Jan. 12th Dev Update - Battle Response/Armada Joining

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Eric, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Eric

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    Couple updates for today:
    -Small bug fixes
    -Battle result windows have slightly changed to include any health or error responses within the window.
    -Dedicated Armada members can only contribute gamer points. New members must wait until the next day start before any rewarded points will be contributed to the Armada gamer point totals.
  2. that helps a little.at least attack doesnt disappear.the jumping is still there though.
  3. Vampryss

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    yes the window still jumps a little but definitely not as bad as before. I do notice something odd though.. when hitting that last attack the "severely injured" message appears but the attack button is still there.. if you hit it again the too week to fight msg comes up doing no damage.. was this intentional? perhaps there is a way to combine the msgs? "severely injured & too weak to fight" & take out the attack button on that last swing?.. :)


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  4. Angel

    Angel Member

    yes, this is quite confusing oO last attack should be last attack. please change it like it was before
  5. attack button should stay.makes it smoother to play instead of having to attack from profile page and having page jump.also makes it easier to get hits in on hit and hiders.
  6. Angel

    Angel Member

    you cannot attack if someone is in hospital or dead, this button is pointless

    dont understand this sentence, sorry :confused:
  7. Angel

    Angel Member

    thank you very much for changing back :)
  8. ok ill expand on this.

    when someone is constantly hitting and then you cant get a hit on them,if the button stays there and you constantly click it,the hider might heal up and then you can attack them.
  9. Angel

    Angel Member

    ok, now I understand. but if you constantly click it like it was the button was dissapearing too after bringing the enemy into the hospital, it just took one click more to dissappear ^^

    edit: I would have liked the button if it was a button to punch the opponnent, this would be a very nice feature, if someone is near dead and a punch could kill him
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  10. not at first it didnt.that was changed later where button disappeared

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