just a battle question, maybe someone can help explain

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  1. okay so theres this one player who i wont name. he attacks the hell out of me at all hours of the day and night. i think he lives here. so i counter attack him alot. but somethings odd about it. here is the latest attack by him. i counter attacked him 19 times, he goes through them all and continues to attack and wins 35 times. 35 times? he wins alot no matter how my low my health is. is he having his army low enough to win and win alot like this?
  2. probably so.
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    That, or he just has a lot less health than you do. If he's one of those players who always kept their health at 100-ish, they can attack a player with say, 1000 health a LOT. Army size in that case, has nothing to do with it.

    What is the HP loss of you both when you attack him?
  4. i just attacked him and i just barely won. "Your Attack Strength was 0.2% greater than your Enemies Defense Strength." "-131 Health Lost | 131 Health Damage Dealt"

    said my weapons were weaker. i have...

    5,575 Weapons

    * 1 Fenrir Sword
    * 1 Skull Crushing Mace
    * 1 Golden Axe
    * 61 Magma Ships
    * 63 Giant Spiders
    * 72 Dwarf Hammers
    * 68 Wild Fire Horses
    * 107 Andvarinauts
    * 60 Dwarf Wands
    * 1 Thor Belt
    * 1 Golden Armor
    * 60 Tarnkappes
    * 5,003 Surtr Fire Swords
    * 1 Fenrir Helm
    * 2 Golden Helms
    * 26 Fire Wingsuits
    * 1 Bone Shield
    * 1 War Rhino
    * 1 Elven Short Sword
    * 8 Slith Blades
    * 1 Blitzen
    * 9 Giant Piranhas
    * 1 Golden Shield
    * 1 Fenrir Shield
    * 24 Tyr Bows

    he has...

    5,075 Weapons

    * 1 Xmas Star Shield
    * 1 Irish Armor
    * 1 Fenrir Shield
    * 25 Fire Wingsuits
    * 31 Dwarf Wands
    * 34 Wild Fire Horses
    * 1 Fenrir Armor
    * 1 Golden Armor
    * 48 Andvarinauts
    * 34 Tarnkappes
    * 24 Dwarf Hammers
    * 32 Magma Ships
    * 1 Venom Dagger
    * 44 Giant Piranhas
    * 15 Giant Spiders
    * 28 Slith Blades
    * 1 Dark Elf Sword
    * 1 Blizzard Crossbow
    * 77 Fire Chariots
    * 34 Venom Darts
    * 4,149 Surtr Fire Swords
    * 27 Skidbladnirs
    * 20 Hugin and Munins
    * 1 Broken Sword of Sigmund
    * 10 Deluxe Helms
    * 15 Jörmungandrs
    * 20 Yggdrasil Ships
    * 13 Aegir War Ships
    * 1 Forearm Armor
    * 1 Svalinn Sun Shield
    * 1 Dragon Armor
    * 20 Fenrirs
    * 6 Cyclops War Helms
    * 1 Ancient Dwarf Shield
    * 10 War Elephants
    * 7 Serpent Skin Armors
    * 1 Fafnir Dragon Helmet
    * 1 Fire Dagger
    * 1 Beowulf Sword
    * 12 Trained Hawks
    * 11 Fishing Drakkars
    * 5 Fafnir Dragon Shields
    * 30 Tyr Bows
    * 8 Battle Chainmails
    * 5 Blood Swords
    * 2 Valkyrie Throwing Axes
    * 14 Great Fishing Nets
    * 13 Njord Ships
    * 24 Viking Longships
    * 18 Giant Squids
    * 13 Aegir Staffs
    * 1 Odin Shield
    * 1 Sleipnir
    * 1 Barbarian Club
    * 3 Steel Armors
    * 1 Odin Helmet
    * 1 Loki Hand Claw
    * 14 Long Range Catapults
    * 1 Odin Sword
    * 11 Morningstars
    * 19 Njord Hooks
    * 3 Viking Santa Hats
    * 20 Blood Decoys
    * 1 Wooden Shield
    * 4 Valkyrie Throwing Knives
    * 11 Drakkars
    * 5 Cyclops Smash Clubs
    * 9 Yggdrasil Timbers
    * 15 Mini Melee Axes
    * 15 Poison Arrows
    * 3 Longbows
    * 4 Alfheim Maps
    * 1 Balista
    * 1 Leather Helm
    * 1 Spear
    * 1 Viking Axes
    * 3 Mead Horns
    * 6 Thor Amulets
    * 3 Serpent Claw Blades
    * 1 Broad Sword
    * 11 Chainmail Armors
    * 4 Catapults
    * 6 Battle Axes

    said my warriors were stronger.

    i have...

