay we will all be top 50 lol oh an polish just so you know i have done as i wished in the arena every time bro an yes i have beefed up on some things an were i place just has to do when you find me if your not in it i can win it bro an can finish good all i can say it keep on going if you are in the number one spot every time why worry about how the inactive finish or what rewards they get thats all i was saying i just made it shorter by saying you where whining bro thats all my point is if you win the all why even open the book up
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  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    @ John. I appreciate your reply. The way I see it is this.....regardless if the arena is run the way it is now or the way it was or perhaps with only a 2 attack slider....a higher level is going to win 99.9% of the time...it just makes sense, they have the numbers regardless of them being handicapped.

    Ive never felt inactive players deserve anything but thats not my main focus here, my biggest concern is that the new ultra short arena will actually promote inactivity ....is that what we want? Dont we want all players to at least have an opportunity to level or least get in there and mix it up if they want? Im not suggesting that changing things will guarantee that they will get the opportunity....but at least there is a chance they might...where as the way it is now all but insures they will not because everyone is dead so fast regardless of whether they are active or not. The random nature of the fight list is what it is....if u happen to pop up on an aggressive players radar then chances are its lights out. Thats just the luck of the draw whether the arena lasts 2hrs or 24 hrs, but with time comes more opportunity as far as choices. Sure, even with a short arena players can simply go into def stance after their 100 attacks and then ride it out and rank well but not win or get crap for levels or rewards...thats fine and dandy for some I guess.....but if I were a lesser level I would certainly want more opportunity.

    In the end it is what it is....no skin off my back either way. But once everyone randomly stumbles into their achievements then what? What would be the point of participating again.....the XP for entering? At least with the way it was (1 attack) many players at least gained a boat load of levels and still had a chance to rank well, now its just a chance to rank well
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  13. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    yes polish that is so very true but it just seems as long as you are going after all the best health perks like mine an the other higher players an the players with good deff ,right off the get go then let me ask you this is it not better for us in the end to get a few kills an attack in an then just set in deff mode
  14. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    Polish i have to agree with you here....I think this last BA was the fastest i have seen yet...Im not sure if i like the extra stam boost or not yet either...but i do see it forcing many that have been regular players out of the game(BA) as they say..because they wont posess enough defence or stam in the end .... good or bad...the BA is still a work in progress..
  15. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    i must agree that 100 attacks is way to little and i also agree that with the new slider it does shorten the arena quite a bit. I also understand why you do go after the bigger rewards because they normally are the biggest threat if left alone. i have always felt that a player that does not get the 100 attacks should not get any reward because they did nothing in the arena. I have also said that i think the def.mode should be eliminated or reduced drastically when you get to the final 10 -20 players. i do appreciate the fact i can and still do get several levels from the arena while getting several kills as well :)
  16. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    well for one on the short ness of the arena was because there was 100 less players in it an as far as deff mode go's if you do want to burn health an stamina wait them out like i did an that sloves that an if you don't give the inactives about what they are getting they wont get in it an then the 50 or so active player can just set an wait to see who deff runs out first an we can all just save stamina
  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    The inactives did nothing? You got levels off them didn't you, so actually they are doing something. LOL
  18. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    yes they did nothing......some only join for the xp when you join so they got their reward....LOL
  19. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Those that just sit in d mode should be rewarded since it IS the active players fault they killed other actives rather than the others.

    Plain and simple.

    Disguise it all you want but being in d mode is strategy.
  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Yup, "spot on" they go into defense in the end what's the big difference?
    I think may be jealous can't wait out some def stance before they themselves are getting pounded on LOL, who's fault is that?
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