Exp loss from low level HL

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  1. You can bet that Level 444 is probably someone's alt too. There are not many legit ones these days... Of course we know some people in this game that have had 5 alts banned and still play at least 3 or 4 a day and list people like mad on those alts.. So it is what it is...
  2. polishpimp

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    Yes! very very very true......so maybe YOU should come back when u understand the game or at least re-read the post u agreed with.

    If the poor sap who gets listed 25 times simply because he has a low bounty resets after only 6 hrs rather than 24.....guess what happens? He gets listed another 25 18 hrs sooner than he would have otherwise. One of the reasons a bounty price increases so much is to actually deter chain listing, in theory....the higher the bounty....the less likely to get bountied thus giving u a break from all the abuse u just took.

    Unfortunately they're a lot of jerks out there that just wanna bounty people just to bounty them....its just the luck of the draw in most cases if u end up being one of them. Most players at low levels have to go thru one type of abuse or another on there way up the leader board. Just take the lumps like we all did and use it as motivation to build a stronger account and exact revenge!

    Then u have the lower accounts that bring it upon themselves by putting themselves on the rival list of a higher leveled players because they ignored the warnings and either slapped hit or went for their bounty....If thats the case ya gotta ask yourself...WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?
  3. Ace

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    Those people are the ones I suggested that for. They punch you, you list them for like a billion. They punch you 10 hours later, and when you check the cost, they are at the 89th bounty and cost far more than a level 1000 to list, I understand that some people are bullied, but in most cases that's the reason they get listed in the first place.

    I don't know much about Hi5, I know it was awfully quiet when I played for a couple days so I left, I like the mess at FB better, but then again, on Hi5 most of the higher levels I've seen are people who barely fight each other, and so they build money really easily. On FB few people actually are loaded, and the ones that are loaded aren't exactly the people who list more frequently.
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    lol. I think yer post contradicts yer statement. What level are you in ZS?
  5. Bo Baby

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    im pretty sure its the other way around and u need to understand the game first...just bc u dont get into the amount of beef that i am referring to means that u would not understand the logic but its all good since u truly dont understand the logic of what was proposed...however, das liebe has broken down a lil of it for it...let it marinate...
  6. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    so bc these people that u are suggesting play the game well and get fools to boost their bounties to outrageous heights u are tryin to handicap that??? the reason that these lower lvls get "bullied" as everyone so freely calls it is bc they happen to be good for their lvl but the limits of the game do not allow to prove their true skills but to a select few since people 1000s of lvls above them are able to do as they please to these lower lvls

    ur statement here is faulty though in that if u first list them for a billion even their 89th bounty is nowhere near the lvl1000 that knows what they are doing so these people could essentially get listed 100 times per day based on ur suggestion and u think this is going to keep the app alive??? LOL
  7. alka

    alka Banned

    Sorry, I'm lost. How are these people good at the game? They punch high levels and get listed thus reducing their chances of making it to the next level quicker, and all for what? Is it so they can chain players at their level without the fear of being listed?? And you think it's the high level guys who would ruin the game???
    Also, I don't understand the logic of wanting a high level player to list them when there could be a chance of playing their way and NOT being listed at their own level, and so what if they were, they would still lose same exp, so what makes them good players?
    Going back to where this thread started it is easier for a level 444 to get the exp back as at that level they have a fight list. At my level most players have got bored and changed their game to energy levelling, so no fl, hence my question about the loss of full exp when listed by a player below half my level!
  8. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    well i see now that ur style of play is that of a non fighting one so u will not understand the majority of things that i say dealing with fighting tactics

    the lower lvls that do this (not talkin about alts here) have high enough bounties to be able to take a few hits and then their bounty is up there to where even higher lvls have to think twice about listing them again...yes it requires less xp to lvl for a lower lvl so if the higher lvl truly wants to keep attacking back then thats on them to waste their stam for next to nothing xp and the more they get listed the more they have to think twice about attacking that lower lvl especially if they start to get ambushed...lol
  9. alka

    alka Banned


    As for the rest of it I guess what yer saying is a good fighter will get into a fight where he gets his ass kicked, multi listed and has to spend $$ on ambushes. Great tactic, still unsure about the philosophy!
  10. Ace

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    Prove what skills? The game limits nothing. They set their own roof by wasting their stamina on punching/attacking/listing people with over 2x their level. I mess with people who have a higher level than mine as well, but one thing is fighting, and a completely different thing is wasting their stats. On ZS, nobody kills me, but on the other apps I'm not as strong and die a couple times on fights, and guess what, I don't attack back and the super high level bullies don't bother me anymore. Not even HSD on Pirate Clan, an armada that had received all kind of accusations of bullying.

