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    It must be a culture thing. On one hand we are expected to treat the owners and their staff with respect while on the other hand they can name call and label us as they wish, or ban us for the fun of it(which seems to be the case in most instances) .
    When communication fails they delete the thread rather than resolve conflict thus allowing it to fester or the people go way wondering what the point of posting was in the first place.
    We are the customer. We are ALWAYS right. If they can't understand that then they don't deserve to be in business!!

    You can convince my against my will, but I'll remain of the same opinion still!
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    straight up. KANO is pissing alot of ppl off. they need good mods and admins not these ones who are rude and disrespectful dont even play the game. like i said. hire LIL one or somone who will actually make this game better. not worse. cuz i know a few ppl who have allrdy quit cause of all this BS. maybe they need to go check out some better companys or online systems. go check out blizzard or Microsoft.
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    so what mods do not play kano games, do tell ??? FYI admins are employees and moderators are players/volunteers, just in case you are not aware.
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    i am aware. im just saying. ur probly the only mod that i can stand. all the others have been d***s to me n my friends. but w.e
  5. The fact of the matter is this: Kano is going to do whatever they want with the game. For the most part, they're going to attempt to do things that make the game better, but that's not always going to be the case.

    Take the hired squad for example. Despite the concerns expressed here, they went live anyway to disastrous results. The delicate balance Kano had achieved with Zombie Slayer was forever destroyed. The fact of the matter is is that at my level I'm on the fight lists of people who have 1 more squad then I have, and that does make a difference. I still view that as a negative change, and I'm not alone in this.

    I don't care about the heal button issue, I think riding the hit list is silly after a certain point, but it does serve to illustrate some of the issues people have, not just with this game, but with many other multi-player games. Which is that so often changes are made quickly that negatively affect players while those that would be positive often take months or years or never happen at all.

    The confirmation button on purchases...both cash and UN is a prime example of this.

    There's no solution to this, except to express our displeasure. Of course we could also find a new game to play.
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    Well said, thank you.
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    We never ban anyone "for the fun of it". It's a last resort, something we never want to do. We delete threads and posts when they go off-topic, become abusive or downright offensive. Treat staff and volunteers with respect and you can expect it in return.

    I do not subscribe to the theory that "the customer is always right". "Always" is a strong term, and unfortunately many of the people who write into us at support start off by lying to us from the get go, it's a side game for them. This article hits a lot of the notes on why.
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    That's a bold claim, can you fill me in on who may have quit due to moderation staff? I'd like to resolve problems with these people. If you'd prefer not to say in public, feel free to PM me or email me: comes to me direct.
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    This is precisely why I want more people to come to the forums to express their concerns. Right now the forums are a fraction of the total player base. The majority of players we never hear from at all, people play the games and are never vocal positive or negative. For us to make broad sweeping changes one way or another based on the say so of a dozen or so people is as reckless as not doing anything at all. If you know people who have these concerns, encourage them to voice them here. It does make a difference, I promise you. Thanks!
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    deltan. i would message u but the last time i messaged u i never heard anything from you. all im saying is. why take somthing out of the game that really is not hurting any1??? and yes i have been banned for no reason. i got banned for being on the hitlist not even 2 hours? but iv seen ppl on there for FIVE! then they unban me as soon as i die? i call BS. they just wanted to screw me over. and i garentee iv spent more money then most on this game.
  11. Deltan, it could be argued that the people that come here to express pleasure or displeasure are the very ones that are most passionate about the game. And they're opinion should be given more weight. The forum button in ZS is really easy to find, yet most people don't visit to give you any input. They're the silent majority. They're either satisfied or they're not. If they're not, they're just going to quietly find a new game to play.

    But there are certain things that seem basic to me. The confirmation button being one of them. We've asked for it for months with no response from Kano on the issue. I know that if we mistakenly purchase something we can contact support and get it removed and get a refund, but how many people know that, or actually would take the time to write support? I think that's what Kano counts on.

    In a similar vein, there is absolutely no reason to have a remove button on UN items. I shudder to think of what would happen if I accidentally pressed that one day, due to lag. Would I get a confirmation button? Or would the item be instantly irrevocably removed?

    I'm not asking you to make broad sweeping changes...I'm asking you not to do so. At least not without player support and participation. And a lengthy testing process under "real world" conditions. The last broad, sweeping change you made was a total disaster and I almost left the game and still may.

    As far as the issue at hand...people seem to think that riding the hit list for hours is somehow impressive to the player base. It's not. I'm content with seeing the auto-heal feature, glitch, whatever go. But the removal so quickly is symptomatic of the so many knee jerk reactions by developers I've seen in the past. There's a term for what has been done here, and it's not an affectionate one. Nerfing.
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    You got banned by the auto-detection system. You did a significant number of heals in an hour, more than anyone could reasonably click. Therefore cheating, but you are unbanned currently. It was a temp ban by the system, there is no "they", we don't have time to sit here and dwell on ways to "screw over" players, that's so not what we're about. Play the game fairly and you won't get caught by such cheating counter measures :)
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    i know the reason i got banned. but its a bunch of BULL that i get banned for KNAOS mistake. thats just screwed up on many levels.. that shows kanos true colors. its not my fault it was in the game nor any1 elses but kanos. and its not like it was a SECRET thing in the game cause of DON andJOEL everyone knew even kano it was posted on the forum ITSELF. so why am i punished for there mistake???
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    shes got ya there Deltan...... there does seem to be a double standard...Ive personally witnessed you and a developer do the exact same thing
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    It does seem to be a bit "do as i say not as I do"...doesnt it?

