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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by james, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. james

    james New Member

    i cant buy god father points, for 6 weeks ive been msg'n social gold rewards, ive msg'd u.. why won't any one return a msg?? i also heard someone else was over charged by 8 times for a $50 transaction, they said its been over a month, and u wont return thier msg's either, and we are both on the world leader list.. wtf, dont u care? 1st prize for the worst customer servic EVER..
    this is the msg i see when i try 2 buy points..

    We are Sorry! secure Your Social Gold account is under review
    To release your account you will need to Contact us and may be required to provide additional information to verify your account.

    Click here to: Contact us
  2. james

    james New Member

    im also going to start a new thread everyday till i get my prob fixed, ive already been patient and polite about it, till now!!
  3. hate saying it,but KANO is powerless here.
    you have to keep bugging social gold.

    this happened to me,i contacted them,within a day i was released the first time,then minutes after the other times.

    i have no idea why they wont return your messages but again KANO is powerless here
  4. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    You catch more flies with Honey...if this is the attitude you have been using towards Social Gold then I am not suprised they are delaying.
    I have been in Customer Service for almost 25 years and the polite requests will all relevant information have always been handled first.

    Remember if you paid through PayPal you are able to lodge a refund request with tme as you haven't received what you paid for.
  5. james

    james New Member

    Thanks.. i was polite and patient for 6 weeks, i posted something else in the forum a week or two ago.. its really frustrating!! ok ill hassell social gold rewards till they reply.. Thanks Very Much!!

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