    11,150 Warriors

    * 1 Dwarf Pack
    * 25 Battle Elfs
    * 10,727 Balder Proteges
    * 74 Fire Trolls
    * 179 Utgard Guards
    * 104 Sorcerer Elfs
    * 20 Rock Giants
    * 20 Ice Dwarfs

    he has...

    10,140 Warriors

    * 4 Viking Brawlers
    * 3 Celtic Vikings
    * 1 Dwarf Commander
    * 2 Dwarf Packs
    * 3 Valkyrie Princesses
    * 3 Exiled Cyclops
    * 38 Fire Trolls
    * 35 Sorcerer Elfs
    * 1 Loki Demon
    * 3 Viking Maidens
    * 1 Dark Elf Princess
    * 51 Rock Giants
    * 27 Utgard Guards
    * 33 Ice Dwarfs
    * 9,722 Balder Proteges
    * 1 Santa Viking
    * 38 Frost Giants
    * 20 Battle Etins
    * 1 Death Dealer
    * 41 Vidar Berserkers
    * 25 Shapeshifters
    * 44 Battle Elfs
    * 1 Njord Warlord
    * 18 Aegir Guards
    * 1 Norse Prince
    * 1 Hel Minion
    * 1 Royal Hersir
    * 1 Elite Hersir
    * 1 Assassin
    * 6 War Marshalls
    * 1 Warrior Princess
    * 1 Sniper
    * 2 Spear Berzerkers
    * 1 Sword Berzerker
    * 1 Axe Berzerker
    * 1 Archer
    * 1 Spear Warrior
    * 1 Sword Warrior
    * 1 Axe Warrior
    * 2 Warriors
    * 1 Scout

    and it said my armed weapons were weaker.

    i have...

    * 1 Blizzard Crossbow
    * 1 Venom Dagger
    * 1 Irish Armor

    he has...

    * 1 Hunting Lion
    * 1 Griffin
    * 1 War Rhino

    my attack strength was 376 and his defense strength is of course unknown.
    im level 890 and hes 946. both of us had our 5% boost due to our elite chieftains.
  5. im confused why it says my weapons were weaker. they look stronger to me. same goes for my armed weapons.
  6. its because the game is random as they come.at one point i attack someone and im 20% stronger and the next im only 3% stronger.

    to developers: please stop the randomness.it's only angering ALOT of players.either we're strong enough to win an attack or we're not.please stop the sometimes you win sometimes you lose nonsense.
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    From the look of that I'd say either your or his max hp is around...1000hp. I'll just assume his HP is 1000 hp, with yours being significantly higher. If that's the case, he can attack you five times, heal up, attack five more times, again heal up, etc etc until you reach "hospitalised" status.

    However, if you're life isn't at least 6000-7000 hp I dont know why he is able to attack you this many times.
  8. Gavin

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    Well there still no answer on my earlier post on how the battle system works. It seemed that it was just amount of cheiftains, but, Black Grim you have more warriors and seems like better weapons yet barely winning. What gives, there is no rhyme or reason.

    As for the other player being able to attack many more times, I haven't the slightest clue why. Possibly if you have 5000 hp and he has 1000 and as seen just about equal damage is done, say 200 each... he can attack 4 times heal attack another 4 heal and so on til your severely hurt. so almost 20 attacks where as you attack 4 times and he's severely damaged.

