Challenge Help (Older Posts) Bug

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by derouyag, Jan 12, 2011.

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    1. I went to the Challenge Help feed. (2 Displayed)
    2. Tried to help a few (no luck)
    3. Clicked on "Older Posts"

    This is the cool "BUG" part.

    The two that displayed before are correct. So no worries with them.

    BUG: The records that got added below the two are from the BOSS feed.

    I clicked on the Help Now or Collect Reward a few times getting redirected to the Boss page (confused at the time), which is correct for the record, but not for the "Challenge Help" feed.

    This is a bug. :)
  2. derouyag

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    Example of BUG

    Here is an example:

    AL2Fenrir is requesting help for their High Roller. Help Now!
    13 hours ago

    Cubated TM is requesting help for their High Roller. Help Now!
    15 hours ago

    nass 56 is requesting help to fight their Level 11 Moscow Coop Boss: the Ivanov Family. Help now!
    18 hours ago

    Elaine Say Nothin DeFeo has just defeated their Level 11 Coop Boss: the Ramírez Family. Collect Reward!
    18 hours ago
  3. derouyag

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    This seems to be corrected.

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