[PC] Game Update: Battle Drops are Here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Deltan, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    Well, I like the battle drops, but adventure and boss drops seem much more frequent. I have picked up a few since it started. and I like the bounty drops, but I it is a bounty on a lower level, the drop is based that pirate's level, and is most likely useless to me. I do not think this is a bad thing. I would like to see drops when an attacker loses to me!!!!! ;)
  2. Malifacus

    Malifacus New Member

    A note about this in my opinion, if it truly is a incentive to get people to battle more to level up. I Don't see a real value in battling for this as the rewards are just better to go and fight bosses. As fighting bosses would lead to a better over all equipped armada. So in all this is failing for me. It is just a nice bonus if I am lucky while I am getting my gamer points I might get a bonus matey/weapon/ship. As that is the only reason I battle other then trying to win on the hit list for extra gold.

    I think you failed to make it what you wanted and you need to go back to the drawing board and figure out where you went wrong. More incentive is needed for me to want to battle all the time just to get some extra items, that are no better then the items that I get from boss battles which is alot stronger and overall better.

    Just my thoughts on it. After reading this whole thread and testing out the battle a little. I hit more then 100 times and only got 1 item that was a ok item, it only proved to give me 1 point more in offense/ defense that I can already buy.

    I got a ----> Master Archaeologist 15 Attack 15 Defense
    I can buy these two right now
    Sea-Dog Cabin Boy 14 Attack 12 Defense
    Sea-Dog Powder Monkey 12 Attack 14 Defense
    and find way better stuff from bosses.

    So, I guess my real question is. Where is the incentive again?
    But I do love having the extra bonuses, and I thank you guys for your hard work in putting this stuff together.

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  3. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Malifacus. Your items that drop for you are going to be items around the ones your doing in level ups and doing from jobs and the stats on them. Higher level players have higher items with a higher attack and defense to them. The way they did do the items in making sure a low player does not come out of the wood work with 8000 weapons of 40/40 attack by the time they get into the middle section of the game being around level 2000 to 5000 is smart. Give it time your items will improve the more you move up in level in the game. And the best items are the rare items which have an even lower ratio drop.
  4. Malifacus

    Malifacus New Member

    Yea I know, but i am not going to be using a bunch of stamina just to level up faster and get items slower. when i could fight bosses and level slower and get items faster. Which will increase my overall attack and defense and make me a stronger player when i do get to the higher levels. I am just saying this is no incentive to level up as well. even if i get rares and commons. it would put me at a disadvantage at the higher levels if i go all out battle royal.
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  5. Any items that a new player or low level player could craft will pale in comparison to what the high levels already have hundreds of.

    You're doing adventures that give you drops with much better stats than anything these low levels could come up with - excluding Limited Items. Challenges also give better drops than anything a low level can grab.

    Do the battle drops also not vary depending on your level? It seems to me that lower levels would be receiving weak equipment that would hardly be of any threat to a higher level.

    You also have shop options that these lower level players will not have. Blacksmith options that these lower levels will not have. Bosses that these lower levels simply can't attack to receive the powerful drops you can with a meager power attack.

    It's already been stated in this thread also that you'll have the same opportunity to battle and amass as many battle drops as you can. I understand that your fight list becomes smaller and smaller, on the verge of not even being existent as you get into the higher levels, but the administrators have already commented that the drops are boss drop level.

    Which means that more than likely, your weapons, mateys, and ships that you've gotten from the Makemake, Poseidon, Dinosaur, Nautilus, etc will more than easily overpower their meager drop items.

    Plus there's the low drop rate for these battle drops.

    And there's always cagematches if you feel that threatened or unhinged by the idea of a level one rising up with high level battle drops.
  6. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    well you would have to win with a higher or lower level anyway to get a batttle drop, and if you can get something equal to something you may buy that has upkeep , makes sense to me to not have upkeep which lowers your income and your bounty price , just sayin :)
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    The fact that the higher levels have adventures, shop options and bosses that the lower levels dont have YET is a non issue here because in time they will have them available to them...where as the same is not true the other way around.

    Boss drops do not vary depending on ones level.

    Higher levels may be getting better items...but the better number r in effect being nullified by the fact that they get these items at a way lesser drop rate.

    The highest of levels r not even getting the best items available because they have no one higher than themselves to battle... They are battling down in levels and will only receive the item designated for the lesser level

    In the end....a lesser drop rate while fighting less opponents who also happen to be of a lower level means that over the long run....lower leveled or new players will/can have distinct advantage over the mores seasoned player of a much higher level
  8. Rikki King

    Rikki King New Member

    So the lower levels get more for battling.. No big deal and as far as Im concerned they should all get a bit of a leg up..

    From my fighting and drops I would say that even if they got 200,000 wins they would only get enough loot to fit out 5 clan members with 1 weapon ship OR matie..

    When you think about it there is much point just fighting for loot but it is nice to get something now and then.

    Its a good inclusion to the game and Im glad they did it.
    People worry to much about what he's getting and not about their own game..
    Thanks jon
  9. Malifacus

    Malifacus New Member

    Well said Rikki, Really it doesn't affect much at all, because its still better to fight bosses rather then fighting each other. Just because drop rates are way better and items seem to be better for me.

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