How Much Does "Personal Attack" Matter in Battle?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric Thunderbone, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    In other words, what is the real value of owning the God items (and upgrading them every now and again) and having your personal attack/defense strength as high as it can be?

    A more complicated related question is:
    How exactly are the battle winners/losers calculated?

    I know there is a random element (otherwise you'd get the exact same result every time you battle the same person), so I assume these are the factors which are considered:

    Personal Attack vs. Personal Defense
    Personal weapons/warrior (it lists that separately under battle details)
    Health of attacker and defender
    Boosts (or lack thereof)
    Weapons carried by chieftains (and their relative total strength)
    Warriors led by chieftains (and their relative total strength)
    Random element

    Are there others?
    How are the respective factors weighted?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. If so, could someone direct me there?

    I have a general intuitive sense of how the battles are decided based on experiencing tens of thousands of them but I was curious as to the exact calculations.

  2. personal attack is my weak point here

    i lose some battles PURELY by having weaker base atk

    my weapons and warriors are fairly solid
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    I don't know the exact way of things, but I can tell you personal strength helps a lot on fights. The problem is, you can't know how it works since there's no way to know your target's defense, other than knowing it's higher or lower than your attack.

    I can say, though, that there are people who I beat because, even if my equipment's worse (lower chieftain number) I happen to win because of having higher attack than the target's defense, and so happens the other way, people who I can't defeat even if I am better geared due to them being tough in defense.

    As for God Items, they can be sort of helpful but... I like better getting chieftains with the FPs. Maybe once I get to max them I'll start buying God Items but who knows, very long until I actually max them.
  4. prin

    prin New Member

    it seems to me the "only" thing that matters in a battle is how many clan members you have and that you have the weapons and stuff to support them. doesn't seem to me as if personal attack and defense matters a whit.
  5. how wrong you are my friend

    i got excellent warriors/weapons and max clan

    i lose to some with mid sized(1600 or larger chieftains)

    purely by a weaker base attack

    everything else is stronger

    that base value matters big time
  6. Before reaching 1000 chieftans, i used to beat people with up to 1100 cheiftans due to some combination of my personal attack strength and the weapons and warriors that we were carrying.

    I haven't added much (if any) atk since those days, and no longer beat many people with much bigger clans however i think there are some slightly bigger clans feeding me xp occasionally.

    Clan size is the most important determining factor up until a certain level, then personal strength and equipment quality plays a much bigger role in battle outcome.
    Once you reach 2000 it is all down to your personal strength and what you're carrying in battle.

    I (as i'm sure everyone else is as well) would be very interested to learn the exact breakdown of how battles are decided, but i kind of doubt Kano would be willing to let that kind of information out to the masses.

    Please, Kano, PROVE ME WRONG!
  7. prin

    prin New Member

    i said that because i'm level 1925 with a base att/def of 2966/2955 and have 1121 in my clan. i get my rear end handed to me every time i'm on. i can only beat people with around 1200 in their clan. i thought i had the best weapons, ships etc that i could have, although i don't like to keep a bunch of stuff with high upkeep. i did have 50 trillion hoarded until yesterday when i bought property with it. i guess i can afford to spend some on upkeep now :)
  8. Total Attack 1701
    Total Defense 5573
    level 2308
    2000 clan and i lose to some with high 1500s and higher sometimes(on the same note,unless much higher in level anyone attacking me usually will lose)
    everything cept base attack is usually stronger
    trust me when i say base value matters alot
    btw no ships in viking lol
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  9. prin

    prin New Member

    yeah forgot they count as weapons :) i just fought someone with 1522 chieftains and that is the only way he beat me. my armed weapons were stronger, attack was stronger, critical was stronger, boost was equal...the only thing he had was more chieftains and the weapons to back them up which goes back to what i originally said, just that, that is the way it seems....didn't mean to sound bitter :) it's my own fault i know, cause i spent my favor points on leveling, so now i must pay the piper.
  10. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    In my opinion, none of it matters for this game is insane. You repeat same actions over and over and people get worked up for nothing. That is why I gave up on this game. The interaction level is very limited.
  11. starting to feel that way myself..........
  12. Chat rooms make it a bit more fun.... but also add a handicap, and give an advantage.

