July 8th- Developer Update (Loadout and Characters)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Couple updates today,
    -new refreshed characters, all custom handrawn artwork!
    -new loadout system for character arming. You can access this feature through the profile or inventory arming submenu. Also the armed item links under your character in the battle result link to a popup version of the arming utility.

    Any issues with the loadout feature please let us know.



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  2. Dread Lord

    Dread Lord New Member

    i just bought all my weps and chr and it totaled my bounty Y is this ??? droped it all most 350.... bill >?????? ok now i just sold off half of the stuff now got some back not much up to 29 bill and 190 bil bounty but still not right to take our bounty away any way you look at it we still have that size income
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  3. Wow, those new items sure have some upkeep. Think I'll hold off buying until my income goes way higher. I do like the fact that there are new weapons and clan available.
  4. yes those sea dog items are nice,but way too much upkeep.
    being highest level on myspace(i know facebook is like 700+ levels ahead of me) and max clan size,im wondering if those items are worth it or not.
  5. my income after new items ... :eek:

    Rule Income: 27,354,567,100 coins
    Clan Upkeep: - 26,046,263,490 coins
    Income per Hour: + 1,308,303,610 coins

    and i only have clan 1159
  6. it would help out if new locations and new rule were available as well.
  7. Jeaux

    Jeaux New Member

    Seems it should be higher upkeep for the new weapons OR a reduced bounty but not both.

    As stated, people still earn that much gold.

    So KANO, why the double hit?

    Are more property to rule in the works?
  8. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Damn Para - what was your hourly income before you bought all those? I took a look at the upkeep & decided to hold off.. I'm only banking 5B an hour.. I'd never be able to fully equip 1050 clan with all that.. Kudos to you though! :)
  9. upkeep drags down bounty cost.thats how its always worked.
    bounty is determined by how much your net profit is after upkeep not before upkeep
  10. Rule Income: 39,271,728,500 coins
    Clan Upkeep: - 35,975,230,000 coins
    Income per Hour: + 3,296,498,500 coins

    this is with 1999 clan

    i got rid of all mermaids/merman and got the seadog lookouts

    no new weapons or ships,this is for those lookouts alone.

    bounty dropped to 22bill(though list me or attack me you will regret)
  11. tat

    tat New Member

    stupidly i converted all mine over - lost a large chunk a change.
    what makes it even worse is that i am still losing to someone who hasn't upgraded - where previously he was beating me because on mateys he was stronger, and now he is not. yet he still beats me.

    crikey i feel like a total chump now. shot my wad and get no reward for it.
  12. Well i got best attack and best defence items so double from each mates weapon that's why bubble upkeep so when i attack its all my best attack weapons pop out and when some one attack me all best defence weapons pop out

    thats the idea so upkeep is high .. also im long time player (Joined 345 days ago) and i dont realy care about that but there is players who level up fast and no much income at my level so fast level ones are more in number than old ones .!!

    so if its takes to long than game for new players can get boring .. just my feedback :)
  13. adlib2

    adlib2 New Member

    My income Just dropped by $10 Billion/hr and my Bounty dropped also~~~??
  14. *wendah*

    *wendah* Member

    i made almost 20 billion before the switch and just under nine now :( i just have the mateys and a few weapons. i agree new rule would help build the bounty back up. i went from 120 to just under 60. lame
  15. When you buy new clan, weapons, and ships you have to be aware of how much the upkeep is. Bounty is attached to how much you earn, after upkeep. If you want to keep income and bounty high, don't spend all your money on high upkeep items. As you add rule, then add a few new clan at a time so your income doesn't go lower.

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