    They can do whatever they want I guess...its their "dog and pony show". But It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that its Kano themselves that has created this ever increasing atmosphere of resentment amongst its players . Besides playing robin hood and stealing from the upper levels to give to the lowers they simply dont get it, "you can put lipstick on a pig...but its still a pig". , Short term fixes and catchly lil "fly by night" updates are like trendy nite spots...."here today ...gone tomorrow". Kano you went to the well way to many times....instead of sticking to what and who made u successful u abandoned it/them..... Instead of "dancing with the girl that brought you"...ya ran off with some young floozy, dont expect us to feel bad now that shes run off with someone younger and deeper pockets. You guys caved in to the lowers repeatedly and they rode it for all its worth and have basically driven Kano games into the ground.

    I would have figured a lil Indy company such as Kano would have wanted to take advantage of positive word of mouth marketing from its most loyal of customers...imagine my surprise when ya kicked em in the teeth and spat on them. now they're leaving with only bad things to say and your young floozy left last week for one of the corp big boys. You neglected the upper levels and pandered to the lowers.....gee ....wonder why everybody is pissed off. At least u brought in the very knowledgeable and personable Mr Deltan to smooth things over....thats a lil like ripping the dumbass band-aid u put on the gushing wound of players and pouring gasoline on it.

    Anyone got a match....lets just get this over with.
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    In any game, an MMO or a web game you will get banned for exploiting known holes. Look it up, Blizzard, Bioware, Sony Online Entertainment, they all do it. Worked in that biz for over 10 years. The mistake was not Kano's, a change in the way FireFox works got released it enabled that problem to exist. Kano released a fix as time permitted us, creating a fix was not easy. You used a known hole to gain an advantage over another player. It's pretty cut and dry from our side, I'm sorry you disagree. It's over and done with now though, the hole has been fixed, you are unbanned. Time to move along.
  17. polishpimp

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    I agree with most of this whole heartily, the exception being the auto -heal fix....not that I disagree...I just dont have a strong stance on either side of that particular debate. I agree that its players that care the most about the games that make it up here to the forums on a regular basis. I also find it very peculiar when Kano goes in the opposite direction of what the vast majority of the community wants and they state...that the silent majority in favor of their decision sent them private messages. Why wouldnt support simply direct those players messaging them to the forums as they send players from here to support with support related issues. The whole...some people dont want to deal with forum thing is a crock and Kano uses it as a way to push things on us, The facts atre.....the only time a player ever gets an idea to go if Kano already had it in mind or it simply wont make any real diff so they do it and say...."look....we"re all about what the players want".

    Over all David....everything u said was valid, well thought out and written well, TY!
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    Seems a bit harsh, the entire first paragraph I don't understand there are mixed metaphors, and something about sluts and floozies lol. I'm guessing your point is that we abandoned high level players? Is that correct? I don't think that's accurate, new content (locations and bosses) that gets released always caters to the highest level (much to the chagrin of lower level players), battle arena specifically provides higher level players with new people to fight. From my perspective, we're catering to both. Considering lower level players out number higher levels exponentially as the gap widens, it's hard to cater to both. I think we do a pretty good job of it.

    It's unfortunate that you find me so intolerable in your space, I'd like to work closer with all players to understand what matters most, hence the survey that just recently went out. Don't ever expect me to roll over and take insults in the community. People who approach me with constructive criticism presented in a concise, professional tone receive a response in like kind. People who lace their posts with insults directed at myself, Kano or its staff will receive a response in like kind. Try emailing me or contacting me in PM without hurling insults, you might be surprised what you can get out of us. I'm here to aid you guys, it's an uphill battle for me to fight for issues that matter to you when other players file complaints about you in the community.
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    I sent alka a PM, it was posted in public, therefore it was not me that initiated the discussion in public. I deleted the post because it was sent in PM, intended to be private. I have never publicly posted any PMs sent to me by members. Sorry if you believe there to be a double standard, but I must disagree.
  20. Deltan

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    David The Wraith, thank you for your well written, thought out post and taking the time to put some thought into why we do some of the things we do here. I took your comments directly to a developer to get feedback. Here are some questions, and comments for you in response.
    • Where are you still mistakenly purchasing things from? We have changed refills to be moved on opposite sides of where action buttons are to prevent mis-clicks in battles, boss fights and adventures. We have also enabled hiding items on the home page. That that was our response to requesting a confirmation button, if there areas where high-misclicks are still occurring then please let us know so that we can address appropriately.
    • In the UI space, there is no data that supports the premise that a confirmation button prevents unwanted clicks. Adding a confirmation button will eventually become second nature to people to click just like the current buttons are second nature causing misclicks.
    • We can remove the "remove" button on offer point items. We have created an internal ticket for this to occur. No timeline on when that might happen though.
    • As for the heal glitch, it was introduced by an update in firefox, we had it on our list to fix, meanwhile players were being caught as it is considered a violation of our terms of service. We have since patched those heal links.
    Hope that addresses your issues, feel free to continue the dialog with me here or over PM.

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