    Just a guess though, please Dev's help us out.
  9. Kel the Merciful King

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    I don't think the devs can help out or the game secrets would be outted ... My opinion would be cuz the other guy is at a higher level, he can bring more chiefs to bear and their weapons/warriors than the lower level person. From what I know, you can always attack up about 5-10% to a bigger clan and have a chance of winning most of them. I would not like to see the randomness removed or the secrets outted ... it would be no fun!!!!
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    Black Grim - all you can do with a "touched person" like that is counter attack the heck out of them. You have to keep hundreds of billions of coins on hand and have alot of stamina readily available to deal with such people. The change in counter attacks (taking it down by one every 15 levels) can only allow for more problems such as the one you're having. Keep the faith you're a good guy.
  13. thats from facebook lol

    During a battle, every Chieftain of your Clan is armed with the most powerful items that you own and can each bring in a certain number of Warriors and Weapons. For example, if you have 2 Chieftains in your Clan, you should try to own at least 10 Weapons and 20 Warriors or you will not be maximizing the use of your Chieftains. Each Chieftain of your Clan can hold 5 Weapons, and lead 10 Warriors to battle. During battles your strongest inventory items are automatically selected from your available Power-Ups, Clan Inventory, Gifts and God Items.

    Battle Balance
    To balance the game, your Clans' effectiveness is limited by your level as well as by the number of Chieftains you have to lead your Warriors. Although transparent in the game, a level 1 Clan with 10 Chieftains will only have a slight advantage over a level 1 Clan with 5 Chieftains. In later stages of the game, however, larger Clans carry a significant advantage over smaller Clans.

    A button will appear in the header when a "Bounty" has been placed on another Clan leader in the game. A bounty can be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of other players all at the same time, so successfully making a kill on from the bounty is not an easy task. Anyone can add any other Clan Chieftains in the game to the bounty if they have enough money.
    Beware of the Bounty!
    Huge bounties on the bounty list usually mean that the target is a very powerful Clan Chieftains. Attacking them opens up any level player to retaliation attacks from that user. For this reason, lower level Clan Chieftains should be wary of who they decide to mess with on the bounty list.

    How is my bounty cost determined?
    The minimum amount of Gold required to place another Chieftain on the bounty list is determined by how big their Empire is and the number of times they have been bountied in the past 24-hrs. Having a bigger Empire makes you a much higher profile target. You can view your base bounty cost from your profile in the "User" tab.

    Bounty Fatigue
    Bounty Fatigue limits the number of times a player is able to view the Bounty list within a given period of time. Depending on how active you are on the bounty list you may reach 100% and have to wait a period of time before hunting again or else you may have your fatigue reset back to 0% before ever reaching 100%. Bounty Fatigue was introduced as a measure to deter BOT usage and to give equal opportunity to all playing the game.
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    thats on myspace too and it says absolutely nothing about the battle system other than "Having many chieftains is a good thing".
  15. so its a good info ?! :D :rolleyes:
  16. Eddie

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    Thanks Para for pasting that here :)
  17. ah sorry for my late reply. i think you guys are right about his health possibly being real low. my max health is at 6000 right now. i'd hate to see how many more times he'd win if it was any higher. im pretty sure his is somewhat low cuz i do attack him and win, but only like 3-4 times by the time he's already in the hospital. he's one of those "ninja vikings", hides-heals-attacks-hides-heals-attacks, etc. and that's fine with me cuz sometimes i do the same technique. so yeah, counter attacks are best for him and in order to keep those down in price, i very rarely bother attacking him.

    basically as long as im in the hospital before i have to go to work, im good lol

    thanks for all the comments, everyone and Eric. The more things are discussed, the better chance we all will have at having SOME idea how this game works lol.
  18. Azazel

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    This again reinforces my point that Viking Clan forces people to become friends with people they don't know, allowing these people access to your personal information, in order to be able to be competitive...

    You shouldn't be penalized for having less Chieftans, or there should be a more viable option of adding them (like getting 1 per God point or something, instead of 3 per 10) instead of having to befriend total strangers...
  19. after you clan with someone you know you CAN remove them from your myspace friend list and they'll still be in your clan
  20. Kel the Merciful King

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    Actually, in Facebook at least, you can create a group for game friends only, and limit their access to information that you want to limit them to ... ex. viking clan privates, viking clan, friends. Each group can have its own settings. In Myspace ... could not tell you ...

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