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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tat27, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Wonder Bread

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    @JM After reviewing your Support interactions, I can see that your requests were, in fact, handled appropriately. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can say about player accounts that are reported, although we do look into every player report, and take appropriate action according to our Terms of Use. If you are interested in helping keep the games fun and competitive for everyone, please make reports through the proper Support channels, as they are set up to handle them.
  2. Joey Mele

    Joey Mele Member

    I appreciate you looking.
  3. oooh its like watching jeremy kyle lol
  4. Tat27

    Tat27 Member

    Better than listening to you all cry about alt usage. So and so's an alt, I have proof. Whatever. I see that everywhere on the forums. It really gets old.
    And I honestly do not care. :D Everytime any of you kill me? It's another death stat, which is another step closer to getting back to having the highest death count. When have I ever retaliated against you for killing me?
    I think that sounds about right.
  5. i think we should get an achievement for death count tat that would be epic lol
  6. God of Bacon

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    First off, I'd to address her point. This post was made in response to people taking this game into real life drama(ex. a certain number of individuals who will go on hating you for your action in the game.). For some reason people have decided to complain about the alts on this thread? I know that people hate me(a certain one you know has even threatened to kill me in real life.) simply because this is not my first account, and for some reason they think I still play the other one, but the alt issue was not the topic of the thread. If the person who starts the thread doesn't want it getting off topic start your own. Also, according to the guidelines, mentioning alt use is against forum rules. I would've posted a screenshot, but the link to the guidelines is currently broken. Second, can you really not straight kill tat in the game yet? I realize she's just a little bit harder then me because of the 150 defense she added for some reason, but it should still be fairly easy to kill her.
  7. Wonder Bread

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    @GoB Are you looking for the Code of Conduct? Or the Terms of Use? The terms you can always find at the bottom of our forums, and the Code you can always find in my signature.
  8. Tat27

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    Thank you, lol, but Kano doesn't want to do that, considering then everybody would just continuously kill themselves over and over again. lesigh

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