    And, as alka pointed, isn't being good actually beating on as most people as you can? I don't see how messing with people with over 3x their level, and then complaining about their ass being kicked is "good". They have guts, for sure, but it's not too brilliant a strategy.

    Then again, this went off-topic. I'm against the main suggestion of this thread, since if you die you have to lose a 4% of your XP no matter how you die.
  11. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    the $ spent on ambushes is far less than that spent on listing a good low lvl player...let it marinate for a while, but only practice will help u realize it...remember though, death (in my opinion) is not really a true "stat" as there are many that die on purpose

    also, from a lower lvls point of view, takin 8k from a higher lvl and having them rant on the forum about the option of not losing the xp that they should lose bc they were listed by a lower lvl is a bigger win than what u call getting their butt kicked...lol, they have managed to throw a monkey wrench in ur game for a few losses and bounties...PRICELESS (this should be a commercial..."Attacks-100, Wins-0, Losses-100, Hits-10, the look on someone's face after u punch and bounty them from 1300 lvls below-PRICELESS)

    everyone has to spend money on ambushes to get the 1k ambush achievement, what better way to do it than to get some sucka to attack u nonstop so that u can place 25-50 ambushes on them early on in the game since the game makes u ambush people for achievements which is kinda a silly achievement to me but oh well...lol

    if the lower lvl is in a syn that the higher lvl doesnt like then the lower lvl is at the mercy of the higher lvl anyway since they can be listed nonstop so why not have fun in the process?
  12. Bo Baby

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    proving their skills by riding the list is what i am referring to, but since ur views are totally opposite than what i feel about the fighting aspect of KANO games u wont understand what i mean anyway...i never said anything about complaining about losses though nor did i mention attacking them, those are ur words, i simply said punching and listing which are 2 stam verse the 100 (though high balled) stam the higher lvl uses actually attacking...once they kill u though they cannot attack anymore in case u didnt know that
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    No rant here. I asked the question and the thread lead onto whiny low level noobs (you) complaining about needing protection when you antagonise the higher levels. I can get 8k back on 7 challenges or touching 7 bosses ,so no great loss.
    I'm surprised you get to play the game judging by your Troll level of "Grandmaster" . Grand at B/S and master of nothing..
  14. Ace

    Ace Member

    Well that's stupidity from the higher levels as well, I never spend as much stamina on a baby, if it survives 5-10 attacks, he goes to the list, I don't like my rivals showing a sparkling yellow Attack button on someone who gives me so little XP ^_^

    Sure, they can't ride the list, but how many people actually can do it? That's a privilege for the top dogs. Not many can do that. Your point of view is that people should take longer to reset after they get chainlisted, and that would highly benefit them in causing mischief among their fightlist. I know what I'm talking about, since doing that is a common habit for me on LCN.
  15. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    yes i agree...lol
  16. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    lol@low lvl noob, thats funny, but please explain to me what i complained about or are u ranting again??? if u can get 8k back on 7 challenges or touchin 7 bosses, then do that and quit complaining about losing the xp ur sposed to lose at ur lvl...lol

    learn what grandmaster means and then edit ur post...LOL
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  17. Bo Baby

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    should the fighting tactics change as i have proposed in other threads the lower lvls will have the same capabilities of riding as the higher lvls since being able to ride the list should in fact be an evaluation of ur character from ur own fight tab and lower, however u will never see a lower lvl last longer than a min unless they have EVERY higher lvl in their mob and what are the odds of this?

    i did not propose anything about taking longer to reset, i was just 100% against ur idea of having people who are listed the most reset faster, thats kind of ridiculous dont ya think? lol
  18. alka

    alka Banned

    Your a noob. It would be interesting to see how the exp works out.

    Grandmaster=Troll who spends all day in Forum posting drivel..
    No doubt yer 562 post will prove as meaningless as the other 561

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  19. Bo Baby

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    and what has ur 93rd post done other than make u the troll that u are referring to?

    bottom line, this thread holds no weight...on to the next one
  20. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    While I generally tend to disagree with almost all your ideas, this one is right. The whole idea holds no merit.

    But I'd be very pleased to see it come true, easier chainlisting of small players for me.

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