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    The time will come when you start meeting active players on the fight list that actually attack back.
    Here is how to identify who you can attack back and what attacks you can do.

    You are not able to attack the top opponent because they're either in hospital, out of your XP range (Your XP range is 90% of your current level upwards) or you have already used up all your attacks for today. You can still hitlist, punch, ambush or boobytrap this person.
    The middle opponent...meh they're dead! You can't do anything but set ambushes or a boobytrap. (bit weird that the hitlist link is always lit up though)
    You can attack, punch, ambush, boobytrap & hitlist the bottom opponent.
    *TIP If you're going to use the ambush feature, it's probably best to set a boobytrap.

    The next image will show you how easy it is to use your rivals to attack/defend multiple opponents from the rivals page.

    From your rivals page you can easily attack, hitlist, boobytrap or even ambush 4 or more opponents. To do this you'll have to turn off the setting that makes your page jump to the top after every click. (Settings can be found at the top of any page)
    As long as you can see all the options, there is no reason you can't attack, multi trap or hitlist multiple people. Hope this helps! :)

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