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    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank KANO for introducing Guild Wars to Viking Clan. In my opinion, it has made this game fun and rewarding, resulting in an all around enjoyable sporting and gaming experience.

    Guild Wars is an optional component to Viking Clan and therefore if you have cause for complaint, simply leave and go back to doing daily points. There is no need to whine and complain about a fighting feature in what has always been intended as a fighting game.

    I believe I am enjoying Guild Wars now because I am not in first place and I am not under any pressure to get a set amount of wps. Virtual trophies look real nice and pretty on your guild page but the truth of the matter is that its always more fun to be involved in something like this from within the pack and to be viewed as an underdog.

    Last week, my guild of 14 or so finished in 4th place ahead of full guilds including both N1 and VKF in facebook. I am proud of this (as much as one can be for a game).

    This week the fun continues but it is bordering on asinine nonsense. I`ve been watching as guilds try to bring down RVV by bulking up their guild and discarding members who have made meaningful contributions, in some cases, for months and years. It is one thing to take the time and effort to build a guild and forge relationships and friendships and to witness those guilds perform like finely honed machines, it is another thing entirely to comb through the attack group and grab a bunch of disparate folks. This treat of the week approach is doomed in the end to fail as egos get in the way. It is a venture that while it may work for one week, is doomed to be lost to history just as the vcr, crimped hair, and glow in the dark clothing has gone before. This flash in the pan conscripted nonsense says nothing.

    I would have admired ONE`s accomplishments far more had that well knit group that I fought against while in RVV stuck it through. The new ONE is like a Ben and Jerry`s flavour, a freak show novelty item that will be forgotten soon enough. Johan has in sense, become Johan Steinbrenner, with his merry band of New York Yankees.

    You can buy your way to the top in this game. We see it with players all the time. Apparently guilds can now do this too. I suppose it can be said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but in this case there is nothing to be applauded or admired in this quest for the virtual trophy.
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    Jeff i am in total agreement with you here..Wheres the honor in winning a trophy for WP for a guild that you have no loyalty to...SN has a core group of members that have been together for a long time..we fight together,we grew up ,grew stronger and bonded to build a solid foundation for SN...very seldom are we a full guild , yet the core group supports till the end...not using FILL INS just to place or win as well as the swinging door on the guild...very unstable...!...we get out of it what we put in as a team..

    KUDOS to those guilds who remain true to who you are! This is quickly becoming a rarity in VC !
  3. First off, congrats to RVV for 5 season wins. Congrats to an unfilled guild placing 4th in guild wars as this accomplishment indeed raises an eyebrow. That being said, If a top well knit group of a finely honed machines is indeed toppled by this so called "treat of the week" then I would have to say "WOW". Who would have thought that a finely honed machine could be brought down by a group of disparate folks? Perhaps this will give reason for other clans to form guilds and give it a go. How on Earth would it be a less impressive accomplishment for a guild that has changed up a couple of members this past week to win the war? I also noticed that this One group has maintained a top 3 finish since the inception of GWs , so they are doing something right. I never thought I would say this but GW's is looking more and more tempting if it is not being dominated by just 1 or 2 guilds. SN also continues to stay strong in the mix and could very easily topple the number one if they tweak it a little. I would be interested to see what might take place if BX3 ever gets filled up or if VKF fine tunes it some. Finally, since the inception of GW's I have found myself interested in all this. One last note, how foolish would a guild leader be if they didn't maintain other friendships that could step into a spot to help out their war efforts when they need them to? There is simply nothing dishonorable about this tactic and it is nothing new. I would be Very impressed to see a "makeshift" guild start up and take the top spot no matter if it it were for one week or not. Nice show everyone , Good luck to all and Happy Gaming.
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    as long as no one is cheating...why is anyone being criticized? This is a competition after all and what ever strategy works for whoever is the one they should employ if they wish. Just sounds like players trying to justify their not claiming that they somehow are above what others r doing....kinda sad really

    BLACKDETH Member

    Not really. I`m not trying to win guild wars. If I was, I would have stayed put in RVV. You`re a yappy one for someone who plays vc with like, what, 5 other people....pmsl. As for Griff, I`m not going to respond to him...we all know what he does.
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    Griff...I give KUDOS to ONE the first 2 weeks of GW...they stuck together as a team...then when the slid down from 2nd place they have moved in and out several ...for whatever the reasons......not a solid foundation as i see it...i will be interested to see how this works as well....SN being down 3 and 1 man out for the last 2 seasons has impacted us...but have we filled those and his spot with ANYONE who may give us 5 extra maintain whatever position we can a team...SN could of brought in Vikings for hire as well if we wanted honor in that nor fighting for a guild that your just filling in for...wheres the pride....just sayin ...

