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  1. ok ... I thread is as old as the hills, but HOPEFULLY it will start the ball rolling. I set up a chat group when WC was FIRST introduced. Now with all the new players that like to be all big and bad and abuse the guidelines, I would like to know WHY, as an OWNER of the group, can I NOT BAN a player that I have REPEATEDLY asked to leave. I have removed him, he rejoins. OTHERS have told him that he is not wanted there, he stays. and WHY should I have to delete a chat group that has been in existence longer than this player has been playing and create a new one just to set privacy on it?
  2. Justin the killer

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    you can create your own group privartely so do that an merge the players you want in there an u dont gotta have the same player who is being a trolling coming back in each time, so there you go this as been explained for ya now..

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