Cheating at the game and what is Kano doing about it?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kel the Merciful King, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Marius

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    If you play from your phone fine, as long as that's the only device you use. If you open 500 tabs on your screen fine, as long as you are only playing from a single computer. The issue would be if you were using your phone AND your computer at the same time... that would be cheating.
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  2. Applejack

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    is anyone's computer physically able to open 500 tabs? and if so, is it even practical to use that many? i don't even think Dr. Octopus could do that.
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  3. Rodas

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    "It is not difficult for average players (with average to good computers/connections) to register 4 - 8 clicks a second. It's possible to do more, but only if a player can mash away without need to move their mouse about much."

    "Certainly 4 clicks a second is quite feasible and a separate tab can be open for Chat so that there is no moving between pages (and their load times). The auto-healer can get a player pretty far through a lot of actions, in particular fighting."

    After having these replies from KANO i believe everything is possible on this game as long as you credit card them...

    Its sad but it is what it is... Report them? what for... Already reported players with print screen of conversations where they SAID they were cheating and yet they still play.... Former banned players from hunting due to use of scripts are already allowed to hunt again!!!!

    Its KANO what else.........
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  4. Ashley227

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    I want to know why it's ok to program a "gamer mouse" to auto heal and attack hit list. Almost every single "old" layer uses this technique in BA SW and hunting. The websites for scripts are still up and active, the secret is they won't update the page to make it look outdate. Support doesn't care so don't waste your time writing in, the most I have ever seen from a self-admitted autohealer was a 5 day ban, although he did spend a lot of cash when he used to play. The stupid solution to the problem is a pathetic captcha math question, which everyone knows the script stops when prompted for it.
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  5. Tomas Trevant

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    I guess hardware is permitted and software is just mildly frowned upon. There actually are much more effective ways at catching cheaters but it would require staff to actually monitor data, not just play games. I would suggest looking into WoW support on how they catch "miners" there is also a similar setup in clash of clans and league of legends. The other issue is the IOS is extremely primitive, anyone who spends a few moments can find that hacking on IOS is simple and almost encouraged it seems. How about those who are gaining infinite favors from your 20fp offer? How about the JMP adjustments that are made for infinite cash? Remember a few months back the lotto was hacked to give unlimited free tickets? All that you needed to do was keep clicking claim ticket.
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