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    I would say its not fair play when a guild logs in for 15 minutes a day with the singular purpose of feeding another guild points. also just sayin'.
  8. Loving the Guild war Features pretty sure I've actually attacked /been attacked by some of you here..Keep up the fun it defo makes the game more enjoyable.

    VKF Unstoppable Force

  9. It's every bit as fair as a guild bountying a bunch of babies to get points or beating on manufactured enemies and then beating their chests about it so what's the difference? The victims were willing?

    We joined guild wars for 15 mins to prove a point. That Guild Wars has been flawed from it's inception. In those 15 mins, we ranked in the top 20 (maybe 21st, I forget) and fed a guild a bunch of points (an amusing by-product of this experiment). If Guild Wars was the smash success it should've been, we wouldn't have been able to rank at all as there would've been many more guilds involved with a lot more points. Hell, I would've placed 30th on my own. That's pathetic. LOL!

    RVV and ONE were fighting for the top spot. We, as a guild, were able to help influence that outcome as a third-party guild. We'll do it again if we feel like it. Just depends on our mood. Feel like winning a virtual trophy next week? :D
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  10. Craig Day

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    Left out Fact

    Of course Jeff forgot to mention that RVV dumped at least 2 long term loyal members. But, hey lets not let the facts get in the way here. Our point was proved. Plus we enjoy the game and love playing our game within the game. Personally I would love to be in Guild Wars but since CCC is run on a majority rules basis and so far the majority says no we will not join for now. But come on 15 mins in there and we were number 20. You all can fight over the virtual trophy and have fun doing it.

    But I refuse to hound and hector people to get War Points nor will I toss players that have jobs family and social lifes because they cannot get War Points. A little obsessive if you ask me. Winning a pixel is not a top priority. Sorry Guys. Maybe I can start a guild of just me and join in.
  11. I have a job family and a very good social life and I still manage to get plenty of war points!!!
  12. Craig Day

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    I am very happy for you. But if it becomes the driving force in your life, like it has for some, I feel sorry for your Job Family and Social life
  13. Giggles

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  14. Craig Day

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    That a Girl

    Call him out. Finally honed machine my wrinkled old butt. I think RVV does deserve kudos though. They have been able to unite those disparate people and have them forge an alliance with a common goal. Lawrence should get the Noble Peace Prize
  15. Spazticus

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    I'm glad it's a good feature for so many players, but how does one opt-out of this? I never wanted to be a part of it; it removes my only ability to defend myself, and instead of logging in to build up a character or rank up through achievements, i'm just getting farmed by players who are thousands of times higher level than i am. All fun is officially gone. Failing an opt-out, how does one permanently close an account? Can i give away my purchases to someone who might want to survive a little longer?
  16. Kai Adams

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    Well, well. Congratulations to One and the team they put together. Very well done !! We will regroup and give it another go in the future . Apparently Mike White, the pixle trophy is worth going to great lengths for. Maybe being in a Guild that will never achieve that , I would also think it is stupid too ! LMFAO .Good job everyone !! You all made it fun and interesting. Oh... Kudos to Craig and the Sacrificial Sheep Guild CCC. Job well done also. You finally found a purpose for your guild.
  17. Kai Adams

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    Craig Day


    Is your entire self esteem wrapped up in playing Viking Clan and you lost?

    Are you paranoid because it appears everyone is ganging up on you?

    Are you taking out your frustrations by stealing everyone's bosses?

    Have the bullying tactics of your Guild backfired on your minions?

    Have you not won your virtual trophy for the first time?

    You are frustrated and angry. You have indigestion and are not sleeping. Your entire virtual world is crumbling before your eyes. People are laughing at your pathological hatred of certain people.

    Get help!!!! Call 1-800-GWLOSERS. Our trained consultants are there to help restore you to the real world. We will teach you that wearing a horned helmet and Wolf Skin at your computer is not normal. We will reinforce that real life is not Bosses or War Points. We will show you how to have fun again. Because this is supposed to be fun. Please do not hurt yourself you can always win your trophy next week.
    Like · · Follow Post · 50 minutes ago Looks to me that the little Guild on the playground found a big friend. LMFAO
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    The guild leader or officer's can remove it under the edit tab in guild. Yes guild wars is fun but not for everyone.

    LoL Craig... I second that!!
  19. Lady Jewels

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    I want to thanks RVV and One for bringing Raping and Pillaging into the Wars...I haven't gotten this much action, I don't know how long!!! When I log in....please wait a min, let me bend over before you gang attack, mmmmkay???

    I think those viking helmets need to be exchanged for short bus helmets in some cases, but other wise, charrrrrggggeeee!!!!:p
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