    Handicap in that while I'm in there chatting with other gamers, I'm not on VC/ZS hunting for bounties, or keeping annoying things in the hospital, or wasting the money of those with an uncanny speed or setting ambushes.

    An advantage in tht when certain annoying things come up, I can be told as opposed t sitting on their profile page.
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  13. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    I was looking for a thread to BUMP, and here it is! I play Pirate Clan and Viking Clan. My pirate is a higher level than my viking, and I have tried somewhat, to add to all areas of my characters attack/defense/energy/health/stamina. I also try to craft smart and get the best drops that I can from adventures and boss fights, in both games. Here is what I notice, over and over. I might have GREAT warriors and weapons, or mateys, weapons and ships, superior to a rival's, but if they have stacked attack and defense high, I cannot prevail upon them, or I seem to get prevailed upon. I would like to know if this was intentional, because it is frustrating to me to put the EFFORT into building full clans with the best of whatever I can get in the game, to be scuppered by someone who had decided to invest everything in attack or defense. Thanks.
  14. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    wow, old thread and a few interesting answers....since the addition of the battle strength tab in your profile, it would appear to me that as long as you have high numbers, whether it be base att or def or a great combination of weapons/warriors or both, that's what looks like all the numbers are added together to come up with a total attack and defense number for both sides in a battle and the higher number prevails with the critical attack only making a difference one way or the other in a close numbered battle.
  15. Lawskar

    Lawskar Member

    To be honest I've been trying to fathom this issue out myself for years. To a degree You're all right of course.

    I wouldn't get too hung up over numbers as after 4.5k it doesn't matter. Everyone (bar a couple of users) have the same number of chieftains anyway.

    There will be an algorithm in play, but it requires one of the development team to come forward and place some flesh on the bone.

    Failing this, the only way to have a real understanding is through experimentation. It would require 2 people using closely matched avatars to process and evaluate results based on different configurations: Assessing this data over a sustained period and then if practicable publishing their findings.
  16. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Awhile back I was saving skill points up VC FB ~1400 ~6k or so.... Wanted to upset some people yet got ~4% for it was not impressed LOL but is what it is.
  17. Brosnik

    Brosnik Active Member

    I too join the merry throng of those who wonder how this works. I understand that however your clan is constructed you have a certain number of chieftans each with a certain number of warriors and weapons. As was said we all end up with the same number on our sides as each other after you hit 2000. The only difference is what strength of attack & defence each warrior has and the weapons that are used. So obtaining more and more powerful weapons and warriors helps as only your top or best ones are brought into battle and the lower ones are no longer used. That much I understand. The bit I don't get is when you equip yourself with weapons or armour, what you do not use, or when you swop one for another, your overall attack or strength does not change only the strengths of what are in your personal load out. So, what is the point of changing clothes and weapons if it makes no difference to your grand totals of attack and defence anyway? Is it purely of aesthetic value so that you 'feel' more protected in that nice looking piece of armour, or does your personal loadout actually have an effect? THAT is the question in my opinion and I would like to know the answer to that if anybody has a clue. Like someone said above, it may be something that KANO cannot or will not answer. Any clues guys?
  18. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Brosnik - here's my 2 cents. Getting to 2000 chiefs (1000 hired and 1000 players) is the 1st and most important thing. 2ndly comes the attack/defense. Then comes the warriors/weapons. Last and least is the personal load.
  19. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    As for a Kano answer, I'm not sure I have one that will satisfy your curiosity, unfortunately. While the exact way we do it is super secret, we do give you a big breakdown on the Battle page that compares your stats to the targets, so that should help you understand what's happening and why.
  20. my total att/ def are almost the same say 1800999 -def 1800995 but i got over 2000 more points in personal attack .. in face book i can beat clan with 2000 me only having 1556 clan so i think the most important is drops and getting the right ones .besides that i dont get it ..

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